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This is my first drabble (100 words exactly, hell yeah! LOL) and also the first story I wrote directly in English :) Not a native speaker, hope it doesn't sound too weird LOL. This scene is set (at least in my crazy mind) during Stanford years and it just came to me. I'd love to know what you think about this one. So go on and hit the review button! It'll make me smile ^^

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On and On

In this freezing night, neither warmt nor light could ever be. Said absence most definitely reached the younger heart, since all his caller heard was a dial tone, the unfairness hurting far more than his sorrow.

But the tone went on and on. The boy at the other end ignored it, uttering a sigh filled with sadness and longing, hiding his emotions from nobody while the sound went on and on.

As the brothers learnt to carry on without each other, cold lonely nights just went on and on, soundlessly pulling their hearts and souls further apart within the darkness.

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