Chapter 1 – Recession, it sucks.

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December 21st the start of this year, the entire world was in recession, millions lost their jobs worldwide. Thankfully, in the last quarter, the economy improved because of a 'One for All' policy suggested by the UN.

General POV

Aeris was watching TV after a long day of working at a local electronic store. She was following news about the economy. She let out a sigh after knowing that the recession would only get worse.

While Aeris was watching the news, Leo, however, was entertaining himself by playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer on his PC. He works part-time at a pizza parlor and tries to earn more money by delivering newspaper. He has the entire week off during the holiday.

Leo's POV

"I'm bored of owning noobs." I thought to myself, "Let's see what Aeris is up to!"

"In other news, the government decided not to accept the 'One for All' policy suggested by the UN, which people believe will restore the economy." said the reporter on the TV,

I walked to Aeris, who was sitting on the couch, watching TV, and said to her "So I guess we can't go shopping on Christmas with this economy."

"No" She replied, still watching the news

"You lost your watch, aren't you going to replace it?" I asked,

"No," she said, slightly annoyed

"Your Triforce necklace broke, aren't you going to replace the chain?" I asked her,

"Maybe next week, I'm busy." She said. She works as a technical support at an electronic store, and she has to do online troubleshooting at home. "Besides, I'm only spending money on necessities!" She replied, greatly annoyed,

"You replaced your Xbox after it had an RROD, but you're not gonna replace a brass chain?" I asked,

"Hey! I need to relieve stress, you know!" she snapped, "And you always whine when I use you as a punching bag.", she started to raise her fist,

"Ok, I'm off to bed," I said, quickly while running to my room.

She said that she was stressed... probably something having to do with her period... damn, that would make my life a living hell. I'll have to lighten her mood... something tells me that I have to dig into my savings for this.

End of the first chapter. Yeah, while the rest of the world is getting better, the Canadian government decides not to join in. About the "remember me if I'm gone" thing in the description, not gonna happen until later chapters.