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The young woman excepted the outstretched hand.
"Well detective, it's a pleasure to..." Stumbling over her words unsure of what she should say next. After all it was now apparent that technically this wasn't the first time they'd met so to continue with what she had in mind wouldn't be fitting.

With a chuckle William took over.
" To getting to know each other again" His remark brought a genuine smile to her face.
" I couldn't have put it better myself Detective."

The two exchanged small talk, along with Murdoch briefing Julia on how she'd ended up in the hospital In the first place for the better part of an hour before, Julia's doctor graced them with his presence.

He was in his late 60s. Average height and build but what set him aside from most doctors was his groomed moustache and warm eyes. Most doctors loose the warmth in their eyes after witnessing so many tragedies, but not him.

"Well Julia, I must say its lovely to see you're awake." His gaze was then diverted to William. " Detective may I have a word outside please?" His clipboard in one hand.

"Of course doctor. Julia I'll be right back." In an instant her cheeks drained of any remaining colour. She was no fool, they were planning to go outside for one reason and one reason alone.

" Wait!"

Both men's heads snapped around abundantly to look at her, shock written across their features.
"Please. I... I would like to hear about my condition."

The doctor looked at her sympathetically, the corner of his lip arched up forming a sad smile. A simple nod of conformation from William was all he needed.
"Very well...Julia you have something that we call amnesia. " He walked closer toward her bed and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "This means that ..."

"What! No! "
Julia's head snapped up, her eyes focused intently on her doctor. She almost thought she'd imagined it.
" You're familiar with the term?" His voice held the slightest flicker of hope.
Very briefly she looked dumbfounded by his comment. What an odd response she thought.
"... I suppose I recognise it;yes. But what does that have to do with anything?" Harsh frown lines made their presence apparent. She was beyond confused at this point.

" Well Julia that in itself is a start! It means you remember something from your past. You're already stating to recover by the sounds of it." His voice filled with glee.
" Which detective brings me to the inevitable."

Murdoch's eyebrows rose upon hearing the doctors voice.
" Oh? "
With a firm hand extended outward to signal his intentions to gain some privacy; he walked toward the opposite end of the room.
"We can't keep Mrs Garland here past tomorrow I'm afraid. We're quite overcrowded and the rooms are required for patients with server conditions."
"I see."
" We no longer need to monitor her stability since she's awoken. "
" I see." Was Murdoch's only utterance. How could they not need to monitor her? She'd just woken up after being unconscious for two days. Only to find out she couldn't remember a thing about her past.

" I feel awful to have to ask however, its crucial I do...Detective would there be any possibility of you getting in touch with her husband? It's just the hospital has tried and we've heard nothing from Mr Garland. He's virtually unreachable."

Unbeknownst to them there was a rather terror stricken Julia Garland listening to their conversation.

How did he expect her to go back to such a man? The very idea made her stomach turn. Panic etched across her delicate features.

"No! I refuse! "

William certainly wasn't accustomed to these sudden outburst from Julia, and judging by the perplexed look on the mans face beside him it wasn't something he witness a lot of either.
"I beg your pardon Mrs Garland. I don't understand."

"How am I to go home to a Man I don't remember? To share a bed with him and spend my every waking hour with him?! This is ludicrous! Surely there's an alternative? " she sounded almost desperate now. Frustrated even.

"What would you recommend Mrs Garland? I'd have to send you somewhere you deem safe. Somewhere you'll be looked after. "

After settling her head against the oversized pillow, Julia allowed her weary eyes to glance upwards towards the young detective in complete loss.

" I don't know of anywhere I'd be welcomed on such sort notice. "
Her voice was barley above a whisper.
"Detective do you know of any of my relatives?"

Murdoch looked at her with saddened eyes. "Julia I'm afraid they're out of town for a further 2months."

"Oh."A brief silence hung over the room until Murdoch spoke.

"Doctor I wonder, would it be possible for Julia to stay in my apartment until she recovers? I have a spare bedroom so we'd be separated of course. Not only that but I've worked with Julia for an extensive period of time, so you know she'd be safe. She'd be safe of course. Taking care of her won't be an issue " Murdoch surprised even himself with how similar he sounded to a young child pleading with his parents.

Glancing over in Julia's direction he continued. " If that's okay with you of course Julia? I wouldn't want you to feel uncomfortable."
Her mouth was agape. She was in complete shock. Her eyes momentarily let her down; a spark of hope.
" I wouldn't wish to intrude William?"

"It would be no instruction Julia;honestly. It would be my pleasure."

'How sweet of him. How absolutely marvellous. At least I know I enjoy this mans company. But how couldn't I? Gosh he's defiantly something.'

"Well Julia so long as you're happy with the arrangements I'll see what I can do. "Her doctors voice brought her back around to the situation at hand.

Her only conformation was a nod of her head.
" Well that's sorted then. Detective you can take her home this evening if that's convenient? It will do her good to be around a familiar environment. She's been here for two days already."

In that moment everything stood still, time froze and questions formed.
"I...I beg your pardon? Two days? How...?"

"...Julia you were in a coma. Most likely from the injuries you sustained from the warehouse. You were physically drained Julia!
Your bodies natural response was to put you into a deep sleep state in order for it to health faster. It's completely normal in cases such as yours. There's no need to be alarmed."

She didn't, rather couldn't say anything. She was in disbelief. It had genuinely felt like everything she experienced through the darkness was in the time span of a day.

"Detective, Mrs Garland. I must dash I've another patient to tend to. Ill have the paperwork ready for you at the desk detective. If you should have an concerns just ring the hospital board and ask for me. Good-day " Just a soon as he had come he'd left.

"Good bye." It was an automatic response on Julia's behalf.
'Two days Julia! You've lost two days! Aren't you forgetting you virtually cannot remember a thing about your life. What difference is two days? Why are you so shocked? Get over it! Wait... Is. Oh my Williams still here. How rude of you Julia! Julia stop staring!'

William witnesses the show of emotions on the young woman's face.
'What was she thinking and what could possibly be the reason for her looking so angry? Break the silence William.'

"Well ... it's settled then Ill check you out this evening. I just have some things I need to take care of at the station first."

William had already swivelled on his heels by the time Julia's voice was heard.
"Detective, I'd just like to say thank you for your hospitality. You don't know how much I appreciate it."

William turned to acknowledge Julia and couldn't help but notice that she seemed out if sorts. Which, was to be expected considering she'd lost her memory. She just seemed so timid. It was bazaar to him.

"Really Julia it's no problem at all."

William felt the presence of other people in the room before he actually heard the voices.
"Sir I'm going to have to ask you to leave. We're conducting a final examination on Mrs Garland, no males are aloud to be present." The nurses voice was cold,firm and a rather intimidating all of which, lead to William agreeing to exist. But not before reassuring Julia by rolling his eyes to the back of his head in a playful manner and grinning.
"I'll see you at around seven Julia. "
The colour in her cheeks rose. 'This is going to be a long night.' she thought to herself. 'A long night indeed.'