The Sekirei Plan

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Chapter 1:

108. 108 Feather to be released. That was the plan but things rarely go according to plan. It was certainly not Minaka's plan, his plan would never involve his death or hurting her. Minaka might have been insane and even cruel but whatever part of him that was still human did love her and would do whatever he could to keep her from being hurt. But he couldn't save himself so is it any wonder that he was unable to keep her safe then but then again who was he to know it was to happen. Maybe he did know something about was going to happen, is that why he postponed the plan even just for a short time.

She was in a private room in the hospital, she was connected to the usual machine monitoring her vitals. Her name is Takami Sahashi and she is in a coma. The room is fairly lifeless anyone to enter the room might think she is dead but she is still alive there are those that would like that to change and there are those that would give up their lives if she could just wake up. There are two armed guards in front of her room at all times expect when her family visit, the change is made solely so that they aren't informed of the truth and so they can live their lives blissfully unaware.

He comes to the door and the guards recognize him and let him in. He visits her nearly every day. He goes by Homura but some known him as Kagari. He brings her flowers to replace the ones that are on her side table that are beginning to wilt. He comes in hopes that each day will be the day she gets up. Everyday she tells her what's happening and what happened in hopes that she will react. He sits down besides her.

"So it started with the explosion." He waits for the woman to respond and she doesn't. "I hope you remember that, the Doctor said you shouldn't have any brain damage but being in a coma your memories might be blurry. I hope you can hear this." He shakes his head asking himself if he is saying this for his benefit or hers. "The day the Sekirei Plan was supposed to get started. He postponed it before, I still don't know why, do you?" The silvered haired Sekirei shakes his head again shaking away the thought and getting back on point. "Some of the Sekirei had been released already mostly the single numbers and others like Matsu just escaped. The rest of the Sekirei were in the MBI building. Minaka had Natsuo waiting to wing his Sekirei for that day, the Disciple Squad, Minaka wanted the other Sekirei to see a winging and to see their power so that they would know to be scared of them. Right before the ceremony was supposed to start the Sekirei were gathered that's when it happened, the explosion. You were actually one of the lucky ones your lab was lower and it was far enough to spare your life. Minaka and Natsuo died instantly; I might wanted Minaka dead but he didn't deserve to suffer well not much. The explosion killed them and scared the Sekirei out of the building. A lot of people died, everyone who knew about the Sekirei plan, and some people who didn't know a thing about it who just worked in that building."

He paused for a moment trying to keep the images of the charred bodies away.

"You were lucky, one of the Sekirei saw you and went to help you. I didn't see her, she was long gone by the time I got there. She was described by the emergency workers as having brown hair and bright smile. Does that sound like anyone you know? Anyway by the time I got there all the Sekirei were gone. Most had their MBI card with them so I don't think we have to worry about most finding shelter or food. But there are the ones that weren't to be let out. You told me about Number 108 and I've been looking for her. I think I've found her but I can't get to her. I promised you that I would be the Guardian of the Unwinged Sekirei I will protect her and the others. In the meantime I am trying to help. Without Minaka the company stocks have fallen and I got Matsu to help me, we have the majority of shares. We plan on giving them to you when you get up. No one knows whose in charge, we spread a rumor that the new owner is worried about their safety and is just being careful not revealing themselves. Matsu is happy to help, the Sekirei Plan is falling apart and she took over the satellites but the computer to control them were too badly damaged but now she doesn't worry about anyone finding her. The private army is gone along with the equipment to properly track everyone. So we took over and are holding things from falling apart. The company is recovering and before you ask: why are we bothering? We need the company to continue to pay for all those MBI cards. That's not all we did, we are keeping this hospital going thanks to the company. There haven't been any Sekirei fights that ended too badly but this hospital is here for the Sekirei and Ashikabi if they get hurt. I wish I could say there weren't going to be any fights but Matsu says that the Sekirei are so ingrained with the idea of fighting that they will continue without being told. That's why they don't leave the city they believe this is the only place to find their Ashikabi. We brought some of the scientist that survived here with whatever medical technology you were working on trying to use it to help people but they're not you and they can't get much done. We're using the technology to keep the terminated Sekirei in stasis. Luckily none had shown up yet. Remember Seo the idiot got fired when Minaka thought he was going to try and join the Sekirei plan, he was lucky he wasn't there for the explosion, we hired him on to lead a group to retrieve the terminated Sekirei. Hopefully he won't be needed and it will just be wasted money but he's alway been a waste."

He paused expecting her to laugh.

"Well, I think that's everything." He noticed a get well soon card by the flowers. "Oh your kids. Matsu sent a message to your parents. They have visited you before. I know you wanted them to stay out of the plan and so far all things are looking good on that front." Something stirred in his mind. "But there is something else about the explosion. Seo, Matsu and me search through the wreckage and I know Minaka hid them but we didn't find the Jinki. I don't know if it's because we can't find them or they were taken. There are still so many questions, the explosion was set off from the inside someone who knew about the plan did it, but who? There is another problem Minaka had a back up server set up that sends a message to the new Ashikabi telling them about his plans, we're afraid this will start fights, we can't hack the server. Minaka was careful about this server we need three passwords and we think you know them."

She didn't react.

"Don't worry we'll try to keep things together until you wake up. But I have this feeling that something bad is about to happen."

That's all he said until he left the room.

Minato was on the train making his back to his apartment and he wasn't happy. He had failed to get into college, part of him wished to claim that his moms recent accident had him distracted but this was the second time he failed so he knew better than that. He accepted that he failed his test and told his grandparents about it, they were rather supportive telling him they would continue to support him like his mother had or if he wished to return home. Minato just told him he needed sometime. As the train passed the MBI building, the tops floors blown away were still being rebuilt, Minato thought about the accident, he was surprised to find out his mother worked for MBI she always told him she worked at a pharmaceutical company. Maybe he wasn't paying close enough attention or wasn't listing, it was possible she told him it was MBI they did have some work in pharmaceuticals. After the accident the company continued to pay the money his mother would have earn plus a great deal more giving it to his grandparents to handle. His grandparents were very understanding and supportive so Minato wondered if he should go home and help his grandparents with everything but part of him wanted to stay in the city to continue his goals that he set for himself. He did like the city and he did feel an obligation to stay in the city so that he could visit his mother in the hospital. He would visit her once a week and every other week his sister would come with him. Minato was trying to figure out what to do with his life when his life started to change.

"Please get out of the way!" Broke the silence. "I can't stop! YOU GOTTA MOVE RIGHT NOW!"

Minato looked up to see a girl falling towards him. Before he had a chance to do anything he fell to the ground. The first thing he noticed was the girls panties because of the way she landed on him, the second thing he noticed is that the girl was cute. She had short brown hair with a long pony tail and she was wearing a pink shrine maiden like outfit.

"Oh I should have known that building was too high to jump from." Then she noticed that she was still on him and crawled off him. "Thank you very much. You must be the nice person that caught me."

Blushing Minato yelled. "I wouldn't call it kind."

"There you are!" Another voice rang out.

Minato looked up to a building to see a young blonde woman with her hair in pigtails and who was wearing a black and yellow dress. Then she cracked the whip in her hands. "Number 88 come with me, my master will wing you."

"No." The cute girl said defiantly. "I didn't react to your master when you took me to meet him. He's not my ashikabi."

"He will be when he wings you." The blond woman said as a smile crept onto her face.

"I'm not going with you again."

"That wasn't a request. I do not have to bring you to him conscious, if you want to make this harder for me let's do this right. I number 39 Mitsuki challenge you."

"I can't fight you, not yet anyway, I haven't found my Ashikabi yet."

"You don't want to come with me and you don't want to fight me you're not giving me a lot of options." Fixing her grip on her whip she said. "Then I'll just have to drag you back to my master."

The whip ripped through the air and is if it was being controlled by her thoughts it wrapped around the cute girl. The whip tightened around her and Mitsuki began to pull her towards her as she struggled.

The cute girl began to whimper as she struggled against the whip.

"Oh come on you could have made this easy." Mitsuki said dragging the girl towards her suddenly there was a shift in weight. She looked down to the girl to find that some random guy had grabbed the whip and was pulling against her.

"What do you think you're doing? This doesn't have anything to do with you. You're not her Ashikabi."

"I don't know what going on." Minato told her. "But I'm not just going to let you take this girl when she doesn't want to go with you."

The cute girl was blushing and was inspired by Minato's bravery that she grabbed the whip and pull on it. Being caught by surprised by all that was happening Mitsuki didn't fight back and was pulled off the building.

The whip fell off the cute girl's body freeing her.

"Is she okay?" Minato panicked as the blonde woman hit the ground.

She got up and let out a groan.

"We have to get out of here." The cute girl grabbed his hand and ran off.

Soon enough they found themselves safe.

"Thank you for saving me." She told him.

Minato having been dragged all the way a bit stunned. "Oh!"

"OH I'm sorry!"

"No, it's okay, I'm fine."

"My name is Musubi."

"I'm Minato." He introduced himself.

"So ..." before he could finish Musubi collapsed.

Later he took her to his apartment and he brought her food.

She started eating quickly. "Oh thank you Minato you saved me again."

"It's no problem eat as much as you want." He smiled at her.

As she finished he decided to ask her something but was distracted as she blushed.

"Thank you Minato." She said moving closer to him.

"Um Musubi what was that girl? What was she talking about? Why did she try to drag you away?" He started to blush too thinking that the question might have been too personal and at the fact on how close she was.

"Minato...she was talking about Ashikabi. Our Ashikabi is our destined person. The person we're supposed to be with it."

Minato started to notice her blushing more and more and her breathing was becoming labored. "Musubi, are you okay?"

"You were so brave...saving me from her... and you're so kind...I wish my ... Minato I'm so hot. I don't know what's happening. My body is so hot and it keep getting hotter."

"Are you sick?"

Before he could continue he was silenced with her lips pressed against his. He opened his eyes to see two bright wings of light forming behind Musubi. After a moment they parted to get a breath.

"What-" Minato began.

"My Ashikabi." Musubi whispered before she hugged him pressing her body against his.

In a dark room filled with computer Matsu got a message on one of the screens. The satellite had detected a Sekirei getting winged, unfortunately the data was supposed to transmitted it to a computer server but it was destroyed in the explosion so now it transmitted the information to the back up server that she couldn't hack. So now Matsu had to hack into the satellite to get the information on the new ashikabi which took time and right now they were going to get a message from Minaka. So doing what she could she tried to hack the message but Minaka's secret server was hacking a television, Matsu guessed it was chosen just to be extra hard to hack.

A loud trumpet sound came blaring from the television.

"The TV has been on?" Minato said.

"Hello there new Ashikabi." A man wearing a white suit appeared on the screen.

"The Professor?" Musubi asked confused.

"Hello I'm Minaka Hiroto founder of MBI. If you are receiving this message it mean that I am dead." Minato got chills on hearing that. That's where he recognized him from the news reports where they reported his death. "The message is being sent to you so don't turn off that TV. If you are getting this message it means that you have winged your first Sekirei, congratulations. Now seeing that this is prerecorded message and I can't answer any question I will try and make this as clear as I am able to, so pay attention. Sekirei as I am sure that you some idea of are not the same as ordinary people. They are partnered to you an Ashikabi through a winging. But you should know that or you wouldn't be watching this so maybe it's time I get into something new. Sekirei will battle each other through the city, thats the game, the Sekirei Plan. Don't bother asking for the reason I'll tell you, for a prize the winning Ashikabi will be given an amazing prize. With me out of the way I can't say for certain how the game will play out or even the rules that will be followed. The only thing that I can say the ashikabi with the strongest bond with their Sekirei and that search for the prize will receive it. Oh and trust me when you find out what it is you will want it."

"Why can't you just tell me what it is?" Minato asks forgetting it's a recording.

"You're probably asking why don't I tell you what the prize is. To answer that simply I don't want to. I have my reasons so don't bother asking. Now something really important, though I might not be around to enforce the rules here is one you should follow, don't tell anyone about the plan. It will just make things difficult for them and you as well. Now any other question should be easily answered by your Sekirei so I won't bother. Now good luck to you new Ashikabi. To the Sekirei good luck on guiding your Ashikabi to the higher sky above."

"Bye Professor." Musubi waved as the screen flickered off.

"Fight?" Minato murmured.

"Hello can you hear me?" The TV screamed

"Hi!" Musubi greeted the distorted voice.

"Sorry about this. You got the message, right?"

"Yes?" Minato told it.

"Ignore it! There is no more Sekirei Plan. No need to fight."

"So what should I do?" Musubi asked lost. "I thought I was going to take my Ashikabi to the higher sky above."

"Well, you can do that if you want." Continued the voice form the TV. "Minaka wanted everyone to fight to who gets to stay with their Ashikabi." The voice said getting louder. "But you can just stay with Ashikabi without fighting or worrying about being taken away. Oh no I'm loosing the signal. Just try to stay out of trouble. I hope you're happy with Ashikabi and be careful."

What followed next was static before the TV turned off.

"Oh I was kind of looking forwards to the fights but I guess no one has to leave their Ashikabi now." Musubi said gleefully.

A knock came from the door confused Minato went to answer it. When he opened the door he saw his Landlord.

The elderly Landlord looked past him to Musubi sitting on the floor. "First I see a strange light from your room and hear loud voices and now I see you have a women in here. That's a violation of your lease, you have to be out of here in a week." With that he left.

"Oh so sorry Minato." Musubi came to his side.

"It's okay." He told her.

"Let me make it up to you I'll make dinner tonight."

They went out got groceries and spent the rest of the day talking about the plan. Musubi told told him about other Sekirei and what they could do. He didn't say it out loud but he wondered, if MBI was behind the Sekirei plan and that's where his mother worked, did this Plan have something to do with her getting hurt. Later that night as he watch Musubi's hip sway as she hummed as she cooked dinner he thought that this might not be so bad.

After dinner as Musubi showered, she told him he didn't have any other clothes so he decided to call his sister and since he really didn't have the money to get her new clothes especially if he was going to have to look for a new place he called his sister. He told her about failing the exam again and about favor he needed.

"Can you send over some of your old clothes?"

"Why do you want girl clothes? Has living in the big city turned you into a pervert?"

"No! It's not that."

"Fine, I'll send you some sexy clothes."

"No! Normal ones will be just fine."

"Whatever. Talk to you later."

As she hung up Minato heard Musubi call him from behind. "Minato."

"Musubi?" He was stunned when he turned around to see Musubi naked.

"Minato we're out of shampoo." As she started to make her way to him she tripped and fell on him.

Minato thought that at the very least living with a very cute girl would be an interesting life.

Kagari entered the Inn to find Uzume holding up a very drunk Kazehana. It wasn't a rare sight to find her drunk but it worried him that it become so common.

"I found her drunk again and brought her home." Uzume the brown haired girl said.

"Thank you Uzume." The purpled haired landlady Miya said before turning to Kazehana. "Must you get drunk so often."

"Oh Miya." Kazehana said sounding remorseful. "I'm still in mourning. You know the feeling."

"I do." Miya told her. " That is why I allow you to stay in my Inn free of charge until you recover. I might not have understood why you were attracted to him but I do understand you hurt. I do ask you try to comport yourself."

Uzume looked confused at the women in her arms, she never did tell anyone who she loved only that he was gone, Uzume decided not to ask feeling it would bring up bad memories.

"Uzume if you would please take her to her room to sleep it off." Miya asked.

"Sure thing." She agreed.

Kazehana just drunkly said, "Miya you're so good to me."

Kagari walked up stairs as he thought about everything. Since Minaka's death Miya mood seemed to lighten. Miya had become more lenient so much so that she allowed Kazehana to stay. Maybe it was because Minaka's death meant there would be no senseless fights between Sekirei or maybe it was because his death Miya found some closure. She had always held Minaka as at least partially responsible for her husbands death maybe now she had a sense of justice and peace so she could finally move on from her grief. Maybe with MBI being controlled by someone else and now allowing tenants to pay with those cards there was less to worry about. Miya even let Matsu use some of the funds from MBI to help fix up the Inn a little they even added some more rooms that Miya had hoped to rent out. Maybe she was happier simply because the first time in a long time her life was looking up.

As he made his way to the secret door he knocked until he was let in.

"You know that no one is looking for you now, there is no need to hide behind the secret door."

"I know but I kinda like it." The red haired Matsu answered.

"You don't even have to stay here. You control MBI you could set yourself up with a nice office with all the computers you want."

"No, I like it better here. I feel safer here with Miya anyway."

He shrugged. It's not like she was just staying in her room now Matsu was now eating with the others at the table and she did seem happier.

"So anything new?"

"No, it was a slow day. Only one winging and Sekirei sounded happy with her Ashikabi. I won't have the details until I get into the satellite."

"Well, good I do try to stop an Ashikabi that might force themselves onto Sekirei but I can't be every where."

"Yeah, well here is the bad news and by that no news. No one at the site has found the jinki yet."

"Still nothing?"

"Don't worry maybe Minaka hide them somewhere else besides the building. Anyway I took one when I left so even if someone did find them they would be useless."

"I know but still I'm worried you know what could happen if someone gets all the jinki."

"Don't remind me I'll keep working on finding them."

"It's just I keep thinking what if the explosion wasn't an accident? How about if someone knew about the jinki and wanted them and the explosion was just a way to cover their action?"

"It's scary to think about."

"Anyway at least things are peaceful. But I'm then we still have to worry about Ashikabi forcibly winging as many Sekirei as they can."

"You as just have to bring the mood down don't you."


Authors Notes: Okay so this is the start of the story. Things are starting to change from the normal story and they will only move on from here. There will be new challenges and Sekirei will find new Ashikabi