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Chapter 28:

Minato didn't sleep much the night, there was just too much to think about. He was going to become a father and his mother had tried to kill him moments after finding out so that kind of stuff stuck with someone for a while. Takami was staying with them when the hospital said she was free to leave. Thanks to all the advance medicine they had she was fine she just needed some therapy to get full control of her legs after not walking for so long. They managed to keep her muscles from atrophying but her muscle memory was a little off and she needed a cane and to take it slow.

After the morning usual formalities the group made their way to the Arboreta. The other Ashikabi stayed at the Inn to watch the place. They had gone to the hospital too and everyone was checked out and they were all fine and it didn't seem they had gotten pregnant thought now after hearing about the other some had started to get ideas. Some of the Ashikabi started to worry. Either way they wished Minato the best of luck with his terrifying mother and his sekirei as they went along. The only other ashikabi to go on the trip was Yukari. So it was a family trip to an arboreta if you count the harems that your children have as family.

Seo drove them along with a few of his men. Once they arrived they guarded the outside of the arboreta. They had it closed for the event and they were making sure that no one on the outside got in.

The sekirei made their way not only to the hidden base but also to the tunnel under it. MBI had a lot of stuff hidden.

They moved through the tunnel and Musubi carried Takami down the tunnel. To say the least she found it embarrassment.

"I can walk the rest of the way." Takami muttered as Musubi cheerfully placed on the ground.

Takami limped along down the tunnel.

"Mom, maybe we can get you a chair or something." Minato told his mom worried that it was too much walking since she wasn't too used to the cane.

"I'm fine. They said I could walk, and I haven't been moving for months I really feel like walking." Takami didn't want to admit she also just didn't like being carried by Musubi.

Yukari started off, "So, what is supposed to be here?"

"The back off drive. Minaka put it here incase something happened to the MBI computers. This would have the master control of the satellites and other equipment for MBI use only. Minaka had a computer that was keyed to his DNA for that purpose but it was destroyed." Matsu had managed to gain some control over the months but not the systems that were assigned for Minaka himself.

So they journeyed onto the tunnel many wondering if they all had to be there making it so crowed others wondering why MBI mad such a long tunnel to place the back up in.

"So, you're a woman now?" Takami asked the flame sekirei.

Kagari grit her teeth, "Yeah."

"So, they were right about you're changing forms to meet your ashikabi's desires was right?"


"And you decided to be winged by Minato, my son?"

"Yeah." Kagari found ti harder to answer each question.

"Huh, I honestly thought Minato had a thing for larger breasts."

Kagari wasn't exactly small, she was slender but she still had an amble bust line, for her figure, but she was surrounded by women with really large breast so it made hers seem smaller.

"They're not small!"

Takami had a sudden reminder of her daughter. Takami still didn't under grasp the whole situation which included a male that now was female and in a relationship with her son and carrying his child.

There was just a lot of things there. LIfe had gotten crazy for all of them and only time would tell if it would become anything normal. And the answer to that questions just lied ahead. They passed offices filled with computer and equipment but Takami told them to ignore it. The real key to everything was still yet to come.

They reached a wall, one made of brick one that would have been ignored if it wasn't the end of the tunnel.

"It's a dead end." Yukari pointed out.

"Yeah, it isn't." Takami moved towards the wall and pushed a brick. A small key pad popped out. "There we go." She pushed a keypad. "The back up system for the everything MBI. Minaka planned the back up controls here where no one would be able to reach. This entire place was built through shell companies and all documents destroyed. One could find a way to take control of much of the company if the main controls were destroyed but these controls are meant to used by Minaka or myself should something happen. With the computers here you can get full control of MBI."

The brick wall started to move and they all expected to see some sort of hidden wall but instead they found a giant screen.

"Huh? Okay wasn't expecting that." Takami admitted.

The screen flashed and a monotone voice let out. "Three pass codes please."

"I understand." Matsu admitted. "That's why I couldn't hack into the back up servers. It might be connected to the servers and other computers and even the satellite but it won't take any orders if this doesn't get the pass codes."

"So what are the codes?" Kagari asked the hacker.

"I don't know. I've tried everything but nothing worked, I never cracked it. The servers don't have it, it's separated on a different drive of this thing. It's probably connected to another onsite server that unlocks the room which when active will all you access to the servers. The computers won't have the code to unlock unless this one is unlocked and it's no access to anything except this touch screen."

"It's just like Minaka to think of a ridiculous system." Takami sighed. "And worst yet, he didn't leave me the passcode. I didn't even know this was here."

"We could try getting past it." Matsu offered. "But I'm not sure if that's a good idea. Minaka knew this was important I thought you'd a lot of chances to try." Matsu was afraid that it might even have explosives set to go off if someone tampered with the door.

Takami touched the screen trying to bring something up even if it was just a hint.

The screen flashed a light and Takami let out a yelp and she pulled back her hand. "What the hell?" Her hand hurt.

"Pass code one accepted." The Computer flashed.

A picture of Takami flashed on the screen.

"I think it took a DNA sample." Matsu marveled. "No, it's got to be more complicated than that. Maybe real time reading of biorhythms? The pass code would be three people. This is rather genius, Minaka choose three people who would have to be here at the same time to open this door."

"Oh you have to be kidding me!" Takami yelled.

"What's the matter mom?" Minato asked afraid of the reaction had.

"It's risky, if one person was dead no one would be able to open this door."

"Do you know who we need to get here?" Yukari chimed in. "I mean if they died in the explosion-"

"No!" Takami shouted. "I know who'd he'd pick. Even in death you'd really make sure I'd tell them. I never told you he was your father…. For many reasons and he begged me to tell you so he put this out there. If something ever happened I'd have to tell you. He made the codes our living DNA."

In some way it made sense, Minaka set it up so only his children would be able to get to the servers. Almost like it was their inheritance. It was also kinda creepy how he managed to get a sample of their DNA when he had never even met them in person.

Slowly Minato and Yukari pressed their palms to the screen and another flash occurred. There was a low buzz as the computer verified everything.

That was when the screen wall just fell beneath the floor.

"Well, that worked." Yukari was forced to admit.

Inside there was a room filled with monitor's servers and all of paper files. What really got their attention was a device with a glass dome. Inside where the other jinki that Matsu had been looking for.

"They're here." Matsu took out the one she had brought with her. She figured if the computer servers were their she could she could regain control of the satellites and have hone in on the crystal's unique energy. Even the less secure servers there would provide her with the ability to track the sekirei so she figured she could do something. Now she found out she didn't have to do anything. She quickly started to work on the computer to reestablish the network. She started to unlock files and reconnected them to the network she established for the new MBI.

That was when the computer started to beep.

The screens in the room began flash up a picture of Minaka.

"Who dares?" Minaka's voice blared.

"Oh, god. Don't tell me he programmed the interface with his voice. The ego." Takami muttered annoyed.

"Now, now, Takami."

They all paused as the computer reacted to what Takami said.

"Yes, take a moment to catch up." The computer told them.

"What?" Takami just spit out.

"I might as well start since time is of an essence.I am Minaka-"

"No, you're not. He's dead." Takami interrupted.

"I am not the one you know. I will give you that. The real and great Minaka Hiroto created me. He placed his brainwave pattern in these impressive machines. I'm the interface and if something happen to MBI I would take over and the most sensitive files and programs would be guarded by the servers here and be unaccessible if I didn't verify the users."

Miya spoke up, "So in a way you think like him? You are him?"

"I think like him but I doubt anyone would accept me as him. I do lack some of his glory. I won't last long enough to debate it. While most of the observation programs were running the background and periodically updating me on events they never fully activated me. " The face on the screen continued to talk. "His mind if far more comprehensive than even the most advance computer cannot fully hold such a mind. The servers whose only purpose to hold his brain waves will only last moments before they break down."

"This is crazy." Matsu told him. "Something like this is a measure of last resort, to get a message across."

"Yes, in his final days Minaka programmed me with two tasks."

"What are they?" Takami asked emotion running into her voice.

"First and for most he wanted to make sure his family was well taken care of. I was to make sure that MBI and all it's properties went to his two children Minato Sahashi and Yukari Sahashi."

"We already got it." Yukari pointed out.

"Yes, so my records indicate. Now Minaka took the liberty of having will made. It should be in those files. I'm sure it will make it much easier to get you inheritance." Minaka paused for a moment. "There is something else he wanted me to tell you."

"I'm guessing the person who wanted you dead." Matsu chirped up. "This was planned because Minaka thought someone wanted to kill you."

"Yes, it was Karasuba. For a long time I had suspected that she was not happy with the Sekirei plan. She had always been a firm believer that Sekirei didn't need ashikabi. I started to suspect something when she kept putting of getting winged. I really suspected things when she herself suggested to have a ceremony to have winged in front of everyone. I didn't know how she was going to do but she did manage to kill the real me and most of the high ranking members of MBI."

"It's not her." Matsu pointed out. "We recovered her body and matched her dental records."

"Did you test the body? It's DNA. It wouldn't be hard for someone like Karasuba to arrange for the explosion or even alter records. She had access to computers and equipment at MBI."

"That actually sounds like something she would do." Haihane admits.

Benitsubasa had to nod in agreement. "Yeah, kill a lot of people and fake her own death so she could do whatever she wants…. Yeah, that sounds like her."

Miya said with a very serious tone, "If she's still alive and had access to all the equipment then she is the only one that could be the new Game Master."

"Would she know about this bunker and all the servers?" Matsu questioned.

"I suppose its possible." Takami admitted. "She would a lot of access to a lot of information."

Matsu didn't look happy. "Its possible that she been using the servers and equipment down the tunnel. They'd be enough to accesses the MBI satellite to keep track of any Sekirei trying to escape. It would be even enough to send simple messages as the Game Master."

That was when three canisters were tossed down the tunnel towards them.

As smoke escaped the canister filling the room and tunnel quickly. The Sekirei all tried to move quickly but the smoke was created for Sekirei. MBI did have weapons and tools to use against the Sekirei and that gas was one such item. It was quick acting, though not lethal to the sekirei it worked fast enough that paralyzed them. They tumbled to the ground unable to stay standing up.

The Sahashi family weren't Sekirei and weren't affect to it. Miya was less affected by the gas but it still slowed her down to a snails pace while all the other Sekirei could barely move.

The sound of feet walking down the tunnel could be heard, each step as steady as a calm heart.

Down the tunnel a woman walked down and as the smoke started to clear she removed a gas masked she had been wearing. She had long gray hair and wore a black outfit with a long sword at her side. A sinister smile on her face.

Takami recognized the woman, "Karasuba."

The sekirei didn't even bother to turn to Takami or her children seeing them little more than like pest she didn't even have to deal with. Like roaches crawling on the wall of a newly lit room.

"Your senses are getting dull." Karasuba threw at Miya. "You never realized I was hiding here."

At Matsu struggled to move she realized that Karasuba must have already been in the tunnels before they had arrived and not any of Seo's men realized they were in trouble.

The black Sekirei bent down and picked up the jinki that Matsu dropped only moments ago.

Takami pushed her children behind her, she knew it was a pointless task Karasuba was strong enough to tear through her and them with a single attack.

"That's what you wanted, isn't?" Miya quickly figured fighting just to speak.

"Yes." Karasuba answered without a care. "The jinki are possibly the most powerful thing that was taken from the ship. We've already seen what it can do."

Miya glared at her forced to remember that experimenting on those crystals had a hand at killing her husband. If there was anything she didn't want was that sort of power falling onto that Sekirei's hands.

"They say the jinki can do anything. The scientist thought that could waken fallen sekirei and waken the sekirei's core. Maybe even alter the sekirei themselves. With Minaka's tampering we found out it could extinguish human life."

Miya practically growled at the woman's sheer gaul to bring that up.

Karasuba continued. "Minaka hid the jinki and the machine to properly use them here, I found out where they were but I couldn't figure our how to open the door."

"What do you plan on doing with them?" Takami feared the answer.

"I will wipe out every single human on this island. Then I will use the jinki to reawaken the fallen sekirei under my command."

Now of that sounded good. Like at all.

"If you want run and tell the men outside. You'll barely make it to them by the time I'm done here. Of course you could try to fight me off." The smile that spread across her as just a taunt to them to try.

"Get away." Minaka's voice played again. "There is nothing you can do."

Most of the Sekirei had moved out of the room as the gas can landed in that room and collapsed onto the hall. Minato picked up Miya, Takami dragged Musubi away and Shiina from the room as they were the only that seemed to drop in the room unlike the rest.

What else were they to do. They all suspected they'd die when Karasuba activated her plan. Then their sekirei would die with them too.

It seemed like all they could do was huddle together as the end came. Karasuba slid the last jinki into its slot.

So as all things looked lost and all hope had gone that way the door slid close.

"What?" Was the general sentiment.

"Did you really think it would be that easy?" Minaka's voice rang out.

Karasuba fanatically worked the controls. "What did you do computer?"

"I'm not just a computer, I have Minaka's brainwaves. I think like he would and know what he knows. He learned quiet a lot about the jinki and because Takehito died. He tuned those jinki it so he was the only would die would be him and thus saved the sekirei in the building. Because of that I know how to tune them the other way."

"You wouldn't dare you'd kill the others-"

"No, this whole room is sealed off. I'm the one who controls this room. I decided who goes in and who doesn't. One of the gifts of being gifted with the brain waves of someone so gifted. No, I think I have something more fitting in mind."

The jinki started to glow as the device was being controlled by the computer.

Karasuba tried to run beating on the walls and machine in a panic.

The screen on the other side of the door flashed Minaka's image.

"I'm sorry. I am sorry for many things." He spoke to Yukari and Minato. "I did want to be your father and maybe it was best that I didn't get a chance to be. There were certainly people that wanted me dead. You might have been with me when it happened." The computer thought like Minaka and so he didn't really see the difference between itself and the real Minaka. The only difference was the knowledge that he wasn't but that seemed trivial. In the end it was like a ghost was talking to them. "I planned on the winner of the Sekirei plan getting the island and everything that came from it. Now it seems my own children have taken it for themselves and for what it is worth I am proud that you have taken to writing your own legend." He paused. "Takami… I…."

"I know." She said nothing more, maybe nothing needed to be said or maybe at this point it would only bring pain to say it.

In the room as the black sekirei screamed and raged against the machine in a final attempt to stop what the computer Minaka planned. The jinki glowed and the room was filled with light.

With that it was over. It wasn't a bang, at most it ended with a whimper. The New Game Master fell and the Sahashi children survived.

One year later.

The sekirei plan was over and peace fell over the city. Matsu retrieved the jinki and with the scientist used them to review the fallen Sekirei. They also found away to use them to break the connections between ashikabi and sekirei for those that had been forced into their winging. Many Sekirei who had fallen in battle and had lost their Ashikabi, those who had not loved their ashikabi now found a chance to find their real ashikabi. Some just took on new lives and blended into society.

There still people that might take advantage of the Sekirei and so a new discipline squad was formed. After Yukari gave birth she and Mutsu and Shiina formed this new Squad. There were Ashikabi that would tremble at the name of the Demon and her two lover the Death God and the Sword God. Even her own brother was scared of her when she got angry. The fact that all three wore black certainly help the fear factor. Still Minato and his sekirei would look after her children when they were busy.

They would make sure no ashikabi took advantage of any sekirei.

Takami continued at MBI working to maintain order thought after everything worked less hours and tried to spend more time with her family.

Minato had appointed the other Ashikabi from his Inn positions in MBI. Minato figured that people that truly loved their Sekirei would make sure they wouldn't be harmed. Together they all focused MBI's forces towards something good that could help both people and Sekirei. Which was good since more than a few of them were expecting children with their Sekirei.

As for Minato his story was probably the oddest. A year to the date Minato woke up in his bed. Minato found himself in bed with Toyotama, Ichiya, Kochou and the twins Mitsuha and Mitsuki. They were all cuddling him. After they were revived they were drawn to him and asked to be winged by him. They all certainly found him much more loving. Minato often woke up exhausted because of these particular sekirei, after his other sekirei gave birth these were more than eager to catch up.

As they laid in bed together basking in the after glow of the moment when the door opened up.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" The new sekirei apologized.

She wore a black and gray maid outfit made but Uzume. The Sekirei in question was Karasuba. Here is the odd part, the last action that Minaka's consciousness took was to basically erase her mind. When they found her she lacked her memories and personality. The old Karasuba was dead and a new one was left in her place. Musubi took care of her and taught her which is probably the reason she turned out so innocent and kind.

Karasuba blushed brightly trying not to look at them, "I'm sorry…. Ah, Minato… ah … you promised that we could try too. I mean later is good too."

All the sekirei found it so strange that the most fierce sekirei was now so timid and would blush whenever she was near Minato. They also found it strange that when she was with Minato she was the most passionate sekirei, it was almost as if she was desperate for his love and affection and many thought it was because the first Karasuba hadn't known love at all.

"Ah, if You'd like to get dress we have everyone waiting." Karasuba told them.

After a few minutes Minato managed to get dressed even if Kochou wanted to try one more time. Minato found that Kochou was as perverted as Matsu.

He didn't have to work much with his mother, Seo, the other Ashikabi and other people running things and the fact that his own father made it so the person in charge had to do little work; he had time to do what he wanted. He didn't get into his dream school but found he had plenty of time to spend with his loving Sekirei and his several children.

Soon he sat down at the buzzing table. It was Sunday and that meant family breakfast. All his Sekirei, his mother, his sister, their fellow ashikabi and their sekirei all gathered for breakfast along with their children.

Karasuba worked hard on serving them all.

"I see you slept well." Miya gently tapped Minato's head as he sat down.

"Yeah, I guess." Minato told her sheepishly.

Miya smiled at him as she feed the baby boy in her arms. "Here you go Takehito."

"Shameful." Tsukiumi told him. "Off with your concubine while you true wife is feeding your child."

Tsukiumi held her little girl with bright blue eyes and blond hair with two twin pig tails.

"Come on, Yume." Musubi told the baby girl in her arms who looked like a younger her. The baby wore a teddy bear onesie. "Eat up and grow big and strong."

"Uh, I think she's strong enough." Karasuba told her remember the girl's grip, one far too strong for a baby.

Kaho very pregnant sat next to Musubi watching the baby. Kaho and Musubi had moved past the battles they wanted to have and settled for being sisters. Kaho looked at the baby and something seem to familiar about her.

Kuu was acting as a big sister help take care of the babies. At the moment she was helping Kazehana feed her little baby Sakura.

Chiho was good friends with Uzume and she was more than eager to help with the babies when she wasn't working at MBI. At the moment they talked about the new outfits Uzume planned for her baby girl that slept in her arms. When she could Uzume made her own outfits and sought to be a designer.

Besides her Kagari was breast feeding her baby girl which she named Takami after her grandmother. Kagari wasn't sure she'd ever be used to being a women but she found something very natural to being a mother.

Akitsu smiled gently at the baby in her arms, a small little Gray. Akitsu just thought he was perfect and was overjoyed to be given such a blessing. All the Sekirei felt the same.

Takami was talking to Yukari as feed her babies, twin boys with gray silvery hair.

Takami turned to her son, "Don't forget that your grandparents are coming later. Remember to send Seo to pick them up." Oddly enough they were perfectly okay with the situation they were just happy to have so many grandchildren.

"Right." Minato told her, Seo hated doing that but found it easier as Minato was paying him more.

Minato smiled as he looked around at his large family. His sekirei were pretty much sister and all his children would grow up as brothers and sister and see them all as their mothers.

As they all ate together as one large family. It might not have been what Minaka planned to be the prize at the end of the Sekirei plan but no one could really deny that Minato won.

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