Author's note- This is a multi-chapter fanfic that will contain Shinigami/Eibon. If ya don't like, don't read but for those who miss Eibon *NOT NOAH* and wonder what it would be like if he returned *and with a bit of ShiEi* then by all means, enjoy! Oh yeah and, reveiws are welcomed as well!



He woke up with a yell. Dark. He was in a dark room, his room.

"It was only a dream…" he said as sat up and ran his hand through his black and white striped hair.

Oh wait, no. It wasn't. Not entirely.

He drew in a deep breath and opened his golden eyes into the dark of the night. He felt an uncomfortable heaviness in his chest. Sadness? Had he been crying slightly in his sleep? Well, it wouldn't have been a big surprise to Shinigami due to the dreams that he's been having. They were re-accruing ones to, ones of an old acquaintance of his.


Eibon had died when Shinigami used BREW to defeat Archne. His soul had supposedly vanished along with the magic tool's key. The great sage had wished to give up his soul in order to undo his wrong-doings and to save the world. These troubling dreams only had begun a few weeks after the final battle with Kishin Ashura. Sometimes they where more vague than others, he would hear a voice calling out to him as if he was lost and others, Shinigami watched the wizard fading into thin air right before his eyes, not responding to him.

It was starting to get to him and now, now he felt as if his deceased friend's soul were somewhere within the confines of Death city, perhaps in the DWMA. Still there, but barely.

"There just may be a chance…." Death thought out loud.