Warning- this chapter is slightly weirder and gorey-er than the others, and im bad at writing fight scenes.

Spirit gawked at the sight before him. He had only come to check up on Eibon and the girls and stumbled upon something similar to a cult ritual like those in the horror films. Eibon had his arms extended outwards. The wizard's face was tense, his hands glowed light green, like the shield he was casting around them. He held up a barrier to protect the three from a rapid snake-like fire that wrapped around and raced tirelessly, trying to get in. Patty was hugging an old book to her chest tightly, watching in awe. Her sister on the other hand, was panicking, but didn't utter a peep. It would most likely make Eibon lose concentration.

The older weapon ran around the kitchen, looking for a pail. No luck. Great, what the hell was he going to do now? He could go looking for one...but he might be too late by then..these thoughts and many more flooded his mind. "Wait! I can get Lord Death here! He might be able to help. Although he might be furious if this is Eibon's fault.." Looked back at the flames and then to a large mirror. He leaned close to the mirror and exhaled, smearing in Death's number he waited anxiously for the reaper to pick up. Come on, pick up!

"Ah hello Spirit~! How are things?"

"Er..Sir, we have..a; well..I just.."


"I uh..Look! You have to teleport here right away, it's an emergency! There's no time to explain!"

"Calm down, you can give me a brei-"

"It's Eibon! He-"

"Move back!"

Spirit jumped back as his meister emerged from the mirror, leaving ripples behind. "Where are they?!" Taken aback by his tone, he hesitated. This was no time to be zone out, get a hold of yourself! Spirit answered by running in the direction of the room. Once they got there, Lord Death froze and lightly gasped. The eye sockets in his mask enlarged for a split second before he raced forward silently around to wear Patty was standing and called her name. She looked to her side and had trace of shock to see him standing so close to the fire cage.

"Liz! Grab your sister's hand. I am going to do soul resonance with you two!"

"What will that do?"

"No time to explain. Eibon won't last for long, if you haven't noticed, your barrier is shrinking at a rapid pace. I need you to flip to page 427 or that spell book now!"

"Uh...uh..is it Ign..ne-m ex-tinxit-"

"Yes, Ignem extinxit coluber. Don't worry, I'll lower my wave length so it doesn't overwhelm you." A white ring materialized from the top oh his cloak and started to spin and tilt at the same time, it gave off an optical illusion; making it look like it had split into different lines. His tips of the black fabric fluttered about wildly, yellow rays of light raged in a circle around him.

Eibon glanced up. Panting heavily, he made the decision to put all of his strength into stabilizing the shield by feeding off of his friend's transferring wavelengths. He knew what was going to happen next. Death knew this as well and was making the necessary preparations. He was transforming into his more humanoid form to compress his powerful soul wavelength. This was no ordinary operation. It could destroy the city if Eibon couldn't conceal it in the confines of this room. As soon as Death had completed his transformation, he would push the two guns to the outside of the containment zone until the time was right. This fire serpent was one of the most dangerous and ridiculous demons in existence. And only Death had the power to stop it. He and Death had dealt with one of these way back. It was a fire snake preyed on any novice spell caster. He had no clue how but one of this sisters managed to get their hands on the very book that had he and death used back in their youth. Now wasn't the time for stories.

By compressing his wavelength into one of his stanzu lines, he was able to accomplish multiple things. One, channel some of that energy to Eibon for support. Two, feed and connect with Liz and Patty so that when the moment strikes, they will not be overwhelmed by his strength. Even at a lowered level, it can be stressful on those two.

The third reason lied withing the ring itself, it would transform him and then dissapear from sight. It will wrap around his soul which encloses around the city and then will act like a tuning device, allowing him to lock away or draw any level of his soul's wavelength so that he could take down this creature without destroying his house. Sorta like a plasma ball, only you can't see the electric emanating from his body. It's been a hell of a long time since he pulled this little trick out of his sleeve but it would have to do. Eibon smiled lightly as he watched the yellow light that whipped around the base of his cloak begin to bunch up into one flame that stretched up as the white line expanded and flew through the roof. The one yellow ray shot up and started to funnel around the reaper, before making a snapping sound. The light washed down , revealing his human form that was very similar to that of 800 years ago. His black cloak was no longer neat and well-defined. It was ragged and wild, black shadows flicked and whisked off of the surface. His hair was just as wild, and it was slightly longer too. His right arm was mangled into the shape that looked like his old weapon, the reaper's claw. It could cut through the darkest of souls, or the brightest.

Finally, you have his cocky attitude. Back in the day, Death hid his hot-headed nature and murderous tone from no one. Which gave Eibon another reason to have a hard time comprehending his change in tone and attitude lately. Enough of that now, Death was ready.

"Liz! Patty! Brace yourselves!"


There was a flash and the next thing they knew, they were yanked out of the room by an invisible force until they were next to Spirit, who had been watching from the doorway the entire time. The room was filled enclosed in a green and white barrier. Eibon casted this to keep them inside and everyone else safe. Spirit's eye's widened and his first instinct told him to try to fight his way in. His meister was in there weaponless!

"Need a hand?"

"Death! I-"

"Save it. We got work to do."

The brunette nodded and took the reaper's hand. He then transformed into a scythe. The flamed snake had been thrown against the fire-proof wall and now layed there, waiting for the opportunity to strike. When it stood, it was 10 feet taller then the reaper and it took up about twenty percent to the space. Plus, it ate up a lot of oxygen to keep itself lit. Eibon would last no more than six minutes so they had to wrap this up fast.

"Does anybody know what the hell just happened?"

"I was just reading this book and this fire snake formed from an unlit candle. It spat at me and I screamed, that's when sis and Eibon ran in. The fire rushed at me but before I could blink, there was a green barrier around me and he told us not to leave it."

"There's nothing we can do about this now." Liz added. "He told us to wait right?"

"When did this thing grow a blade?!" Death dodged the attack. The thing was swinging wildly all around him, his super speed made the evasion simple, but Eibon's time was ticking away. If he fainted or left, the seal would cease to exist. He had to strike at some point. He summoned a shadow arm and ringed it around the blade. He sprinted and slashed at the serpent with Eibon. The bottom half detached and the flames dissipated from the blade, which clanked loudly as it hit the floor. He then whipped back from the intense heat, cooling off the searing metal weapon quickly.

But not quick enough.

The barrier flickered and had begun to fade. The extreme heat overwhelmed the scythe. Lord Death spun around "Eibon! No!"

Just then, something tore open his stomach from the back. Blood dripped from the edge and spilled out of his mouth. The sheer heat was what pained him the most. This was bad. One wrong move and he would die. One wrong move from the three on the outside, and they could be killed in a heart beat. He wanted to use the spell in the book but it was too far and this thing was too fast. He couldn't transform back either. There was only one option.

A yellow shield that he had used against Asura formed in back of him, with the blade in one of the holes, it slammed forward, causing the reaper to collide with the wall. Blood smeared on the wall as he slid down. His contact with the floor knocked the wind out of him.

"You know-" Blue flames ignited around the reaper. "YOU SHOULDN't PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!"

Before the snake could get away, Death slashed with his arm, splitting the snake in three, ultimately killing it. His claw burned like nothing Death ever encountered before but that didn't stop him from giving a cocky smirk before joining his companion in his dreamless slumber.

I was going to write about Stein this chapter but I figured it'd be easier to segway to that by having him operate on Lord Death and Eibon or something and then wonder about the details of this. It's pretty late right now sorry ^^;

Also, this will all be explained in good time!