May 6,2002

I was in El Paso, Texas I along with some other guys from IWA were called up to do some work in a backstage brawl between Undertaker and Diamond Dallas Page. We were just called up too be extras to try to stop the fighting but ultimately we were to all be taken down by the Undertaker. It was after Raw now just about everyone seems to have left, that probably why I'm in this situation. I took a shower after the segment was down since it was toward the end of the show but when I got out I found all of my co-workers to be gone.

Now I'm waiting around outside the building sitting with my back against the 's surprisingly cold Texas air as it had snowed earlier in the day which is strange for spring but it happens sometimes. I was sitting their decided what to do when it started to lightly snow again. I cursed myself at the current events, then suddenly I saw the door open. Out came Eddie Guerrero bag slung over his shoulder and looking slightly exhausted after coming off his ladder match with Rob Van Dam earlier. He looked over in my direction and saw me sitting and and walked over to me.

"Hey Punk," what are you doing out here, asked Eddie as I was getting up.

"I did some work as a jobber in a segment with Taker and got left behind," said Phil Brooks but known to most people as CM Punk.

"Ay, that sucks. So do you want a ride man," asked the older Latino man.

"Yeah, man that would be great," I say as I grab my bag and I follow him to his car. "So how have you been I ask on our way there,"

"I actually been doing really well as of late,"

You're probably wondering how they know each other by now correct? Well after WWE, then WWF fired Eddie he went to work for the independent circuit he found his way to IWA and he and Eddie actually had the chance to wrestle each other on two separate occasions for the IWA world title. With both getting one win on the other. They didn't know each other that well but they were acquaintances to one another. Punk though that there matches were an honor though as Eddie has been all over the world and has been with so many different organizations.

"Yeah I can see that I mean you are back at the big time," I said as we reached his car and we put are bags in the backseat and I sat in the passenger seat. "I hope I make it here one day," I asked hopeful for the future.

"Punk I'm sure you'll be here one day," he laughed with his ever present accent. "When that day comes you better make sure you and I get a match."

"Come on Eddie, you do not want none of this I mean I'm the guy who beat you for the belt," I said cockily.

"Hey vato, I beat you first," he said acting like he was upset then he laughed again. "So what hotel are you saying at," he asked.

"I don't know it some dump on Juarez. I forgot the name of it," I shrugged.

"Forget that man you wanna stay at my place tonight," he asked probably just thinking it would be easier for of them.

"Are you sure man I don't want to intrude or anything," I told him.

"No you wouldn't seriously, he insisted.

I was finally about to except his offer when the word "expecting" caught my eye. It was a book I picked it and read it. It said "So you're expecting, so here's what to expect". I looked over at Eddie who was unsure of what too say. So I spoke first.

"Eddie are you pregnant,"

~Meanwhile at Eddie's house~

"Chris I'm hungry get me something to eat," said an almost 9 month along and very pregnant Chris Benoit. He was sitting next to Chris Jericho and they were on Eddie's leather couch.

"Chrissy I just made you a sandwich can't you wait for Eddie, said a very exasperated Chris Jericho. He wasn't working this particular Raw so he's been at Eddie's home the whole day with Chris making sure he was okay and comfortable since he was due any day now.

"But I'm hungry now come on I'm eating for two. You know that, please he said grabbing Chris' hand and giving him puppy dog eyes.

"Ah, okay, okay, god this baby has made you so weird." murmured Chris Jericho getting off his side of the couch. "So what do you want to eat this time Chrissy,"

Chris put his hand to his chin and he pondered on what to eat. "How about Neapolitan ice cream, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some Lay's potato chips," Chris looked at him like he was insane.

"Chrissy you can't eat that crap it has like no nutritional value what so ever." he told the pregnant man.

"But I'm pregnant man come on feed me," the older man whined.

"Fine," he said as he made his way to the kitchen. He started making Chris his peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then thinking about his situation.

You see he has been helping Chris out for months since Eddie was fired he has been taking a lot of time off so he can help one of his best friend out. He's been going too doctor's appointments,lamaze classes, and he has been doing all of Chris' shopping. He's just been helping as much as he could. He's happy that Eddie's around more and that he'll be around for it's birth. But even though a pregnant Chris is insane he's loved this whole experience it felt as though he were having a child at moments but it's not his it's Eddie's. He's missed Eddie as Eddie's his other best friend. This whole thing is going to be one hell of a ride.

As he finishes the sandwich he goes into the cabinet for the chips and as he put them down on the counter he hear some weird noises coming from the living room. He thinks it's the television or something so he continues to make Chris' food. As he puts the ice cream back into the freezer he hears it again so he picks up the food and heads to the living room.

"Chrissy are you okay," he asks as he's coming toward the couch then he sees Chris on the floor breathing heavily. "Oh My God! Are You Okay!" By this time he has dropped all the food and is by Chris' side holding his hand.

"Chris I think my- my water broke" he says in a calm voice breathing in and out quickly like he's done in his lamaze classes with Chris.

"Oh my god,Oh my god, Oh my god," Chris Jericho started to say as he was freaking out.

"Chris get it together, I'm having a baby here," said Chris as he breathing slightly faster as he was getting hit with contractions already.

"Okay I got you," he said as he helped Chris off the floor and opened the front door and hurried him as fast and as safely to his car as possible. He helped him into the car and was about to get into the drivers.

"Chris wait, get my bag," he breathed.

"Ok I'll get it as he raced into the house and got the bag. "Ok Chrissy I got he answered," as he got back into his car.

"Do you have your keys," Chris told him.

"Damn it I'll get them I'll be right back," he said getting out of the car.

"Don't forget your cell phone!" screamed Chris from the car as he was hit with another contraction.

Chris came out about a minute later with key and cell phone in hand. "Ok I've got everything let's go,"

Chris started up the car but nothing happened.

"No, not now! Come on" he was at that point extremely freaked and was at a loss for what to do.

"Chris I'm not trying to scare you or anything, but if you don't get us to the hospital soon you might have to deliver this baby,"

"What! I do not know how to do a C-Section. We are getting out of here." He started it this time in no problem and then they were off.

They got there about fifteen minutes later. The nurses put Chris in a wheelchair and they started to wheel him towards maternity wing.

"Call Eddie," is what he screamed as he rounded a corner.

Chris called Eddie but all he did was keep getting his voice mail. After calling multiple times he just decided to leave a message.

"Eddie, Chris' in labor you gotta get down here fast man". After he hung up a nurse told Chris that he had been asked to come into the delivery room because he is being asked for.

Eddie had stopped the car and they had both gotten out. He didn't want Phil to tell the whole world about this because he and Chris still wanted to have a career so they could provide for their child. Even though many people were okay with whatever orientation you had it was a little difficult when a child is brought into the picture. Eddie could remember hearing about a couple of guys having a daughter a few years ago on WCW and being fired. He didn't think Vince would do that but he just got back just over a month ago and he didn't want a bright future for him and his family to be far away.

"Look Phil, I'm not pregnant but my boyfriend is. We're trying to keep this quit for now because I don't want to risk a chance at a good life for us,"

"Wow, so you're gonna be a dad," Eddie smiled at him, and Phil let out a smile right back.

"Yep, and I can't believe it either that's why I've cleaned up my life and I'm try to do right for him or her.

"So you know what you're boyfriend's gonna have," asked Phil.

"Nope, we want it to be a surprise, said Eddie.

"Look Eddie I want you to know that I won't tell anyone, he said as he and Eddie walked back over to the car as it was freezing outside.

As they got back into the car Phil asked. "So who is this boyfriend anyway,

Just as he was going to answer he noticed his phone lighting up and he notice he had about ten missed calls and and a message from his friend Chris.

"Hold on a sec amigo," he said as he listened to Chris' voicemail then his eyes popped out of his head as he got the news,

"Oh My God, he's gonna have the baby!, he screamed as he started the car and flew down the highway.

"Isn't the hospital in the other direction, asked Phil.

"There's one this way too! said Eddie in a jumble of words.

"Do you even know what hospital he's at, asked Phil curiously,

"Well, no, he says pushing down on the accelerator. "But I'm sure if we go to enough we'll find him,"

After going to three hospitals in record time I might add they made it to the right one, John F Kennedy Hospital.

They rushed into the hospital Phil collapsed in a chair in the waiting room, while Eddie went over to the nurses station.

He was just about to ask were his his boyfriend was when he saw Chris Jericho rushing over to him already attired in scrubs,

"Where is he, Eddie asked almost out of breath.

"This way, Chris told him. He said he didn't want to have the baby without you, you should see him arguing with the doctors." Eddie quickly got dressed in scrubs just as Chris wore and was lead to the delivery room.

Eddie smiled as Chris opened the door to see an exhausted Chris red in the face and breathing like their no tomorrow.

"Sir we have to do the C-Section now, said one of the doctors.

"I told you not until-" he stopped mid sentence when he saw Eddie walking over to him.

"Where were you," asked Chris.

"I was trying to find you, do you know how many hospitals are in El Paso," he smiled and grabbed Chris' hand and gave it a squeeze.

"But I'm here now and I'm in it to the end," He told his boyfriend as he looked into his eyes.

"Okay now Chris we've made the incision, here it comes." said the doctor as he along with another doctor pulled out the baby.

Then seconds later they heard crying.

"Congratulations," was heard as the baby was put on a blanket and given to Chris. Eddie and Chris looked at the baby in such awe as Eddie gave Chris a kiss on the cheek.

"It's not fair," said Chris as he looked over his tiny newborn

"What is it," asked Eddie wondering what was wrong.

"I did all the work yet he looks just like you." Eddie laughed at him.

"How can you tell he's barely a couple minutes old." smirked Eddie.

"Hey, a father just knows these things," said Chris with a smile.

Chris Jericho walked over from the other side of the delivery room to join the too.

"Hey, I hate too break up the moment you two but, what is it I really want to know." he asked curious of what sex of the baby is.

"It's a-

Phil was in the waiting room snoozing as he had fell asleep not long after he and Eddie's arrival to the hospital. He was awaken sometime later by Eddie who was now wearing scrubs and had the hugest smile on his face.

Phil rubbed his eyes and yawned. "How did it go man," asked Phil as he got up and stretched.

"Punk, come with me I wanna show you something," he said to the younger man pulling him to follow in his direction.

He took him to the part of the hospital were the maternity wing was located. Phil was wondering what Eddie was showing him until they rounded a corner and and he saw a large clear window. He and Eddie walked over and there sat each of them dozens of newborn babies. He looked across at all of them then he looked over at Eddie who pointed out the baby second to last in the third row.

"There Punk do you see him that's my son," smiled Eddie seeing his tiny newborn son moving about.

Punk smiled at the newborn and then looked at Eddie and laughed.

"What's so funny, he asked the smiling younger man.

"Nothing it's just he looks just like you," replied Punk.

"Ah come on, he's so little how would know that, Punk just shrugged.

"I don't know I just kind of do," he said.

Just that moment Chris Jericho came walking up to them just leaving Chris' room as the man needed his rest.

He looked over and Punk and gestured him over to his other side to meet Chris.

"Phil I'd like you to meet Chris, Chris this is Phil. Chris is the baby's godfather.

"As I should be I mean I practically gave birth to him." he said shaking Phil's hand.

"Nice to meet you Chris I've heard a lot about you and I greatly admire all of you're work I hope we get to wrestle someday," Phil said as he was having a starstruck moment.

"Thanks Phil that means a lot," he smiled at him showing of his pearly whites.

A few moments later they still hadn't let go of each others hand and they were just smiling stupidly at one another.

Then Eddie coughed breaking the two apart.

"Um Chris since I was wondering if you can take Phil back to the house so he can get some rest."

Phil was going to agree to that offering until he looked at his clock.

"It's 6 am already, as much as I would like to rest I've got to catch a flight. IWA is pretty strict on making it on time to venue's and I've got two matches scheduled today."

"Okay," said Eddie giving the man a grateful handshake for their time spent together.

He and Chris were on their way when Phil stopped on his heel and turned around and asked, "So what's his name anyway."

Eddie looked back over at his son and smiled.

"Michael. We named him Michael."

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