Authors Note: I watched 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol' and fell in love with wthese two characters and was thus inspired to write this fic. Please read and review!

Jane stifled a yawn and wondered when was the last time she had slept through the night. Her emotions kept her awake. Anger, regret, guilt. Mostly the guilt.

"You are going to be okay," she had said it more to assure herself than him. He knew, she could tell by the look on his face he knew that this was it; he was not making it out of this one.

"You're so beautiful." Tears filled her eyes at his words. How could this be happening? Not Hanaway. This was her fault.

Hanaway struggled to get the words out, "I'm sorry…should have told you…" Holding back a sob she leaned in to hear his final words. To hear his confession.

Hanaway...if only she had gotten there a few minutes earlier. She should have run faster, why didn't she run faster…

The shrieks of joy from a small child being lifted onto his father's shoulders brought her back to present day. Holding the string of the balloon she made her way into the middle of the court before casually letting it slip through her fingers. Tilting her head up Jane smiled slightly as she watched it rise into the air.

Things had moved so rapidly in just a few hours. They had broken Hunt out of jail. Well, Hunt plus one. She had read his file, obviously, and knew everything there was to know about the Ethan Hunt. Still that had not prepared her for what it was going to be like working with him. In less than 24 hours she had already seen he was unorthodox and stubborn. Still, there was a calm about him, a self assuredness. Suppose that was a good thing for a team leader to have. He was also mad - of that she was sure. After all who else but a mad man would accept a mission to infiltrate the Kremlin?

It is what they had to do though. What she needed to do. This brought her a step closer to Sabine Moreau—from the moment she had seen her picture on Hathaway's phone Jane had promised herself that the blonde would pay. She would avenge Hanaway—she owed him that much at least.

Looking though the camera she guided the balloon slowly and steadily, higher upward and over the building.

"Releasing in 3…2…1." Holding her breath she clicked the release only exhaling once it had been a success. Her part of the operation was done and she made her way to the rendezvous point.

Jane checked her watch as she waited. They should be done soon and then it would be onto part two—

"The nest is empty," Hunt's clear voice came over the comms carrying a tone of surprise with it. Empty? How could that be?

Scuffling. She could hear scuffling. Pressing a finger against the comm in her ear she listened. Someone was on their frequency. Jane's eyes narrowed as she heard whomever it was to relay a message of success back to his team leader. That was it. Their mission was blown. "Standing by to detonate" the voice said. A knot formed in Jane's stomach as Hunt called out orders for a new rendezvous point.

Turning on her heel she quickly made her way towards the van, weaving in and out of the unsuspecting tourists.

"Come on boys!" she muttered under her breath. The first explosion went off at the exact moment her hand touched the door handle. Jane looked towards the building as more and more explosions went off causing the architecture to cave inward.

Hunt! Benji! Without thinking Jane began running back towards the Kremlin. She had lost Hanaway—she was not about to lose Hunt and Benji too.