Jane watched him approach her and she let out a long sigh. Here we go, she thought. When Brandt reached her she tried to read his expression, but he wore a neutral mask. Any lingering hope she might have had of him joining the team died and she broke eye contact to look down at her feet instead.

"Jane—," he said softly.

"You spoke to Ethan? You told him?" She asked, but she already knew the answer. Of course, he told Ethan and he said as much.

Jane refused to look directly at him. So, that was it. The finality of the situation sent a wave of defeat through her. She ran a hand through her hair and forced herself to meet his gaze.

"You didn't take the phone," she said and it came out more as a statement rather than a question. Brandt remained silent.

"So, what are you going to do now?" She asked him. He would probably end up on another team—with other IMF agents…female agents just as capable as she was. The fact made her skin crawl and she inwardly scoffed at her jealousy, but it was a fact. She frowned slightly and refused to think of Brandt in his future endeavors without her in them.

He looked thoughtful for a moment and sighed, "Now, I'm going to call my sister and ask that I talk to my niece because she gets really worried over her uncle Will."

She couldn't help but smile despite the swirl of emotions that plagued her. She nodded, "Smart girl."

Brandt continued, "Then, I'll tell her that it'll probably be a little while before I see her again because her uncle Will is going away for some time."

Jane frowned slightly confused, "What do you mean you're going to be away—"

Brandt bit his bottom lip, reached into his pocket, and slowly pulled out the phone.

"Jane. Ethan and I came to an understanding, but most importantly, I took it because I can't bear the thought of losing this chance between us—to grow professionally together…and to be more than that."

Jane didn't take her eyes away from the phone. He was staying. He was actually staying. She turned her back to him and looked out at the water needing a moment to compose her emotions. Her heart raced as she realized that the possibility could finally become a reality. They were actually going to get a shot at this.

Brandt let the hand that held the phone fall to his side. He continued to talk, however, despite not being able to see her expression. He rambled on and she rolled her eyes playfully. She turned back around instantly and punched him on the arm.

"Ow, what the hell?" he exclaimed as he rubbed his arm.

"That was for yelling at me earlier," she said before she punched him again on the other arm slightly harder, "That was for crushing my heart," he cried out in pain again and took a step back to avoid her next swing. She matched his step and took another hit.

"That was for pretending you weren't joining the team and hiding the phone in your pocket." She made a move to punch him again and this time he closed his eyes.

She unclenched her fist and smiled instead. She took out her frustrations on him like a punching bag, but now she wanted to do the one thing she only dreamt of doing. She stepped closer and took his face in her hands. He flinched at her touch, but he held his ground. He opened one eye and then the other as her touch and caress became more inviting and less threatening. Within moments he instinctively placed his hands on her waist to draw her closer to him.

"You know you're a jerk, right?" she said as her hands traveled along his jaw and down his neck.

"I thought 'asshole' was more fitting," he replied and she chuckled. That's what she called him in Dubai and again on the plane to Mumbai, "Seriously, Jane. I'm sorry for—"

"Stop talking," she said before she leaned in and her soft lips met his. She felt him smile against her lips and it gave her incentive to deepen the kiss. She traced one hand against his jaw line, up his ear, and buried her fingers in his hair. He bit her bottom lip and the sensation sent jolts to the pit of her stomach. His hands surreptitiously escaped under her shirt and he tugged on her waistline as an invitation to come closer. She did and he quickly shifted one hand to caress the back of her neck, while he held her at bay with the other. He gently pulled on her hair to raise her head and she naturally opened her lips more against his.

The sound of people in the background penetrated her deepest desires to continue to the kiss. Jane slightly shifted her head to the side, which caused Brandt to kiss the corner of her mouth and he continued to leave a trail against her jaw line and down her neck. Her ears and cheeks were flushed from the intensity of the moment and she hid them as she leaned to bury her head in the crook of his shoulder. She held him tightly and he did the same.

She probably hated his guts, but she still wanted to know what he was going to do. She was confident that he had not taken the phone, so he spoke of his niece in an attempt to ease in the good news. He held on to the phone tightly in his pocket and waited for the proper moment.

He promised himself to not reveal Ethan's secret, so when he pulled out his phone he told her the truth: that he and Ethan accepted and understood each other as professionals should. He also let her know, most importantly, that he had taken the phone for her—to be with her. He wanted to make up for everything he said in the car and for the way he acted, so when he revealed the phone he expected her to be happy.

He even hoped for her to throw her arms around him in a hug and forgive him. Instead, she turned her back to him and Brandt panicked. Was this her way of rejecting him? Was she still upset about their fight in the car? The last thing he wanted was to loose her now that he actually had the key in the form of a phone in his hand.

"Jane, come on," he began softly, "I didn't mean anything that I said before. I couldn't handle the pressure of working with Ethan. I didn't want to sacrifice what we have, what we could have." He went to touch her arm, "Jane, please listen to me, I just—"

She turned around unexpectedly and punched him in the arm. It hurt. He couldn't remember the last time a woman punched him hard, but it didn't matter because Jane took the cake. He naturally cried out in pain, "What the hell!"

She punched him three more times and his arms were starting to feel numb. He thought about defending himself, but this was Jane. She was about to go for a fourth punch when he scrunched his eyes closed. Instead of another sting to his arm, he felt two soft hands cradle his face.

He opened his eyes one by one and saw a small smile on her face. He liked kick ass Jane, but he definitely liked this side of Jane more. He moved his hands to her waist as she proceeded to call him a jerk.

He mentally agreed, but corrected her with the proper name she grew accustomed to calling him back in their first mission together. Asshole. She laughed lightly and he gently caressed her sides with his thumbs, "Seriously, Jane. I'm sorry for—"

She said something, but he only focused on the fact that she leaned towards him and kissed him. Brandt was stunned, but the moment caught up with him and he smiled against her lips. He felt her hands explore the side of his face and the sensation of her hand buried in his hair urged him to do some exploring himself. He tightened his grip on her waist and bit her bottom lip to match her fervor. She shivered slightly and he enjoyed the effect it had on her. He held back a groan when she bit his lip back. He had kissed many women in his time, but there was something in this kiss that made him crave for more. He felt her temperature increase the moment he tugged on her belt and even though they had been kissing for a few moments now, he needed to make sure it was real. He brought his arm above her shoulder and buried his hand underneath her hair to get more access.

The moment he did, however, she moved slightly and the kiss was over far too soon for his liking. He stretched the moment longer and caressed her jaw line with his lips, while she settled her head next to his and held him tightly in a hug.

In that moment William Brandt knew he was done for. Whatever he felt for her was serious and he wanted this to be serious. He wanted to stay up late at night with her to watch TV on the couch and make her omelets for breakfast the next morning. He wanted her to meet his niece and to meet the sister she spoke of so fondly. He wanted her to be a part of his life.

"I squeeze the toothpaste from the middle of the tube," he admitted out of the blue and Jane pulled back to look at him.

"What?" She asked with a confused chuckle.

"Toothpaste," Brandt repeated, "When I use it, I always squeeze from the middle of the tube. I just thought you should know what you're getting into here."

Jane laughed. He loved that laugh.

"Don't worry about it," she said, "I squeeze from the top."

He pretended to think about it, "Yeah…I think I can live with that."

Jane gave him a quick peck on the cheek and turned to stand side by side with him. She nudged him on the shoulder and lightly brushed her hand against his, "Come on, Benji is waiting for us. He probably thinks we've started the mission without him."

He sighed contentedly and slipped his hand in hers. He was uncertain about the future and what future mission had in store for them, but he was certain that his future had Jane by his side.

Authors Note: That concludes 'Venus and The Helper' This is the first fan fiction I have ever written and I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for reading and reviewing. It has meant so much to hear your feedback. I will be visiting this pair again in a few shorter fics and one shots down the road - until then do not forget to check the Tumblr community 'brandtcarter' for your William Brandt and Jane Carter fix!