Summary : With red ribbons come dirty thoughts. With open mouths come snowballs. And to perverted aliens come infuriated demons. Christmas, it drives people nuts –some more than others.

I'll love to wrap you up in nothing but a big red bow and have you for Christmas .


When Takumi went to bed on Christmas eve night, he couldn't banish the thoughts that kept him awake. The sooner he falls asleep, the sooner tomorrow will come, right? Right. So why was he still staring, wide-eyed, at the goddamn ceiling?

Oh, right, he couldn't keep his over-enthusiastic libido in check. He was too busy hoping (And fantasizing about) a certain raven-haired beauty, his girlfriend to be specific, would don a –too short, too revealing, she'd claimed– specially made Christmas outfit he had made just for the occasion (and her). It was not hard to see where his line of thoughts were leading him.

It wasn't long before his wicked mind began conjuring up images of said girl in nothing but a giant strip of red ribbon, that, crisscrossing around important bits, ended with a big red bow.

Now if only that image would just materialize beneath his Christmas tree at the stroke of midnight. He would love to lavish and lic–

As if on cue, the clock struck twelve, and Takumi found himself sitting up to look beneath his Christmas tree. Nope. No Misaki with a big red bow.


Author's note: A little something to declare I'm still alive and writing and to celebrate Christmas, albeit a few days late. Anyway, this was orriginally supposed to be a one-shot but in the midst of writing, became a three-shot. Posting the next chapie tomorrow, so look forward to it.

In other news, I'm currently working on "Exception", but due to a wee bit writter's block and a sprinkle of dissatisfaction with my writing, months flew with nothing done. But things are currently moving smoothly with "Exception", so expect the next chapter maybe some time in January, while "wish upon a star" near the end of January or mid February.

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*Misaki glares*

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