"If you can't fight them,

Just choke them!"

– Ayumi Sakuragi– TEEHEE!

Summary : With red ribbons come dirty thoughts. With open mouths come snowballs. And to perverted aliens come infuriated demons. Christmas, it drives people nuts –some more than others.

Go eat a snowball and choke on it!


When Misaki's alarm rang that morning, on christmas day; it was only the thought that it would be a waste of money that she did not smash the abomination into smithereens. She had hardly any sleep last night, due to the continuous ringing of her phone and the jingle of a message. And when she did, she would always dream of having a game of Chase with Takumi, while wearing nothing but a big red bow. Which always without fail ended with s–

Anyway, had she known he would go on and on about Christmas outfits, ribbons and bows, and having her for Christmas, she definitely would not have called at midnight to wish him "Merry Christmas".

Stifiling a yawn, Misaki dragged her sorry ass out of bed. Stretching, she glanced out the window...and almost broke it.

There stood Takumi. At her gate. Reading her papers. And...did he just wink at her?

"That perverted outer-space alien!" She whispered-scream, spitting he's nick-name like it was something vulgar.

Speak of the devil, and he shall appear. In this case, think.

Takumi sneezed. Somehow, something told him that it wasn't from the weather. He had a good guess who was cursing him. And as if on cue, the door burst open, revealing, one very pissed of girlfriend.

And man, was she pissed.

"Well good morning to you, Misaki." He said folding the Papers. "Is that a snowball, or are you just glad to see me?"

"Nope, it's your present."

Takumi stared open-mouthed at her –surprised for a moment, that she would throw a snowball at his face.

"If you wanted me wet," He smirked, recovered from the attack. "You could have just worn the–"

"Go eat a snowball, and choke on it!"

She even forcefully closed his mouth.

Guess one wasn't enough.

Takumi coughed, literally choking on the mouthful of snow she stuffed in his mouth while he was talking.

He squeezed his eyes shut.


Then winced.

Misaki outright laught

Damn, brain freeze's a bitch

Hell hath no wrath like a sleep-deprived woman.


Authors's note: well, as promised, here's chapter two: " Go eat a snowball, and choke on it!" This chapter was originally supposed to be the original story, a part of my "Torture Takumi" series of humorous one-shots. I do hope you enjoyed reading this chapter as I have enjoyed writing it. So here's some questions! Was it humorous? Rate the funny level on a scale of 1 to 5.

Alright second question! This one is to help my other story, " Exception". How would you feel if Misaki has a crush and is in a relationship with someone else other than Takumi? But she is at that state because she was broken emotionally by Takumi.

FAQ: In this story, Misaki and Takumi are already 19 and have long since started addressing each other by first names. Whether they have gone to the hanky panky stage, is up to you to imagine XP LOL

Disclaimer: All rights to Kaichou wa maid-sama is reserved to Hiro Fujiwara.