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At the barn earlier...

While Martha was busy and Lucy noticed her dad and Lois leaving in the car, she found it strange not to see Clark, although she admitted she had not been paying much attention to what was happening outside the barn.

She had been paying attention to the news, which was still so full of her sister and Superman. The news even now could not get enough of them, repeating earlier footage of Superman hovering above the skyline of Metropolis. It had appeared on the front page of virtually all the main newspapers, and had become the worldwide iconic picture of the entire event.

Lucy decided to check out what she could of the barn now she knew Lois and the General had gone, and walked out to it, still hearing the sound of them leaving in the distance. Although she knew there were still some 'bodyguards' around for her sake, she knew they would now just be observing for threats from a distance.

As she walked into it, it still came as a real surprise to Lucy that Lois of all people had gone and fallen in love with a dorky farm boy! It just did not fit the picture of the Lois she knew, and she thought that perhaps that was it, she just did not know Lois as well as she thought, but there was something still intriguing about Clark Kent, although she hadn't had a chance as yet to try and get her claws into him like last time.

She now stood in the little seating area where the last time they had visited, she had surprised Clark and kissed him, and even though she knew he had not kissed her back, a little fact that still irritated her to no end – being refused by a dorky farm-boy, what had really surprised her was her sisters calm reaction to it.

She had expected fireworks from Lois, had been counting on it in fact! But instead an innocent expression from Clark, and a relationship she thought she could destroy with ease had remained firm and strong despite what she had attempted to do.

"Nice place isn't it!" suddenly spoke a voice from behind her, slightly startling her as she had been looking out of the open window of the barn. She turned her head suddenly and noticed it was Conner,

"Yes it is!" smiled Lucy, "How long have you been around here." she quickly added at his look,

"I don't recall seeing you here the last time I came, and that was what barely 6 months ago if that."

Conner nodded his head, "True, but I only recently discovered I had a cousin and that Clark was it."

"You were adopted then?" she asked,

"Yes, my childhood was interesting, but I'm glad I've found Clark now, and Lois, they've been great!"

Conner recited what he had been told to say. Most at Watchtower including Clark and Lois had come up with a story to fill in on Conners missing years, with forged birth certificates, passport, even photographs charting his growing up years to make it look more authentic.

That alone had not been easy to do, but had been accomplished with a lot of computer wizardry here and there, and entering false accounts into records at some places to back up the story.

"If you don't mind me asking, how did you find out you were adopted?" asked Lucy,

Conner replied after a few moments, taking a deep breath,

"My adoptive parents told me that I had been adopted, as I was of age they felt that it was my right to know."

"I am sorry to hear it, I bet it came as a shock."

Lucy's eyes darted around the area desperately, trying to think as Conner was looking distractedly at anything but her,

Conner did not notice, and was hoping desperately that Lucy would think no more of his adoption,

"It was, but enough of me! How about you! Do you live with your father?"

Lucy quickly ended the conversation and Conner decided to leave her alone for five minutes as she commented that she rarely had moments of quiet.

She waited for him to disappear as she pretended to look out of the widow and admire the view, then looked around and started checking the shelving, frantically looking through the drawers when a familiar voice interrupted,

"You know it's not nice when you are a guest in someone's home to go through their stuff!"

Lucy turned around to face who was now a very calm looking Conner, a surprisingly calm Conner...

"What are you doing Lucy!" he asked tersely noticing the half open desk drawers,

"Conner, nice to see you again!" said Lucy batting her eyelashes and trying to strike a sexual pose – well it worked virtually all the time, hoping beyond hope that her feminine charms would distract him,

"Well! I'm still waiting for an answer!" he replied coolly, not budging,

"Lois asked me to look for something for her, and I am just looking!" she replied,

Conner replied instantly, "What it it she wanted you to look for?"

Lucy dismissed him with a wave of her hands,

"Oh, don't worry about it! Nothing you can do!"

Lucy continued to rummage until she felt an iron grip on her wrist,

"I asked you what it is you were looking for!"

Lucy wrenched her wrist free from his grip and moved away facing him angry saying,

"Get your hand off me! You have no right to do that! I have come up here to look for something for my sister and here you are poking your nose!"

"And I said, I will help, more hands make lighter work!" replied Conner,

"What part of the sentence, 'My sister asked 'me' to look for it' do you not understand buster!"

Conner continued, "All of it! and you still refuse to answer my question!"

"Because she only wanted 'me', Yes! ME! to look for it!"

"You still have not answered my question!" he retorted,

"And I will never do either! Can you not get it in that thick head off yours that Lois only wanted me to look for this thing for a reason!"

"No!" he retorted,

"That it was an item so personal that she only wanted me to get it!"

Conner shook his head saying, "No, because with the greatest respect you and Lois don't exactly have the most closest of relationships, considering you're sisters!"

Lucy was stumped, the sound of a vehicle coming down the driveway gave her the excuse and reprieve she was desperately looking for to get away from Conner,

"Well, I couldn't find it anyway!"

she said brushing past a now confused Conner and rushing down the stairs,

Conner was taken unawares, so much so that by the time he left the barn and reached the driveway, Lucy was standing by a black car and holding what seemed to be a tense conversation with a man dressed in camouflage gear, and who had a gun holster around his waist.

"What's the matter!" asked Conner,

"There was a situation with General Lane and Miss Lane, but all is okay now, and they are now on their way to Metropolis." stated the man,

Conner just nodded his head while Lucy quickly made the introductions,

"Conner, this is Captain Lander Conner, Captain Lander, Conner Kent."

Captain Lander gave Conner a very firm handshake,

"Pleasure to meet you Conner, I wish it could have been under better circumstances. I regret that I cannot stay, as I have been ordered to escort Miss Lane here back to base."

"Okay, well I am glad that they're both safe, and it was nice to meet you Lucy." replied Conner, adding looking at the Captain, "Captain."

With that Lucy and the Captain quickly got in the black car and went on their way. Conner decided to turn around and pretend to look at the house but eavesdrop,

"What sodding situation! You didn't give me enough time! What are you thinking! I told him I needed time!" Lucy frantically said,

"There's been a change of plan!" Captain Lander retorted, adding,

"It cannot be helped, Superman showed up! Things would have been in place. And you took your time!"

"You haven't answered my question! What ambush! I was just supposed to find the key, that was all." Lucy sounded surprised, and genuinely worried,

there were a few moments of silence in which Conner could hear Lucy's heartbeat going at a frantic pace, when Lander spoke next it was harsh,

"Now listen here Miss Lane, you are involved with the big boys now! Who won't hesitate to be rid off you if they so desire, regardless of your pretty face and a sister whose a reporter! We can make your tragic death look accidental! Am I making myself clear!"

Conner heard a slight shuffle from Lucy, then Lander added,

"Good! Now do as he says, and you will be just fine. For now you will return to your fathers base showing great concern about your lovely father and sister. Tell no-one of this conversation or about him, or I assure you, the next time you open your eyes, what you see won't be pretty!"

The conversation went quiet and Conner was interrupted from his reverie by Martha asking,

"Conner? What's wrong!"

Later on...

John Jones had arrived at the scene of the ambush amazed to see what compared to the scene of a Hollywood blockbuster war-zone. There was debris everywhere and burned out cars, and a strange sight of seeing a lot of men dressed in camouflage gear in shackles being boarded onto a military bus.

He offered to pick Lois up and after showing his ID and Lois clearly knowing him, was allowed too, but not before he managed to got a quick briefing on what had occurred. Then with the Generals parting words to Lois,

"I'll try and catch up with you later Lois, but I need to get to the bottom of this, so I'll give you a call okay."

As ever with the General, it wasn't a question, it was a fact, and Lois nodded and they parted.

When she was in the car and on their way, John Jones asked,

"Are you okay! I haven't heard all the details, but it seems Superman saved the day."

Lois smiled and looked at John Jones knowingly,

"Yes he did, just in the nick of time."

John Jones couldn't help but see the obvious cast she had on her hand,

"I hope it wasn't injured too badly?"

Lois raised it with a sour expression,

"What! This! Should be off in a matter of a couple of days if that! It's just a precaution! An unnecessary one but they were adamant I needed it on!..."

John John interrupted while Lois paused for breath,

"I think you got the message that Tess regained consciousness earlier?"

"Yes, is she okay?"

"Would you like to see? We have time to stop by." asked John,

Lois smiled, and John nodded, and a short time later they arrived near Star Labs, discreetly as possible using the back entrance they entered the building...

"Tess." whispered Emil,

Tess stirred and slowly opened her eyes as Emil said,

"Lois and John are here to see say hello."

She smiled and the conversation lasted for a while, with Lois and John updating her on what had happened, included to her insistence the latest news on Lex Luthor, to which they could add next to nothing regarding any news.

Elsewhere in a black limousine somewhere in Metropolis...

"What the hell is he doing in this territory?" asked Bruce Wayne,

the answer was not obvious to him, and he had known this guy most of his life, unfortunately. Sometimes hearing a different view or opinion helped him figure things out, but he doubted Alfred would have any idea here,

"That remains unclear sir, although there is the set of jewellery that is in the touring display, and holds a certain rare diamond."

Bruce quickly read some information on the laptop,

"Which is worth millions! And its in Metropolis for two nights only?" he looked out of the window saying,

"This is still a lot for him to risk. Especially with Superman's presence here lately."

Alfred eyed Bruce,

"Quite so Sir. But I imagine with everything going on and Superman being kept very busy all over the world, he doesn't think he will bother with a theft like this, when there are more urgent matters for him to be dealing with."

Bruce noted that Alfred had made a very good point,

"Yes, and he also knows and believes the Batman resides only in Gotham.."

"Then he seems to run out of luck!" quipped Alfred, Bruce smiled,

"Yes he does, but when will he strike? I need to visit the Daily Planet later on, but at least I will be around for the big presentation."

he glanced down at his invitation card, and briefly read a list of attendees who were listed to attend an event that evening,

"And this evening the upper reaches of society themselves will be there for the ceremony. It would seem an ideal opportunity for it."

"So will the security." said Alfred,

"That has never stopped him before! No, that won't be his style, he will try something more subtle, the joker is the one more prone for big style events." Bruce looked at Alfred,

"Lets go the the Daily Planet Alfred, I said I would pay Perry a visit, and no time like the present to see what it's truly like."

"You still wonder why Mr Queen suggested it Sir?"

Bruce nodded, "Yes, we know he's no stranger to the media eye, especially with that stunt revealing himself to be the Green Arrow to the public. But he signalled that paper out above all others."

"Miss Lane is in the building Sir." said Alfred suddenly.

"Even more reason to go and visit now while I know she is there then."

"Remember we do not have all the information sir." commented Alfred,

"I know, but she comes across as an enigma, and I like that!"

Alfred merely raised his eyebrows at that comment.

At the Kent farm...

Martha was preparing to leave the farmhouse and gathering her paperwork ready in order to catch the next flight to Washington. She had been busy locally in the last week, especially with preparations for Lois and Clark's wedding, now with what had been happening regarding Clark revealing himself to the world in his persona of Superman, she was well aware how politics worked in the Senate, and knew a lot of questions were being asked, and knew that she needed to be there to keep her ear to the ground. She needed to get to Washington.

She had been upstairs and had heard the General go, then had been surprised to see Lucy being picked up not long after.

Then she had noticed Conner standing on the driveway looking at the gravel, and noticed the look on his face, and so walked out to see him,

"Conner? What's wrong!"

he hesitated in replying, "It's something I just heard as Lucy was driving off.."

"Oh?.." Martha asked.

Conner told Martha what he had heard barely a few minutes ago,

Martha was very worried about what 'situation' Lois and her father had been in, and was relieved to hear from Conner that Clark had resolved it. She then received a call from General Lane which was unexpected,

"General, what can I do for you?"

What she heard next chilled her to the bone, the word 'situation' really was nicely glossing over the true horrific details of what had happened, Conner noted her reaction and immediately tensed quickly scanning around the area with his hearing and eyes, trying not to listen in on the conversation,

"Are you both okay now!"

After getting reassurances, and confirming with the General that he had sent someone to pick Lucy up and that Lucy had confirmed she was now on her way to base, she thanked the General for letting her know, and ended the call.

Martha then relayed to Conner what had happened to Lois and the General, and that Lucy was now heading to base as a result.

"Why the heck didn't that guy who picked say anything about it?" asked Conner,

Martha replied, although she wasn't so sure herself,

"He had orders to say as little as possible, and not to be specific. General Lane didn't wish to alarm us and wanted to tell us by phone if nothing else. Both he and Lucy are heading back to base, where the General will lead the investigation.

Lois injured her left hand but should be okay, and had a lift to Metropolis with Detective John Jones. She's okay I understand."

Conner nodded, relaxing, just then Martha had a phone call from Lois to confirm that she was okay, would explain more later on and that she had reached Metropolis, as she knew her father would have been in touch.

Meanwhile a couple were heading to the farmhouse doing their very best to look inconspicuous,

"I just cannot believe this is happening! With everything that has happened!" exclaimed the lady who clung onto the man's arm,

adding, "I still cannot believe we did absolutely nothing to help!"

The man she loved more than life itself looked at her compassionately,

"I know it was hard watching when we could have done something, but truly there was nothing we could do! It was vitally important we not reveal ourselves!"

The lady beamed at this answer and smiled, "Its a sight I never thought I would see!"

"As am I, but we must remain hidden as much as possible, until we can figure things out! Otherwise you know we would have taken the direct route to the farm!"

She smiled, trying to take in her surroundings with some tears in her eyes,

"I still cannot believe we are actually here!"

He smiled taking a moment to stand still and wipe the tears from her cheeks,

"Please don't cry! It hurts to see you in so much pain!"

A short while later in the farmhouse...

The door opened, and both Martha and Conner turned and then stood gaping, looking at the man and woman standing now in the doorway...

Authors Note: As it may be a while before I manage to update again, and as I don't like leaving cliffhangers like this, I will tell you that its not an unpleasant surprise for Martha or Conner...