Hello folks! Here is my new story! It is a Remus and Tonks pairing cause I love these guys and I was very upset that they died. Unfortunately I do NOT own Harry Potter! *Sniffs*

Also on an important note, I do not have a beta. My grammar/spelling are not always perfect, and I will make mistakes, so I apologise in advance for any mistakes. Also in reviews, I encourage helpful criticisms, but not really mean/nasty reviews!

Prologue – Remus' POV

I feel that I am trapped in my own skin, and that there is no way out. That I am a monster. That people who do not know me, will look down at me, and in their eyes I will see scorn and contempet. Contempet for the animal that takes over me once a month. That no one can ever love me, and I can love no one. But even as I say these words, I know I am lying. Bcause there is a way out. There is someone that thinks I am not a monster. That they look at me with love and do love me. But that someone is HER. And I can't go down that road. Otherwise…. I might convince myself that I love HER.

And I can't do that becuase she will be trapped with my in my eternal curse.

And so I have to convince myself that I don't love Nymphadora Tonks

Which I don't.

I think.

Hate it, love it? I know it is extremely short, but I WILL post again TODAY (the 31st December 2011)!

I know I have a history of not finishing stories, but I am and will finish this one!

Okay, will update late on today (promise!)

P.S. Reviews make me smile!