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Deryn opened her eyes. She saw only darkness, and smelled only the putrid stench of bodily odors mixed with blood.

She felt feverish within her uniform, but her forehead was cool and oddly wet. The cool feeling soon vanished but quickly returned, as if someone were pressing a cool cloth on her forehead. Her fingers began searching when pain struck her abdomen.

And her memories dawned on her.

She was in a trench, somewhere in France, which explained the lack of light and god-awful smell. She had taken a shot for someone, someone who she deeply cared about. Starting to panic about who had gotten her there, Deryn tried peeling off the cloth, but her hands were stopped and laid to her sides.

"Shh," he said gently, placing the cloth back. "Stay still." He paused. "You should have told me." His voice sounded measured, as if he were restraining himself. "I have no secrets from you. You could have returned the favor."

His words were more painful than gunshots when they hit her stomach. The only difference was that the pains lingered this time, making her stomach heave at her self-disgust.

"Alek..." She started, but where could she start? So after one last wave of her stomach, word vomit spilled from her mouth. "I was afraid. I was weak and afraid, and you have every right to hate me. I'm sorry Alek, but I was scared that I would lose you if you found out."

Deryn could just make out the figure of the boy kneeling next to her. She could see the edge of his chin and the curve of his cheeks; after all, she had spent hours studying every angle. He looked down at his hands, no longer being able to look at her.

"Allies have each other's backs." He said quietly. "How can we be allies when I don't know who you are?"

"You do know me," she begged, grasping his hand with hers. "I'm the same person that I've always been, Alek."

"You are not the same person!" He yelled. Deryn winced at the volume. "God! I don't even know your name, how do you expect me to trust anything you say?" Alek turned way, facing the opposite wall of the dug out.

With a lot of effort, and pain, Deryn managed to get herself up. Using the walls of the dug out to steady herself, she slowly tested out her legs. Her vision doubled with every step she took. Reaching his back, she put her hand on his shoulder, both as a gesture of kindness and as a way to steady herself.

"It's Deryn." She said simply, thanking God that she could finally tell him. "I have only ever lied to you twice. Once about that, and I lied to you in Istanbul, when I said that I was on a secret mission to find you. I was really on a secret mission to destroy the Kraken nets, but my men were all captured and killed, so I went find you when I was about to be discovered. I went to find you because you needed Volger's help and I couldn't get him out. I went out myself. I broke orders for you. Because I love you. I thought if you knew, then you wouldn't want to be my friend anymore, much less my best friend," she said in her normal voice, no longer having the need, or strength, to hide herself. She was already beginning to feel faint, her legs felt as heavy as lead, her abdomen pulsing with pain.

Just then, Alek turned around to face her, and, right in time, caught her. He put an arm under her shoulders are helped her stay up. She could feel the blood draning from her head.

"You are such a dummkopf," he said as he gently laid her down.

"I thought you would say that. It's all right. You can leave if you want to. Go to Italy, marry the princess. Save your country and your people," she said, failing her attempt to sound convincing. The truth was, when Alek was gone, her chest seemed to become a black hole, void, and filled with sorrow.

"Barking spiders, I'm not leaving you here, Deryn."

"I would understand if you did."

"I would never leave you." He said harshly, and then sighed. "To be honest, I'm angrier at myself for not noticing it earlier. I mean, 'Mr. Sharp'? How thick could I be?"

Deryn smiled. "I'll admit, Bovril was being pretty obvious."

"I'm angry that I thought I was an abomination for so long." His long lashes cast down and Deryn felt her heart sink.


"Because of the feelings." Alek grimaced at the word, as if it was hard for him to say. "Being in love with a boy is not something that is widely accepted among the royal community. And I do love you."

Alek leaned down and Deryn could feel the electricity between them. As if two electric wires were being held together, making sparks between them.

"No," she said, putting her hand between them. "I love you, but I can't let you just throw your life away like this. After all that your father worked for, are you really going to throw away all of that away? For me?" She put her hand on his cheek, feeling how high her fever really was when it touched his icy skin. Deryn could feel his eyes glowing through his radiating gaze, even if it was too dark to see. Bringing her elbows up to lift herself, and ignoring her aching abdomen, she kissed him.

It felt like fire, for Deryn. First it was the spark, but then it turned to a slow burn, a fire in the snow, desperate to thrive, and then it slowly grew into a wildfire, the type that could destroy forests. Wherever he touched, it was as if he had ignited a flame under her skin, which burned to her core, and she could feel him pulling her towards his body, until she was fully sitting up and turning to face him. He lay back as she turned, synchronizing with her as if they were identical clocks. Her hands wandered around his head, letting the tendrils of his dark hair wrap around her slender fingers. Soon she was on top of him, unbuttoning her dress shirt as quickly as she could. Alek was kissing the exposed skin of her shoulder, making his way up to her mouth as he kissed her; her heart beating faster every kiss that he planted.

"Yes," he breathed between a kiss. He stopped at her neck and looked into her eyes. "I would give up everything for you."

"Well, then your princeliness," she smiled, "careful with the hole in my side." Deryn grabbed his face and pulled his lips to hers.

That night, they explored every secret that they had kept from each other, and from themselves.

If Artemis Sharp had ever impressed something upon his daughter during his short time on earth, it was this: some dreams come true, and others get tucked into the drawer where all of the other wayward dreams are kept.

So when Deryn awoke for the second time in the dugout, she knew that she had one of two options.

The first would be to leave everything behind and run away with Alek. Let the great Dylan Sharp be presumed dead and allow him to die in the dugout.

The second was to go back to the Leviathan and go down in a self-inflicted blaze of glory. If she did, then maybe, just maybe, Alek would go marry the barking princess.

The first was the easy choice and clearly what her heart wanted. The second was what was best for the world. It was a guarantee that her brother would live a safe life. A guarantee that Alek would be safe for the remainder of his days. Maybe they wouldn't be together, but they would be alive.

Deryn often thought of her father in times like these. She remembered what it had been to grow up without one and she wouldn't wish it on anyone in the world.

Alek was the type of dream that she would have to keep in the sad drawer of unatainable dreams, she knew this. A cross-dressing airman and a runaway Austrian prince. It would have made a beautiful story, but that is all it would ever be. A story.

Careful not to wake Alek, she got up and dressed herself, wincing every time she moved to quickly and irritated her side. She found a small piece of paper and a pen in Alek's Air Force jacket and scribbled a quick note.

The boy had an impressive capability to keep sleeping, she could almost laugh at it. He looked like a child sleeping, like the years of war hadn't reached him and taken away his youth.

"Goodbye, sweet prince." She whispered and stepped out of the dugout towards the Leviathan to face her web of lies.