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I had woken up feeling groggy and disoriented. Agh, where was I? I looked around the room, I didn't recognize a fucking thing! Shit where was I? I didn't remember a thing from last night, hell I could have been rapped! I checked myself to see if I was rapped... nope just plain old me no rape or anything which scared the fuck out of me. I've been running from them (Edison Group... DUH!) for the past 5 months. Nothing was EVER this quiet. I went and looked around the victorian house if I had to escape it had to be soon or at least find an escape root. I looked around a bit more and sneeked past the stairs to find the smell of... bacon?

I was startled when I heard a deep rumbling voice say, "Hey, new girls up." I bolted for the door, when I had my hand on the door knob and twisted it but a big hand grasped my wrist and suddenly I was pinned to a wall. What the hell I was pinned to the wall, I wasn't the potential threat.

"Where do you think your going?" The deep voice had threated agian... He was kinda... hot.

"Where ever I fucking wanna." I snapped at him.

"And where do you propose that would be?" He said while smirking. Ugh, his smirk was cute! But he wasn't going to let me leave! So i glared at him.

"None of your goddamn buissness!" I yelled.

People were starting to gather around us, I started struggling, trying to get free, but failed miserably, "Geez, you think she'd give him more gratitude for saving her out there." I looked up to see a black haired girl whisper to a... blond asian?

"What nice hair dye you have." I said and the blond looked hurt, I almost regreted telling him that. Almost.

"Pfft, hun this." He said running his fingers through his hair, "Is aaaaall natural." He said dragging out the A.

"Um... mabye we could move this to the living room, so I wouldn't be pinned up agianst a wall." I said eyeing the dark haired teen that currently had me pinned agianst the wall.

"Ohhh right," The pixie haired girl looked at me. "You need our permission now don't ya princess." She said in a cocky tone.

"Only if you wouldn't of fucking nabbed (Right...?) me you bit-" I was cut off by the hot guy clearing his throat.

"Lets just go down to the lobby, and get the others Tori." he said, his tone was demnding, but in a cute was, what was I thinking! I have to focus!

We got to the 'lobby', which was only a room with chairs and a desk infront of everything, and he sat me down in a chair and tied me up with the rope.

"Is that really necessary?" I asked with a 'Are you kidding me?' look.

"Yea." He smirked that cute smirk agian, damn I need to get out more!

"Oh yea totally, I'm some huge threat that could easily ponce on you and rip your throat out." I said sarcasticly. (Credit to HH98 THX!) He looked at me as if I was crazy.

"I could belive it." Came his smart ass remark, but with a touch of seriousness.

"Whatever." I said rolling my eyes, I couldn't rip his throat out unless... no Chloe bad thoughts. Everyone else came into the room.

"Thank god you saved me from glare eyes over here." Everyone nodded in agreement, he must treat everyone like this, minus the rope.

"Chloe, we just wanna talk." A voice from behind me spoke, I would have turned but the rope was hugging me back. Wait he knew my name? As if reading my mind he said, "We checked up on you when Derek found you in the woods." The extremly huge and hot figure that held me and tied me up was Derek. He tensed as his name was spoken from the figure behind me.

"And how do I know you just 'found' me there?" I asked because honestly Derek wasn't the kind that 'happened to stummble along this path' type of guy.

"Derek smelt the necromanncer off of you." The figure left from behind me to infront of me, he looked a lot like the asian boy with the 'natural' blond hair.

"W-w-what?" I finally semmed to stumble along my words.

"Your a necromanncer, you can see ghost talk to them raise them and have your own zombie apocalypse." He said being a little enthused as to why Derek could smell me.

"Shall we just start the introdutions!" A pair of guys walked up behind him exact replicas of themselves.

"Ya, why not if you would just untie me and I can feel my wrists agian." I snapped at Derek. The male who looked like the blond asian dude just nodded, and I was free agian. Rubbing my wrist I saw everyones gazes on me as the male in the middle of the room cleared his throat.

"My name is Kit I'm a sorcerer and as for my age well not even my son knows that." Kit smiled at the other asian boy and he stood up and started his into.

"My name is Simon I'm Kits son, if you couldn't notice. Which you would have to be blind not to. Anyways i'm a sorcerer like my dad I'm 15 and I have a B with an itch for a traveling buddy, Tori." He motioned towards Tori. "Also I am gay." Sweet, I've never meet a gay guy, that I knew anyways.

"Hey, princess it's me." Now I was wondering if she was a lesbo. "I'm a witch 15, Simion is my dumb ass companion." She looked at the twins and they stood up at the same time.

"Hi, we are Tyler and Jayden. We are 16." One said the the other one spoke up.

"Or Jayden and Tyler." the other one said. " We are brothers as you can tell and one of us is gay can you tell which?" One of them asked and the boys stood right next to each other.

"Yes I can," The looked at me shocked and went back to their normal expressions. "Tyler your the gay one." They looked shocked.

"How did you know that?" The asked in uniso, it was cute.

"Because, Jayden has been eyeing me the hole time today and Tyler was sad when he walked in and relized I was a girl." Their confused face's turned into laughter.

"Wow...your really good!" The laughted some more.

"What are your powers?" I asked neverously.

"I'm a fire half-demon and Tyler is a angel." Jayden said and Tyler looked happy.

"Wait how's that possible? Don't you guys have the same parents wouldn't you get the same powers." I asked earger to know more.

"Yes and no. We do share same parents but the Edison Group had messed with our genes. They made me more powerful and made Tyler into an angel." Wow I thought that I was messed up, but having completly different powers than planned was completly off the weird scale.

"What can angels do?" I asked, he promised to explain later but we needed to move on with intros.

"I'm 16 and I'm a werewolf, also am gay too." He held up his hands to show a another hand holding his, it was Simon's. "Simon is my boyfriend."


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