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"What the hell was that?" I asked Tori.

"How am I suppose to know?" I rolled my eyes. And right as I was about to five a smart ass comment I see Cory run down the stairs to a the Faust and turning it on and pulling up a lot of water for a weapon.

"CORY!" He gulped.

"DEREK! DON'T TOUCH HIM!" Guess he found out… Well fuck…

"What the hell are you doing with MY boyfriend, in MY room, in MY fucking bed! MAKING OUT AND TRYING TO GO AT IT LIKE FUCKING RABBITS!" He was royally pissed

"Geez Derek I knew you were dense. But this is a whole new level." I heard Tori say before I gave her a look telling her don't.

"Did you know about this?" Tori nodded. Well I'm fucked.

"And you DIDN'T TELL ME?!" He practically roared. I flinched.

"Well duh dumb shit!" She rolled her eyes.

"WHY THE FUCK NOT!" I saw Simon and Cody flinch. While putting on the clothes Simon brought down.

"She told me not to." My eyes widened. No. NO NONONONONONONO!

"Who." His voice was calm and deadly

"Chloe." By the time he turned to face me I was out of my seat and running into the forest.

-flashback, or is it?-

"Come on Chloe it won't hurt much." The little teen whimpered behind a blonde that held love in her voice.

"Get that brat over here! I haven't got all day!" Snapped a cold blonde women.

"Chloe, you want to stop the bad people right?" The small girl nodded.

"Then you have to do this, it will enhance your powers and you'll lose all of-"

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