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The Legend of Spyro: Forging Anew

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Story Begins~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Curse of the Ancestors! How much farther is that benighted beach!" the complaint of the flying red dragon was heard by no one but the air as he flew alone across the sea. "If I wasn't already planning on going there I never would've accepted their stupid 'proposal'." He complained to himself as he thought back to the events that had occurred a few days before he'd left for the new land...

'He'd only told a few others about his decision to leave for the neighboring country. But apparently it was enough for the Defenders to get whiff of it. A few days before he left, he was summoned, rather rudely but that was no surprise, to the Defenders' Court. Apparently, they, having heard of his decision, decided to make use of it. They were going to make him an envoy of the Ictharellian government, sent to make contact with the other side and broach the idea of a possible alliance between them, and also to send word back of the state of things there after the Great Disaster. For compensation of this task, they were going to give him one of their rare Reivawk eggs normally reserved for the nobility, such as it was, and to provide supplies for the journey there. He'd accepted the appointment primarily because he was already going and he'd always wanted a Reivawk of his own. He'd thought his idle dream mere fantasy for an outcast like himself.'

His ruminations found themselves cut short as he finally spotted land, thirty miles away. With his spirits lifted, he renewed his efforts, once again thankful for his stamina he'd built up in the forge, as well as for the miserly generous supply of mana gems the Defenders were willing to give him for the journey. They'd almost run out, nobody had expected the trip to take so long. Three weeks is a pretty long time to stay in the air. At least there was at least one island every three days or so where he could rest. The one time he couldn't and passed out over the water, he woke up on some weird island and had a pleasant rest and chat with some hermit type fellow named Ignitus. Wonderfully pleasant fellow, though he seemed to give off the air of knowing more than he said. As the red dragon made to take his leave, Ignitus bade him wait a moment.

"You wouldn't by any chance happen to be going to the dragon city of Warfang would you?" The red dragon gave a nod.

"Or at least, I am if that's the capital." Ignitus grinned a little.

"Indeed it is my young friend. And, since you are going there anyway, could you be so kind as to deliver a few messages to a few people? Don't worry you shouldn't have to look too hard. You'll be meeting them there anyways." Red pondered this for a moment, and decided that he liked this old geezer, was perfectly willing to grant his request, and stated as such. At least that last part he did. Ignitus grinned a little wider at this.

"Wonderful! Could you please tell Spyro and Cynder that I said 'Hello, from the White Isles'. You should be able to recognize them fairly easily. They're the only two with purple and black, respectively, as their main color. Oh, and when you see them, tell the Guardians I said 'Hi' as well." Laughing a bit he continued "That'll throw them all for a bit of a loop I wager" He was now grinning like a fool. Red just raised his brow at this. "Your saying 'Hi' will throw them all for loop? I feel I must inquire as to your reasoning good sir." Ignitus laughed at the overly polite question. "It's really quite simple you see. The thing is, they think I'm dead!" Chuckling to himself some more, he looked up at the sky and sobered a bit. "You should get going now. There's a storm brewing. You'll have to get the details from Spyro and Cynder when you get there. Farewell my young friend. May the Ancestors look after you, may they look after us all." With that, the hermit went back to his home, wherever that was, back on the island.

The sound of thunder behind him caused him to look back, his eye widening at the looming thunderheads. The storm that the old dragon had foretold was slow in the making. It had been several days since he'd left the hermits island. Now, however, it was so close he could feel the static charge in the air, along with the oppressive density from the excess water vapor. Continuing to observe the oncoming storm, he estimated it was moving at about ten miles an hour at least. When he turned back to the mainland to gauge its distance, he was pleasantly surprised to find it a mere fifteen miles away. More than enough time to get there before the storm hit him if his estimate was correct.

As he flew, he repeated looked back to scan the approaching storm. He just couldn't shake the feeling that there was something off about it.

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