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The Legend of Spyro: Forging Anew

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Story Continues~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Hello there." He said in a rather friendly, voice. "Might you know where exit to this benighted tunnel is?"

Immediately after hearing this, whatever tension was left in the mystery dragoness seemed to melt away. As she took a few moments to recompose herself fully, he took the chance to get a better look at her. Standing a head and a half shorter than himself, she had a rather lithe figure, and a series of six horns wreathing her head, and what appeared to be metal bracers on her lower forelimbs, neck, and tail. Though he had near perfect night vision, that did not, alas, include the ability to see color where there was no visible light to be had at all, such as in the depths of a twelve to thirteen mile long tunnel.

He refocused his attention when he noticed she was about to answer.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~*.=.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^.=.^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ '-.=.- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cynder took a last steadying breath before replying, "If the other entrance was in the direction you just came from, then yes. It's about an hours' walk back the way I came." As the word 'hour' passed her lips she had a terrible realization. She had forgotten about Spyro! She was supposed to have been out looking for him by now, and even if he had shown up while she was in here, she had left him no way of knowing where she was! No note, or sign of any kind. What if he had come back, found her missing, and gone haring of back into the rain on a wild goose chase trying to find her! Her obvious distress was not lost on the, at least if she gauged him correctly, slightly older male.

"What happens to be the problem miss?" He inquired in a suitably concerned voice.

"My friend went out into the rain a couple hours ago to get some breakfast for us. But when I went down here an hour ago, he still hadn't come back yet. It just occurred to me that if he came back while I was in here, he would have had no idea where I was and gone off back into the rain to look for me." She said in a, though only slightly to her relief, high pitched panic.

"Well, we can't have that now, can we? If it's still raining as hard as it was when I left, then this is most certainly no weather for anybody to be out in. Hmm, he's not shown up since we met, nor anytime within the past half hour I'd wager. Let's go to the entrance, I'll see if I can't find him from there." Immediately thereafter, he began to move briskly in the direction Cynder had come from. "Are you coming? Or shall I tell your friend that you're paralyzed in a frothing tizzy over her boyfriend's absence? Brass, come along now, I'm sure the young lady doesn't appreciate your crowding her."

Still astonished by the abruptness of it all, it was only then that Cynder noticed the male was not, in fact, alone. Looking down at her front paws she finally discovered the source of the odd chirping noise. Scampering away towards the odd male was a small yearling, also apparently the source the tiny bouncing blue green lights, as it looked back at her chirping, revealing a pair of glowing blue green eyes. It chirped at her again, then turned back to the male and continued its scamper to him.

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she quickly made her way back to join the two. When she finally made it beside him, he said, "Sorry about that whole tizzy comment. I just wanted to snap you out of that frenzied stupor you seemed to be developing back there." And then before she could respond, "Brass will you leave her alone! You'll have plenty of time to investigate later in the light. If she agrees that is." This last appeared to be directed at her, for when she looked up from the yearling to see him looking at her questioningly. When she finally got what he was asking, she replied simply. "I have no problem with children."

His response puzzled her. Chuckling he said, "Brass isn't exactly you normal hatchling. Just wait 'till you really see her." With that he just kept walking. It was then that something fully sank in.

"Hey? How did you know that he hadn't shown up while we were talking?" she asked suspiciously.

"How 'bout I tell you all that fun stuff after I find him and bring him back, hmm? I'd rather avoid explaining it more than once if I can avoid it, and telling you both at the same time seems to be a sufficient method of doing so. I'll intro duce myself then as well, if you don't mind. Now, if you could please give me a description of his physical buildup. Age, height, weight, length, etc."

Still a little suspicious but willing to let it go for now, she gave him a description of Spyros build compared to his and hers. He thanked her kindly and then requested that she not talk to him for a bit so he might try to locate her friend.

Just as they were nearing the entrance of the cave he let out a small 'ha' and proclaimed, "Found Him! Bugger must've been flying till now, for him to just 'appear' like that." He turned toward her and queried, "By the way, who shall I be telling this friend of yours sent me?"

After a moment of puzzlement, she realized he was asking her name. "Cynder. My name is Cynder."

As soon as he heard her name, something in his tone changed, "Cynder is it? Huh, I wonder. Would your friends name just by chance happen to be Spyro?"

She stared at him in shock; where they famous already? Instead she said, "Um, yes, in fact. His name is Spyro. How did you know?" hoping that this stranger might provide some hint as to what would be awaiting them in Warfang when they got back. His reply only served to confuse her more.

"Wonderful! That hermit wasn't lying when he said I'd run into you two eventually. Though I don't think even he thought it would be this soon. Because, you see, I have a message for the two of you from a friend of yours. Brass! Come along now. We need to get you back in your pouch and keep you dry."

With that, the little yearling hopped up into the saddlebag he held open for her. Once he was sure she was nice and comfortable, he reached into his other pack, and pulled out an odd little shaped piece of metal, he then appeared to break it in half and present her with one.

"What is this?" She asked, taking the piece and examining it. He grinned at her.

"I call it a Node" He said, attaching his piece to a frame around his shoulders. "It's something I came up with back home, round two months back. It's a long range communication device. You simply talk into it, and whoever has the other half, namely me, can hear you and vice versa. This way I can let you know when I find Spyro." Looking around, he added, "By the way, as it seems Spyro was unsuccessful with his hunt, do you want me to bring you two anything food wise? I can guarantee you it'll be here within an hour of my bringing him back." Turning his gaze back to her, he awaited her response. At a grumble from both their stomachs was the only answer he received before saying, "Actually I think I'll get something for all of us. I'm rather hungry myself from all that running Brass and I did in that tunnel. I'll call you when I spot Spyro." With that, he stretched, and took off into the pouring rain.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~*.=.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^.=.^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ '-.=.- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Spyro was not a happy dragon. He had been searching for three hours now, and had still nothing to show for it. It seemed that all the prey was gone, trying to keep dry from the constant rainfall in their dens and burrows. The problem was, the deluge that was keeping the prey from coming out, was also drenching the pour dragon, sucking whatever warmth he managed to attain away as quickly as it came. However his most pressing problem, it seemed, was that he was lost. The rain was so heavy that it obscured from view anything that was more than 5 meters away. Until this rain stopped, it seemed he'd have no choice but to find some modicum of shelter and try to wait it out. He didn't want to worry Cynder, but it was pretty obvious to him that if continued on the way he was going, he'd never find her before he collapsed of hypothermia.

Thinking back, he remembered having passed a rather sizable pine tree a few minutes back. Remembering that pine trees make better shelters than any of the other trees he happened across, he made his way back to it. Roughly ten minutes later, he finally found it, and, gratefully, made his way under its sheltering braches. His relief was short lived.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~*.=.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^.=.^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ '-.=.- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"About time you got here." Said the red dragon as the purple made his way under the branches to the relatively dry patch beneath. He had spotted the young male some five minutes ago from the air. Deciding to watch for a minute to see just what the fellow was up to, he landed and discovered with his ground sense that Spyro was entirely unwell. His gait, posture, and speed were all indicators of mild hypothermia, a very serious threat in weather such as this. Realizing that he was heading towards the shelter of a nearby pine, he went ahead to prepare things for him. He had a small little fire going and had even gotten out some of his travel rations and last remaining health and mana crystals for him. He would probably never make the journey back without them.

Immediately after hearing him, the purple tensed and got into as much of a battle stance as he could manage, given the condition he was in. "Who are you?" He asked in as threatening a voice as he could muster.

"Ah, you at least still have some wits about you. That's a very good sign. Don't worry, I'm a friend. Your Lady Cynder sent me out to retrieve you from this dreadful downpour." He said motioning to the obvious outside, "However I find it ill advisable for you to travel anywhere out there in your current condition. Here, let's get yourself warm and have a little food to stave off the hypothermia until we can get you back to your lady, hmm?" He motioned to the small, but now heavenly feeling, fire and to the food and crystals he had set aside for him.

Afterwards he disengaged the node from his harness and spoke into it, "Cynder? You there?" He noted how Spyro immediately looked up from warming his paws in front of the fire at the mention of his Lady's name. a small pause.

"Y-Yes?" she asked hesitantly, almost as if she were afraid it would bite her. He chuckled a bit at this. "Come now Cynder. It's only a magic piece of metal. It won't bite." He waited for her response, continuing to watch Spyros reaction surreptitiously. Another pause.

"Yes I know that, but it still feels odd talking to you when you're not here. Did you find him yet? Is he alright?" She seemed suddenly very forceful with these last questions.

He grinned broadly, "Why don't you ask him yourself?" he asked continuing to grin as he walked over to Spyro and handing him the node. "Just talk into it as you saw me do and she will hear you." He instructed before going back to his previous spot, still grinning like mad.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~*.=.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^.=.^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ '-.=.- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Spyro was utterly flummoxed. He had never seen anything like this before. And, possibly due to the cold and hypothermia, the only thought he could manage to grasp out of the jumble in his head was…

"Volteer is gonna have fits and spasms when he finds out about this." What he didn't realize, however, was that he was out of it just enough that he had actually said out loud. That is, until Cynders melodious laughter chimed through the node at him.

"Ya' know? I was thinking the same thing just now!" she sighed, a little calmer for it, "I'm so glad he found you. Spyro where have you been? I've been worried sick over you! Are you all right?" Her worry over his safety, though heartwarming, was also wrenching in that he had caused it.

"I'm sorry to make you worry Cynder. I'm fine, I just need to get warmed up a bit and then we can head back. It seems I got myself lost in the rain while trying to catch us some breakfast. Visibility out in this is horrendous; I can't see more than ten feet away! I'm sorry I wasn't able to find us anything to eat though. It seems all the animals were smart and are spending the day sheltered from the storm." He was about to continue when he was interrupted by the sound of the other male clearing his throat. He looked up to see he had traveled back to Spyro and was politely motioning for him to hand back the peculiar talking device. "he says he wants to talk to you. I'm hand him the thing now."

"Node. He calls it a node. Bye." She said just before he handed it to him.

"Hello again. Now a couple things before I hang up, stop talking. He is not quite as well as he thinks, though he's probably not aware of it fully himself. He has a mild case of hypothermia from all that time in the rain. Now it's not too serious right now so he will recover. WITH PLENTY OF WARMTH AND BEDREST!" This last appeared to be directed mostly at Spyro, but how could he know…?

"You'll hear no argument there from me!" Came Cynders near immediate, and forceful, response, and she continued, "How'd you know he hates that bed rest stuff?"

"A shrewd observation." He chuckled, then glanced back at Spyro. "He does not appear very pleased to have lost an ally" He observed to her.

"Oh, let him be unhappy! I will not have him confessing to me after he saves the world from destruction, just to have him go and kill himself of hypothermia and stubborn stupidity a week later! You Hear Me Spyro the Purple Dragon? I WILL NOT HAVE IT!" A few moments of panting followed and then, "you be sure and bring him back alive now, you hear. I will tolerate you far less than him if he's dead when he gets here."

"Yes Ma'am!" he said in his, quite ingrained, military voice, though he was grinning like fool while doing so. It was a bit of an odd juxtaposition. Continuing in the same manner he said, "We shall be leaving shortly. Will that be all Ma'am?"

Only slightly taken aback by his militaristic tone, she replied smoothly, "No. That will be all. Carry on Colonel."

That last had taken them all by surprise. For Spyro and Cynder, it was obvious that the militant tone had unearthed a habit born from when she was the general of Malefors' forces. To the red male however, it also obvious that she had done that before. But what shocked him most, was that she had known his old rank. How had she known that he was a Colonel? That was a decade and a half ago! Had his tone given it away? It was extremely unlikely to all but the most practiced ears and eyes, but supposed it was possible. But he had heard her tone too. She was younger than he by at least three years, and yet, her tone was that of a General! How was that possible! And now that he thought about it, Spyro stance, back when he first met him, if it weren't for the hypothermia, it would've been that of a Lt. Colonel at least! If not full Colonel same as himself. These two had seen war alright. But at such a young age? Even in Ictharell, you weren't sent out into battle against more than minor opponents and other officers until you were at least twenty. That was, at least, if you were normal. He broke his train of thought at that and turned to see Spyro staring at him curiously, having finished all the food he'd been given.

"Something wrong? You look, tense." The young purple inquired of the older male.

"Nothing major. Just lost in thought. Come on. Now that you're done eating we should get going."

"But," the purple protested slightly, "how do you know which way we're going? Visibility out there is almost nil!"

'He even knows some pseudo lingo too, interesting' "Don't worry about that right now, I'll tell you both when we get there. Just stay on the Ground! Follow me, and try to keep up. I want you out in that rain as little as possible or I'll have hell to pay from your little Lady General! Move Out!" This last was delivered in his best Colonels voice, and with that he jogged out into the rain in the direction of the cave; followed very closely by Spyro.

As an afterthought, the Colonel took his node out and stated, in the same brisk tone, "Moving out now. ETA is thirty minutes."

Almost immediately he received, "Very good Colonel. See you then."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~*.=.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^.=.^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ '-.=.- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cynder was waiting for them when they arrived. Sitting poised and perfect as the odd male walked to her and, grinning sardonically, bowed before her, curling his head down next to his left foreleg, and stating, "Mission Success, General. I have delivered the target objective."

"Very good Colonel. Excellent work. I want a full debriefing after this." Her tone was so laden with meaning that he grinned all the more.

"Of course Ma'am. I did promise before after all." Turning back to Spyro who lay panting and shivering on the cold stone floor, he dropped all pretense. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a fellow officer to save."

Cynder watched closely as the stranger carefully manipulated the earth with his element, he made a wide shallow depression in the cave floor. She a little surprised at this as she had expected him to be a fire element to match his red hide. To her further interest, he then appeared to summon various colored minerals from the earth filling the bowl in the floor. And then he breathed fired on it, and it caught! Well that answered her question of where he was going to find dry wood in this weather, and bring it back in the same condition. He wasn't! she was about to go over and help him move Spyro closer to the fire, when he simply moved his paw, and the floor beneath Spyro shifted over to him! Who was this dragon? It was then that he turned to her and said, "He needs to be kept warm. Stay close to him while I'm gone. Something else he needs is a hot meal." With that, he left back out into the rain again.

Suddenly overcome with worry for her loves savior, she picked the node and said, "You be careful out there you here? I'll not have you disappearing on me too."

Her only reply was a simple, "Yes Ma'am."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~*.=.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^.=.^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ '-.=.- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Target achieved. Returning home now. ETA is twenty-five minutes." It had been a little less than that since he had left the cave to bring them all some food

"Better make that fifteen Colonel. Patients' condition is worsening. Cynder out."

'Ancestors Above! She's acting as if she's done this for years! What kind of childhood did those two even have!' "Roger that Cynder. Picking up the pace. Colonel out" 'That's an interesting notion for ending transmission.' He thought as he ran full pelt towards the cave with two deer tied to his back by vines. 'It's not part of any current lingo that I'm aware of, I wonder where she picked it up'

As he ran, he saw a rather sizable pitcher plant. Thinking of an important use for it, he used his element to eject from the ground and into his path, where he deftly picked it up with his tail as he passed.

Roughly eight minutes later, he arrived back at the cave. Panting slightly from his short run, he made his way in and released the vines holding the deer to his back. Checking on the fire briefly, he was not very pleased to see that it had all but died out already. "Busted Bellows! I thought I put more fuel in that." Tapping into his element once again, he discovered something he berated himself for missing the first time. A coal deposit. What better fuel for a fire than the material used in his own forge furnace. With a little effort he managed to summon up a decent quantity of the material into a pile on the floor and placed a portion it on what remained of the fire, making sure it caught with a length of fire breath.

"How bad is he?" he asked, walking over to where Spyro lay with Cynder curled up next to him with her wing draped over him like a blanket.

"Not good. He's still stone cold and insisting he's fine. Keeps on muttering about how he has to go fight Malefor and save the world; which makes no sense because we already beat him two days ago. His breathing's getting huffy and weak, as well as his pulse." She looked back down at him in deep concern, then looked more closely at his face, "and there's something wrong with his eyes. The pupils are too wide." Then she looked back at him with a worry so deep it nearly stopped his heart for a beat. "He stopped shivering just before you got here."

This last made him stop cold. This was not good. He was in severe danger if that was the case. He cursed and looked around the cave trying to see what he could do to make things warmer. Coming to a decision, he set to work molding the surrounding earth and rock with his element, saying as he did so, "Cynder, I need you to talk to him. Ask him math questions, history problems, anything you can think of to bring his mind back to reality. Personal questions work best for this sort of thing so I'll leave you to it. Stay close to him, but try not to jostle him any. Do you have any control over fire or heat?"

"No. just shadow, poison, fear, and wind."

This last made him brighten ever so slightly. "Wind. Wind is good. If you can manipulate the air then you can warm it up a bit. If you don't know how to yet, then at least it's still helpful to some extent." He paused in his work just long enough to mold a tube in the ground running from an opening near Cynder, to another directly under the fire. "If you blow wind through that hole it'll make the fire burn hotter for a while. Just don't do it too often, or the fire will use up its fuel to fast." With that he put some more coal on the fire and went back to his work on his previous project.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~*.=.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^.=.^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ '-.=.- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cynder wasn't paying much attention to the Colonel as she was mostly focused on Spyro and following the instructions she'd been given.

"Spyro? Spyro, can you hear me?" A muffled grunt. "Spyro I need you to wake up. I can't find your brother. Do you know where he is?" This got rise out of him it seemed.

"Sparx? Why'd'you wanna talk'ta him? Thought you'tssoo 'ated easch'ther. B'sides, I'm much more fun than th't li'le loud mouth." This last was slurred out with a small grin starting. Heartened slightly by his misplaced humor she forged on.

"Spyro, do you know where his? I need to tell him something important."

"wud'ya need to tell 'im? I c'n tell 'im wh'n I ssee 'im."

"That won't work. I need to tell him myself. Do you know where he is Spyro?"

"H's in Warf'ng. we left 'm there when we went to fight… Male-for." Her questions seemed to be working somewhat, his speech seemed to be improving somewhat at least. Though the way he'd said Malefor seemed odd at the end.

A much clearer voice broke in then, "Cynder, you need to calm him down. Whatever you just said to him or he thought of himself, he's trying to move. That would usually be a good sign, but in his condition it would only make things worse."

Hurriedly she tried, "Spyro, what is 2 * 5?"

"what is this? One of Volteers pop math quizzes? Ten. Why are you asking me math questions when we need to stop Malefor?"

"We don't Spyro. We already did that. Do you remember what happened yesterday? Do you remember what you told me?"

"Wait. What? We already stopped him? But that can't be right. I just told you I love you, and you told me the same, and then went on to say how you wanted to help stop him from destroying the world." His face was now very confused.

"That's good Cynder. Keep it up. Is he feeling any warmer yet?"

"Not really, but his eyes are looking more normal. And he just started shivering again!" She said, dully excited at this small god turn.

"that's good. How much?"

"Only a little. Though it seems to be getting worse."

"Worse? Worse in what way?" he sounded slightly panicked at that.

"More violent. His pulse seems to be picking back up though."

He breathed a sigh of relief, "Violent is good. Means he's getting warmer. I guess this shelter really helped." At that, Cynder finally looked away from Spyro towards the Colonel and what he'd been doing. What she found was that he had actually molded the surrounding cave into something like an igloo around them. She stared in amazement when she saw the small pool of water in the floor that was also new. She looked at him and saw that he was currently preparing the deer he had brought in earlier. It was then that she realized he had somehow obtained a great variety of vegetation. When she asked where, and when, he got it, he simply said, "Most of it I already had on hand. Some of it I found nearby, but this," he said, holding up a plant that appeared to have been completely and cleanly uprooted from the ground, a pitcher plant she noticed from the distinct flower of it, "I was very lucky in finding. We call it Winter Warmth where I come from. It's commonly used in recipes during the winter months, as it can raise the body's core temperature at a nice even pace when ingested; if prepared correctly that is. It's also frequently used by doctors in treating hypothermia victims for that same reason." This last he said with a pointed grin at Spyro.

"If the shivering continues for another ten minutes it ought to be safe for him to start moving around a bit."

Over the next half hour, Cynder helped Spyro with his recovery while the Colonel prepared everyone's food. By the time it was all done cooking, Spyros shivering had greatly diminished as he continued to recover, and the Colonel pronounced he was well enough to eat.

Spyro, having recently recovered enough to realize that he was ravenous, was needless to say quite happy with the declaration. The mouthwatering smells throughout the shelter only served to increase his appetite, as well as everyone else's.

Knowing that they had greater need of the food than he, having had breakfast where they did not, he made sure that Spyros and Cynders portions were larger than his; having them share the larger of the two deer, a heavily gravid doe, while he took the much smaller fawn. Normally he would never have considered them, but in his haste he had only gone for the closest available prey. He had mostly taken the baby out of sympathy. It wouldn't have been able to survive long without its mothers protection anyway. So, in a gesture of apology, he recited a prayer in his head for its spirit over it, before he started eating.

A sudden chirping brought him back to reality, as well as distracting Spyro and Cynder from their long overdue meal. Berating himself for forgetting about her, he let Brass out of her saddlebag and, seeing that the two had mostly had their fill and were now eating much more calmly and methodically, decided it was finally time for introductions.

"Spyro, Cynder. I'd like you to meet Brass." He said to them gesturing to the small automaton.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~*.=.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^.=.^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ '-.=.- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cynder, finally able to see the yearling in some proper light, stared in puzzled astonishment. She seemed to be doing that an awful lot lately, she reflected to herself. She turned to see Spyros reaction to the small metal dragon, and found him to be slightly more intent on the inquisitive little creature than she, for the notable reason that it had decided to walk up to him and chirp questioningly right back at him.

"Well hello there." He said in a tone she had never heard him use before. It sounded almost, fatherly. He looked up at the older male and said, "She's beautiful. But, just what exactly is she?"

The older male, rather pleased with the young purples response, replied, "I made her. She's a completely self-sufficient unit. She can eat, sleep, think for herself. She can even repair any damage done to her just like any natural born creature. She is, in every respect that I have thus far witnessed, alive. She is, you could say, my child of the mind. Conceived from my mind and born from my paws. She is three and a half weeks old now." He called her over to him and continued, "But as for what she is? I'm afraid I don't have a name for that yet."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~*.=.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^.=.^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ '-.=.- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was during all this that Spyro at last took the time to really look at this mysterious Colonel. The first, and most obvious, detail was his coloration. His upper body was a deep ochre red, with his underbelly being a dull mud brown. His wings were the same red as the rest of him, but the membrane between the fingers was a deep forest green. His crest was, in fact, three crests; all sprouting from the center of his brow, spanning back to the rear of his head in a shape reminiscent of the front of a crows foot. It, along with his horns that were shaped like smoother versions of his own, were a flat steel grey, as were the squat, long, pyramid shaped spines that lined his back and tail, which was tipped by a rather oddly shaped, steel grey, hammer-and-spike combination. Also present on all of his upper limbs, and both lower forelimbs, were the same pyramid shaped plates that were on his back. However his most distinctive feature, was his left eye. He had none. In its place was a not quite rectangular piece of what looked like metal, holding a glowing, round, red crystal.

Apparently sensing his eyes on the apparatus, the male put in, "An old hatchling injury. It actually got me into a special military project where they installed this pleasant artifice." Tapping the piece of metal where his eye ought to have been. "It works even better than my real eye. I can see minute details from up to twenty miles away with it. it even gives me a base amount of fire elemental control."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~*.=.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^.=.^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ '-.=.- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cynder couldn't take any more of this. It was driving her insane with the not knowing. She finally blurted out in her Generals voice, "I think it's time we had that debriefing, Colonel, that we talked about earlier. Don't you?"

His response was to sit at attention, though still grinning, and reply, "Of course, Madame General."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~*.=.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^.=.^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ '-.=.- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"My name is Forge. I am currently tasked as envoy of my government to yours, and, more recently, as courier to the two of you from an acquaintance of yours. My former military rank was Colonel, and my most recent civilian rank is that of Master Smith." He waited for them to digest what he had just told them, and then continued, "Now that we have that out of the way finally, can you please return the favor telling me who the two of you are?"

Spyro, apparently not that fluent in military talk simply said, "I'm Spyro and this is Cynder, other than that there's not that much else to say. I mean we have no fancy ranks or titles like you do." He looked at her for confirmation. To his apparent surprise though, she responded in a fashion similar to Forges.

"I am former General Cynder of the Dark Armies. My titles have included the Terror of the Skies, among others. This is Spyro the Purple Dragon of Legend. Our most recent titles will probably be something along the lines of Saviors of the World, when we get back to Warfang and receive them if we do. What is your message courier?"

"While en route here from my country, I happened upon an island that was home to a friend of yours. The message is as follows: 'Ignitus says Hello from the White Isles' end of message." He waited for their response. It was as the old hermit had said. They were, most certainly, thrown for a loop.

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