Hi my name is Chance but of course you probably already know that.

I've been with my family now for ten years.

My boy Jamie is in his last year of school.

Sassy's human Hope married and moved out of state a year ago.

Peter Shadow's best friend got married six years ago and left the state too.

Ever since then Shadow has become depressed but I of course have been trying my hardest to keep his spirits up.

Delilah and I are still together.

We had four pups Daisy, Darla, Ralph, and Rance, they are all grown up now and have been adopted by some real good people here in the neighborhood.

Laura, Bob ,Jamie Sassy, Shadow, Delilah and I are all set to go on vacation soon to Florida.

Given our track record with vacations Shadow is on high alert, but why should he be worried?

I mean I've raised four pups, and Delilah has gotten me pretty much mellowed out.

He shouldn't be worried about me.

If anything I'm worried about him.