A challenge I made for an idea I had after watching a video of fate/zero.

Shirou Emiya observed a black and red magic circle appear on the ground wondering just what was to the next disaster that would fall upon him now. So far he had been killed by a spear wielding maniac, or at least he should have but for some reason when he came up to he did have a wound yet he was alive. Considering the spear should have pierced, no, had pierced his heart. Shocked and still in shock he tried to get home to get a good night of sleep and hope all this would end up being a dream when he woke up next morning. He hadn't counted on some spear maniac coming back and clearly not as happy as Shirou to see the boy alive.

The circle shone brighter and light illuminated the shed. Slowly yet in a mere instant a form emerged as if coming out from the circle itself. He then a burning sensation on his hand showing some kind of tattoo. A great roar filled the air as the smoke cleared and revealed the being.

He was a majestic and frightening. The being was in a black suit of armor the armor was arranged in sharp black edges and ornate dark designs and lines. You could see that the armor was emulating dark and evil intent which cover his entire being in black flame and air from the knight's back hung several black strips of fabric with ornate black metal tips which seem like a spear tip. The helmet was dark with a slit for eyes ending with cross-like markings on either side. The Mouth area was cover as well in smooth layers of steel. From the back of the helmet a long dark blue ponytail-like ornament hung and it swirled ominously from the cold wind.

The being looked at him and the black knights eyes flashed red and a dark voice asked

"I am Servant saber; I have come forth through time itself to answer your call. I ask of you, are you my Master?"

Alright so my challenge is what if Shirou summoned a different servant. i know the connection between Lancelot and Avalon isn't that strong . but i'm sure you can do something about it.

here is my rule. no yaoi

so if you want to do put it ether in a review or a private message