Here is my latest story!
I've taken a little bit of a guess about the location of the setting, seeing as my research left me empty handed, but hopefully it isn't to far fetched.
I've also noticed a regular theme of hot weather in my stories, this is probably linked to the amazing Summer weather Australia is recieving at the moment, so apologies for that!
So here is my newest story, hope you enjoy & feel free to let my know what you think.

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'The more we exploit nature, The more our options are reduced, until we have only one: to fight for survival."

Morris. K. Udall

The skies were clear, not a cloud in sight, a bright blue with a strong beating sun. The mercury tipped a heated 86oF and there was a refreshing cool breeze rolling of the ocean. Kensi and Deeks were perched in Kensi's SRX, windows down allowing the air to flow freely through the car, jostling hair and reliving the occupants from some of the heat.

"Why does your air con have to be broken?" Deeks complained hitting Kensi's dash.

Kensi snapped her neck in Deeks direction at the sound of her dash being pounded. "Deeks!" Kensi bellowed.

Deeks stilled his movements and looked at Kensi. "Don't hit my car!"

Deeks smiled innocently but said nothing, causing Kensi to roll her eyes. "It will be fixed by next week, and besides you should be used to days like this Mr. Cali-forni-a" Kensi commented dragging out the last word in a mocking sing song voice.

"Great it'll be fixed after the hot day has passed. I've said it before and I'll say it again I don't handle the heat well." Deeks pointed out in a matter of fact tone.

"There's supposed to be rain later today, stop whining" Kensi deadpanned.

Deeks sighed and looked out the window at the cloudless skies. 'It's not going to rain' Deeks thought to himself, not wanting to anger Kensi by voicing this thought allowed.

"So Captain Blye where is it that we are going?" Deeks asked trying to peak at the manila folder that sat wedge between the seat and the console.

Kensi swatted Deeks wandering hands, preventing him from reading the file.

"You will find out shortly." Kensi scolded eyeing Deeks.

"You said that almost an hour ago" Deeks pointed out sounding almost childish.

Keeping her eyes on the road, Kensi sighed. "Fine read it" Kensi decided handing Deeks the folder.

Deeks open the file and read it greedily. There was only one page that read;

'NCIS training ground number 4
Arrival: 10:00 a.m.
Be prompt'

Deeks read the bolded words several times over before looking up at Kensi. "You don't have any idea what this means?" Deeks asked quizzically

"None" Kensi replied. "Found it under the windscreen wiper this morning, when I left to pick you up"

"That's a bit creepy, could be from anyone" Deeks commented as he inspected the sheet of paper.

"I thought that too, so I called in and checked with Hetty, she says it's the plan."

"Seems legit. Don't think she's leading us to our deaths do you?" Deeks joked closing the folder.

"Highly doubt it Deeks, although considering the location..." Kensi said pulling up to unidentifiable forest "I think it may just be boot camp" Kensi beamed turning to Deeks.

Deeks and Kensi exited the car and leant against it, trying to remain as much in the shade a possible and out of the penetrating rays of the sun. They hadn't been waiting long when Sam and Callen pulled up in a cloud of dust. Exiting the car it was clear that Sam and Callen had been bickering over something.

"Did someone forget to do the laundry again?" Deeks mocked as Sam and Callen approached looking equally annoyed. Kensi bit back a laugh, knowing that it wouldn't help the situation.

Neither Sam nor Callen replied but both sent him a ropeable glare.

"Not enough beauty sleep?" Deeks whispered under his breath to Kensi, who just nudged Deeks playfully and indicated for him to be quiet.

"You know why we are here?" Kensi asked hoping the team leader had more information than she and Deeks had.

"Boot camp" Callen said grinning, his mood improving instantly.

Kensi smirked. "Knew it" Pushing off the hood of the car, Kensi casually strolled over to the Dodger where Sam and Callen were now opening the boot.

"It's been a while" Sam pointed out, as he rummaged through various boxes.

Deeks who had been leaning against the car, gave into his curiosity and strolled over to where the agents where standing.

"Boot camp?" Deeks questioned sceptically.

The three agents looked between one another, sharing a small smirk. Deciding to put Deeks out of his misery Kensi opted to explain.

"Boot camp. In pairs you split up in to mapped areas of the forest" Kensi began indicating over her shoulder.
"You have a map, GPS/transmitter and other supplies that you carry in a back pack. One side arm each, the rest are paint balls and you have to make it through all eight checkpoints, purely on the navigational and awareness skills before the other team."

Deeks looked taken aback by the details Kensi had provided him with, but he quickly started to smirk.
"So it's a scavenger hunt?" Deeks joked.

Sam, Callen and Kensi all narrowed their eyes at him. "No, it's boot camp" Kensi objected.

"It's a giant scavenger hunt, an excuse for you three to run around in the wilderness pretending to be Rambo." Deeks continued smartly pointing between the three agents and the gear.

The three agents shared a look, before turning back to scavenge through the trunk of the Dodger to retrieve the required equipment.
Sam picked up one of the newly printed maps and began to examine it "New course?"

"No cheating" Kensi exclaimed pulling the offending map from Sam's hand and passing it to Deeks. Sam grunted and laughed at the competiveness of Kensi. Deeks took the map and looked at it quizzically having no idea what the different crosses and arrows meant.
Kensi picked up two back packs and handed one to Deeks.

"Don't drop this, it had the GPS in it" Kensi reminded firmly. Deeks mockingly saluted Kensi and cried "Aye Aye Captain" Kensi rolled her eyes and put on her own pack, strapping it in place tightly.

Slamming the car boot shut, Callen and Sam placed their own packs on.

"What no war paint or super cool head bands?" Deeks asked again mocking the excitement of the agents.

"You better watch yourself Deeks, or we may just get Kensi to leave you in there... alone" Sam threatened fiercely. Deeks gulped and look at Kensi, who gave him a small nod, indicating she was agreeing to what said had said.

"Shutting up" Deeks quickly voiced.

Callen shook his head at the antics of the team members and pulled out a coin.

"Heads you guys take north and we take south." Callen suggested preparing to flip the coin.

"Deal" Kensi smirked confident that she and Deeks could win in either terrain.

The coin flipped high in the air and landed on the dusty ground. "Tails it is" Sam called picking the coin up.

Deeks leaned closer to Kensi, whispering in her ear. "Is that good?" He asked inquisitively

"Very good" Kensi whispered in returned with a small nod of her head. With that confirmation Deeks perked up and pulled the straps of his pack tighter.

"Shall we begin?" Deeks asked indicating to the two separate trails that indicated North (Heights) and South (Hunters). Sam and Callen shared a knowing look. This was Deeks first boot camp; things were going to get interesting.

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