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The Californian sun streamed through the windows, illuminating the car, the clouds of the previous days gone. Callen pulled into Kensi's apartment in the SRX with a sleeping Kensi and Deeks in the back seat. He had already passed by the hospital to pick the sleeping pair up and now inadvertently they had snuggled up to one another, cuddling each other contently. Callen looked in the rear view mirror and smiled.

Both Kensi and Deeks showed physical scars of their ordeal but it didn't seem that what they had experienced and endured had in any way affected their partnership but rather had created an even closer relationship between the pair.
Still smirking Callen exited the car, the slamming of the door rousing the sleeping pair.

Deeks groaned looking out the window, surprised at their location. He was under the impression that after their release from the hospital that they would have been taken to Ops, for debriefing and so they could be informed of some information about the man who had been trying to kill them, but it appeared his assumptions were wrong.
Kensi groaned and nuzzled closer into Deeks chest, when she felt Deeks move beneath her.

"Just five more minutes" Kensi complained, closing her fists in Deeks shirt, trying to hold him in place.

Callen glanced over his shoulder and noticed that neither Kensi nor Deeks had made any effort to exit the SRX. Shaking his head mockingly, Callen strolled back over to the car and knocked casually on the window.

"You love birds' right in there?" Callen joked, earning himself an angry sleepy glare from Kensi. Deeks ignored Callens comment, brushing it off with a casual wave.

"I am happy with staying in here" Deeks joked winking at Kensi. Kensi groaned again and rolled her eyes. Pulling herself up and off Deeks, Kensi scooted over to the other side of the SRX and exited the car. Deeks stretched lazily, accompanying it with absurd noises before he too exited the car.

Slowly and cautiously the trio made their way towards Kensi's apartment door, passing Sam's dodger, whilst Callen kept a close eye on Kensi and Deeks, making sure that neither of them were at any stage going to pass out from exhaustion. The partners walked close together, gently brushing the other every so often, as though they were not aware what they were doing, causing Callen to smirk at their behaviour once again.

Callen opened Kensi's front door widely for the pair, so they could both clamber in and relax. Kensi broke the threshold first and was greeted by Sam and Hetty.

"Ms Blye, Mr Deeks" Hetty smiled brightly.

"Hetty" Deeks responded nodding his head, as both he and Kensi collapsed comfortably into Kensi's couch before they were even prompted to. Whilst neither of their injuries had been life threatening, the great amount that they had both endured seemed to have sucked the life out of them.

Kensi leaned her head back on the couch and closed her eyes, her hand resting on Deeks leg, an action that didn't go unnoticed.

"How are you both feeling?" Hetty asked politely.

Deeks shrugged his shoulders and yawned. "Exhausted and drained"

Kensi didn't even respond but rather just nodded her head indicating she agreed with Deeks.

"Well we should make this prompt then" Hetty softly smiled, noticing now Deeks was rubbing small circles on Kensi's hand that was resting on his leg.

Sam pulled out three manila folders and handed one to Kensi and Deeks. It was a thick folder, in which Deeks laid out across his and Kensi's laps.

"Benson Donahue, 45, convicted felon and wanted by three separate agencies for six known counts of murder and several more suspected." Hetty summarized as Kensi and Deeks quickly read the information that was on the pages before them.

"This was the guy?" Deeks questioned comparing the picture of the body with the picture in the file. The two images scarcely matched one another, both seemingly being from very different time periods.

"Finger prints confirm it" Sam informed.

"Uses the same M.O every time" Kensi pointed out reading through the file that the FBI had comprised of the man.

"Lures women into the forest, lets them think they are going to escape and hunts them like animals." Callen confirmed

"He was a marine reject, failed his psych evaluations and was a known loner." Sam added having already read the file several times.

"How did he end up in an NCIS training ground?" Deeks questioned adjusting his position painfully.

"That is still under investigation Mr. Deeks but don't you worry, there will be answers" Hetty firmly pointed out. Deeks and Kensi nodded at Hetty, neither one eyes leaving the folder. Kensi stifled another yawn, prompting Hetty to rise from the small arm chair.

"Well then, now it's confirmed that you two are safe and sound, we shall leave you in peace. I don't need to see you two until Tuesday, but come ready for a debriefing; the director is already breathing down my neck." Hetty instructed.
Kensi looked at Hetty and smiled softly. "Thanks Hetty"

"You're welcome my dear" Hetty smiled patting Kensi softly on the knee. Hetty strolled past Sam and Callen who were scrutinisingly watching Deeks and Kensi read the file and the way they had subtly moved even closer together.

"Gentlemen" Hetty prompted noticing what Sam and Callen were doing. Sam and Callen smiled at each other rising from their seats.

"Deeks you want a ride?" Callen asked as Sam hugged Kensi.

Deeks looked at Kensi, who gave him a subtle knowing look and then back at Callen. "Nah I think I will stay here a bit longer and read the file…" Deeks responded as Kensi smiled at him.

Callen shared another knowing look with Sam, obviously smirking, which Kensi noticed but did not mention.

"Call us if you need anything" Callen called as he began to close the door behind himself and Sam.

"Thanks guys" Deeks called hoarsely in return.

With the door now shut, Sam and Callen let out low chuckles. "They won't be calling anytime soon" Callen joked, causing Sam to roll his eyes. "I think we just witnessed a 'thing'" Callen continued to joke, knowing that it would annoy Sam.

"C'mon G you still owe me that drink" Sam smiled clapping Callen on the shoulder, walking towards the Dodger. Callen stood on the spot and shook his head before following after Sam.

When the front door closed, Deeks and Kensi sighed with relief and relaxed further into the seemingly over comfortable couch.

"Nearly victims of a serial killer, that's a new one" Deeks joked filling the silence, putting his arm around Kensi's shoulder pulling her in close.

"Yep" Kensi responded resting her head on Deeks shoulder, her eyes closing in the process. The two sat in silence, as they had when they were in the dark depths of the muddy hole, embracing one another. Deeks closed his eyes and leant against Kensi's head, the two comfortable in the embrace. Feeling Kensi yawn against his shoulder, Deeks opened his eyes and sat back up.

"C'mon Kens, let's get you to bed" Deeks smiled uncomfortably raising himself from the couch.

"Deeks…"Kensi warned giving Deeks a knowing look. She had been extremely comfortable where she had been; wrapped in her partners' warm arms, content to stay there for the rest of the weekend.

"Kensi…" Deeks mimicked reaching his hands out to her, earning himself a glare from Kensi.

"You know that look doesn't work on me, I am immune to it" Deeks smiled pulling Kensi up from the couch with all the strength he had.

Kensi snorted and rolled her eyes. "Only you Deeks…" Deeks smirked and placed his arm around Kensi's waist. Kensi didn't object to the small gesture, but rather allowed herself to be lead to her room by Deeks, both shuffling along.

Entering the threshold of the bedroom, Deeks lead Kensi to the bed, in which she sprawled onto instantaneously. Kensi sighed contently when her head hit the pillow. There was nothing better than lying peacefully in your own bed. Deeks sat down on the end on the bed, looking at Kensi warmly.

"Do you need anything?" Deeks asked sincerely, wanting to make sure Kensi was completely comfortable.

"I'm good" Kensi smiled in return.

Deeks sighed again and ran his arm through his hair, closing his eyes in the process. He felt Kensi's weight on the bed shift, and soon felt his body easily being pulled back against the cool soft sheets.

"You need to relax Marty" Kensi whispered, lying down beside Deeks whose eyes were still closed. Deeks opened his eyes and found Kensi's mere inches away from his own.

"I am…" Deeks started wanting to inform Kensi that he was definitely more than relaxed. Kensi put a finger to his lip stopping him from continuing to speak. Deeks smiled under Kensi's gaze, not daring to look away from her glistening eyes, as she looked intensely into his own, both communicating with one another without speaking a word.

"Thank you for everything Marty" Kensi repeated, having lost track of how many times she had thanked him in the past two days.

"Kens…" Deeks started again, wanting to tell her that he knew she would do the same thing in return and that is what a partner was supposed to do. But before he had the chance to remind Kensi of any of this, he was halted by the sensation of Kensi's soft tender lips on his own, a warm feeling that was enticing and gentle. Deeks opened his eyes and was met with Kensi's dark hazel eyes, filled with raw emotion.

As Kensi began to speak, Deeks returned the favour and stopped her with a soft and gentle kiss of his own. The pair broke apart, smiling tenderly at one another.

"I think it is time for some sleep" Deeks whispered rubbing his hand up and down Kensi's arm. Kensi nodded and the pair shifted on Kensi's bed so that they were now resting in the middle, Deeks arm across Kensi's waist, pulling her in close to his chest. Deeks placed another soft kiss on Kensi's lips as they stared at one another contently,

"Sleep well Kens" Deeks whispered , as Kensi's eyes began to flutter. They continued to gaze at one another until the moment came that fell asleep in each other's arms with sweet smiles on their lips. For they had each other and now they were safe.

The End