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He grabbed the last box out of the car and used his elbow to shut the trunk. He walked down the path to the door of their new apartment building. He got to the door and tried to push down the handle using his elbow, refusing to put the box down and then open the door.

"Hey, let me help you."

He turned around and saw and a beautiful Latina girl walking up to him. She was holding a slushie, had a backpack slung over one shoulder and was wearing a pair of denim short-shorts and a bright green tank top, both of which showed off her excellent body.

"Oh, umm, cheers." He mumbled, still in awe of the very attractive girl that was currently holding the door open for him. He walked through into the lobby of the building towards the lift, before stopping in front of it, staring at the button to open the lift. It seemed too small to push with his elbow but he gave it a shot anyway.

The girl watched him try and push the lift button for half a minute before taking pity on him and then walked over and pushed the button for him.

He gave her a half smile. "Thanks again." He mumbled again, avoiding looking at the girl.

The lift doors opened and he let her enter the lift first, stepping in after her before the doors closed.

"What floor?" She asked.

"Oh, 8." He told her while staring straight ahead, not looking at the girl.

"Me too. Wait, are you moving into apartment 819? She asked him.

"Yeah, that's why I've got this." He said, raising the box a little.

"Oh cool, guess that makes us neighbours. I live in 818, across the hall from you." She said, taking a sip of her drink as the elevator doors opened, signalling their arrival on the 8th floor. The exited the elevator heading down the hallway towards their room. "Hopefully you're not as bad the last guy who lived there, Mr Schuester, he played Journey songs full blast all the time. He moved out to go live with his girlfriend, some ranga girl."

"Heh, I don't really like Journey that much so you should be safe." He joked, a big grin spreading across his face.

"Yeah, whatever." She said dismissively as they reached their apartments, finding the door to his apartment already open.

He stepped into the apartment to find boxes everywhere and the only things that had been set-up properly were the sofa, some bookcases and the television. The apartment wasn't very big, as soon as you walked in you were in a living room, with a kitchen behind it. A small hallway led from the kitchen to a bathroom at the end of the passage, with two bedrooms next to each other on the right hand side.

He put the box down on the sofa and called out for his roommate. "Mike! I've got all the boxes in."

"Yeah man?" The young Asian boy replied, walking out from the kitchen hallway wearing a pair of black shorts and a plain grey t-shirt. "Hey, who's your friend?" He asked when he noticed the girl standing in the doorway of their apartment.

"I'm Santana. I live across the hall." She said gesturing behind her.

"Oh crap, I totally forgot to introduce myself! I'm Sam and this is Mike." Sam said, as he ran his hands through his blonde hair and then straightening out his red t-shirt and flattening down the front of his white shorts.

"Oh, so you live with Quinn then do you Santana?" Mike asked as he rummaged around in one of the boxes in the kitchen eventually pulling out a glass and pouring himself a glass of water from the tap.

"Yeah, we're roomies." She said. "I suppose Quinn's over here helping out isn't she?"

"Yeah, she's been helping me and Britts move the beds into mine and Sam's rooms. Oh, that reminds me, you've got the small room closest to the kitchen." He directed the last part at Sam.

"No fair! You had the big room last time!" Sam whined.

"Yeah, but there's two people in my room sometimes. So I get the big one." Mike said as Brittany walked into the kitchen wearing pink short-shorts and a tight blue t-shirt.

"Hey Sammy!" She said before going over to Mike, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him. "And hey you." She said after breaking off the kiss.

"Hey baby." Mike replied to her. "Is the room all set-up the way you wanted?"

"Uh-huh, Quinn's really helpful and nice." Brittany told her boyfriend excitedly. "And pretty." She added as an afterthought.

Just then, the girl in questioned walked into the room. She had her long blonde hair pulled back into a loose ponytail and she was lightly sweating. She was wearing a red tank-top and black short-shorts, which were hugging her slim body perfectly. But the feature about her that most drew Sam in where he hazel eyes, currently bright a sparkling matching the smile on her lips. He had thought Brittany and Santana were as pretty as they come but this girl blew them both out of the water.

She wiped some sweat of her brow with the back of her hand before walking over to Sam and holding her hand out to him. "Hi there, you must be Sam. I'm Quinn." She said brightly, still smiling.

He was lost for words so he just nodded and shook her hand quickly.

"Mike and Britt here were having some trouble and I was bored so I figured I'd come and help you out." She said as she walked into the kitchen grabbing herself a glass of water.

"Yeah, thanks for helping us out. Tell you what, me and Sam will shout you girls dinner tonight. Pizza sound good?" Mike asked Quinn and Santana.

"Sure, sounds good. Come over here Santana and we'll start helping you guys unpack all these boxes." Quinn offered picking up a pair of scissors from the kitchen counter and cutting open the box Sam had put on the sofa. "Whoa, somebody likes Avatar." She said as she pulled out 4 different versions of the DVD.

"They're Sam's. He's got the normal edition, the two-disc special edition, the deluxe edition and the super-deluxe edition. He really likes Avatar."

"I remember one time I spilt a blueberry slushie on myself and it went down my pants. I looked like one of the creatures from Avatar down there." Quinn said, laughing as she passed the DVD's to Sam.

As he took his DVD's off her their eyes met. "Lor menari."

"Sorry?" Quinn asked.

"Oh, it's Na'vi." He continued when he received a blank look from Quinn. "The Avatar language. It means you have pretty eyes." He looked at the ground as he said the last sentence, his cheeks bright red with embarrassment.

"Oh." Her smile faltered a little at the strange compliment. "Thank you."

"Umm, yeah." He said, before taking the DVD's to his room leaving Quinn standing there fairly confused.

Once he was sure Sam was out of earshot, Mike walked over to where Quinn was unpacked the rest of the box and began speaking to her. "Hey, sorry about Sam, he's just not too great at talking to girls. He gets embarrassed easily and stuff like that."

"No, I don't mind." Quinn smiled at Mike. "I thought it was a very nice compliment."

"I think you mean a very nerdy compliment." Santana added to the conversation.

Sam walked back into the room and began unpacking boxes in the kitchen, about as far away from Quinn as he could get.

They continued unpacking over the course of the day, Sam constantly finding himself distracted by Quinn. The way she laughed, how she brushed loose strands of hair off her face and almost everything else about her. He nearly dropped a stack of plates he was holding when he looked over to where she was unpacking and she that was bent over and facing away from him.

Eventually though they got down to the last box of stuff and began unpacking that.

"Cool, so the pizza should be here in 20 minutes." Mike said, as he ended a call with the pizza place.

"Hey, there's DVD's in this box, you guys wanna watch one with the pizza? Sam asked as he was taking out the DVD's.

"Good idea." Quinn said as she took out a stack and began looking through them.

They sat there looking through DVD's for 5 minutes or so, suggesting one or another every now and then although the all got turned down by one or more person.

"Hey, what's this one?" Quinn said, holding up DVD case that had just a plain white cover.

"Dunno. Must be something we burnt to DVD off the laptop." Mike said, still sorting through his own pile of movies.

"Huh." Quinn opened the case and looked at the disk before grinning wildly and giggling.

"What movie is it?" Sam asked, curious about her reaction to it.

Quinn just kept giggling but passed the case to Brittany and Santana who looked at the disc and both started laughing themselves.

Mike and Sam both looked at each other, completely confused as to what was happening.

"Seriously, what is it?" Mike asked

Quinn took back the case off Brittany and managed to get her laughing under to control. "The title of this movie is Big Booty Bitches Volume 14."

Sam and Mike quickly turned to each other and simultaneously yelled out: "It's his!"

The girls continued you laughing at the bright red faces of the two boys in the apartment before Mike walked over to Quinn and snatched the DVD out of her hand and taking it his room.

He re-entered the room to snickering still coming from the girls and was about to explain himself when the pizza arrived. The pizza quickly stopped the laughing as everyone rushed to grab some, hungry after the hard work they had done that day. They decided on a movie to watch and Sam ended up sitting on the sofa in between Brittany and Quinn. Quinn was leaning her head on to his chest and had curled her legs up under her. He was quite enjoying the contact with the beautiful girl. The moment was somewhat tarnished by the massive make-out session that was happening between Mike and Brittany.

When the movie finished Mike and Brittany said good-bye to Santana and Quinn as fast as they could before they practically ran to Mike's room, Brittany pulling Mike along behind her by his hand.

"So, umm, thanks for you help today." Sam said to the two girls left in the living room.

"No worries. What are neighbours for?" Quinn replied, smiling brightly.

"Anyways, see ya Trouty Mouth." Santana said as she left the apartment, waving her hand behind her.

Quinn gave her a stern look as she left but the Latina just shrugged her shoulders in response. When she turned back around Sam's face was bright red and he had one hand clamped firmly over his plus sized lips.

"Don't worry about what Santana says, it's just her way of showing affection. Anyway, I think you're lips are cute." Quinn said, blushing a little herself.

"Thanks." Sam replied holding out his hand for her to shake.

"Don't be silly!" Quinn said, shaking her head a little before walking past his outstretched hand and giving him a hug. "I'll see you round Sam." She said as she left the apartment, closing the door behind her.

"Huh." Sam said to the empty room. "So this is what love feels like."

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