"Just be yourself man. She already at least likes you a little bit, I mean, she wouldn't hang out with you otherwise." Mike told his roommate, who was currently restyling his hair for about the 17th time.

"I've known her for a day and a half, how is that enough time to know if someone likes you?" Sam said as he inspected his hair in the mirror. "Oh and just so you know, it's weird having this conversation with you while you're naked."

Mike put his head through the shower curtain. "Dude, we were best friends five minutes after we met at school. And I was in love with Brittany within one second of meeting her." Mike pulled his head back into the shower.

"Oh, yeah, and how long was it before you and Brittany started dating?" Sam asked as he messed up his hair and tried combing it again.

Mike mumbled something under his breath.

"That's right, it was 6 years." Sam said as he checked his hair again in the mirror. "So I don't really think you're in the position to give me advice on how to be with girls a day and a half after you've met them."

"Fine." Mike said as he turned off the shower. "Pass me a towel."

Sam stopped styling his hair for a moment to toss a towel over the top of the shower curtain.

Mike stepped out of the shower, the towel wrapped around his waist. "You know you've spent the last half an hour on your hair? You're not even dressed yet and people are supposed to be getting here in like, 15 minutes."

Sam messed up his hair again. "I can't get it to look right! And you can't talk, you're not dressed either."

"Only because you won Rock, Paper, Scissors for the who got the shower second." Mike said as he grabbed another towel and dried off his hair.

"I still don't see why Britt gets the shower first every time." Sam grumbled.

"Because I'm a girl." Brittany said as she walked into the bathroom. "You know, I don't think it's fair that I'm not allowed to wear just my underwear but you're allowed to wear just a towel Sammy. I mean, I'm not the only one with a rocking body around here."

Mike sighed. "Should I give you two lovebirds some private time or is it okay if I stay here while my girlfriend flirts with my roommate."

"Ohh, a wet, jealous boyfriend." Brittany said before giving Mike a kiss. "How sexy!"

"Perfect!" Sam said putting down his comb and turning away from the mirror to face the other two. "What do you guys think?"

Brittany rolled her eyes before walking up to Sam and restyling his hair with her hands.

"Brittany!" Sam exclaimed. "What did you do that for! It was looking perfe-…" He stopped when he turned back to the mirror and inspected his hair. "Oh, hey… that looks awesome."

"You're welcome." Brittany said as she left the bathroom. "Oh, and I've laid out your outfits on your beds."

"Thanks babe!" Mike said as he followed Brittany into his room.

"Britt, you do I know I can dress myself don't you?" Sam said as he entered his room and looked at the clothes laid out on his bed. There was a polo shirt with thin red and black stripes, a pair of blue jeans and a pair of black sneakers at the bottom. "Well, I guess I could go with her selections…" Sam muttered to himself as he got dressed.

He exited his room and walked into the lounge to fin Mike wearing a brown t-shirt with a blue hoodie over the top and a pair of grey jeans. "Doesn't it annoy you that she's always so right?" Sam asked him.

"A little bit, yeah. But then I get over it when I remember that she's the best thing that ever happened to me" Mike replied, as he made sure the stereo was set up correctly. "So, is there anything we've forgotten to do?"

"Umm, we set up the stereo, we set up the karaoke machine, we got the drinks, we invited everyone and we got dressed… Nah, I think we're good." Sam answered. "Oh wait! We have to move the sofa back so there's space to dance and stuff."

They each grabbed one end of the sofa and moved it back against the wall as Brittany walked into the lounge room. The boys turned to look at her and both their mouths dropped.

"What do you think?" She asked them with a smile on her lips

"That is the worst dress I have ever seen."

"Santana!" Quinn threw the dress she was holding in front of herself on to the floor. "You've said that about the last three dresses!"

"Well, each one was worse!" Santana stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Look, why don't you borrow one of my dresses? He'll definitely notice you then."

Quinn blushed. "What're you talking about? I'm trying to get anyone to notice me."

"Oh puh-lease." Santana rolled her eyes. "I've seen you making googly eyes at Sam."

Quinn gasped. "I have not made googly eyes at him!"

"Quinn, this isn't high school anymore. The whole pretending you don't like someone when you really do is old now."

"But…" Quinn paused and looked at her feet, one of them tracing patterns on the carpet below her. "What if he doesn't like me back?"

Santana walked over to her best friend and took her face between her hands, lifting her face up to look at her. "Quinn, there is no way that could possibly happen. Are you blind? He's been worse than you with the googly eyes."

Quinn remained silent so Santana continued. "And anyways, if he does reject you, we can just come back here and some fun together."

Quinn eyes widened in shock at her roommate. "Santana! Keep your voice down!"

"What? Are you still embarrassed about that?" Santana smirked as walked over to Quinn's bed and sat down. "It's just a little stress relief; I know you're not gay."

"Yes, but still… I just don't like talking about it."

"Whatever, prude." Santana said as she took Quinn's hand and led her out of the room and into Santana's bedroom.

"Now, how about this dress?" Santana said as she pulled out one of her many dresses which left just enough to the imagination.

"That looks amazing."

"Thanks babe." Brittany said as she did a small twirl on the spot. "What do you think Sammy?"

Sam nodded his head, mouth agape. "Uh-huh. What he said."

Brittany was wearing a bright yellow dress with thick straps going across her shoulders and the dress stopped some where around her mid-thigh. Her hair was loose and fell across her shoulders, she had kept her make up light and chosen a pair of yellow strappy heels to finish out her look.

"Do you guys want something to drink?" She asked them, both of them still preoccupied with looking at the gorgeous girl in front of them.

"No way!"

"Go on Quinn! You'll look so hot!" Santana pleaded with her friend.

"Santana, my g-string covers more of my body than that!" Quinn exclaimed, staring in repulsion at the dress.

"You own a g-string?" Santana asked, one eyebrow quirked.

"No! Well, sort of, I mean, I do but it's really only… That's not the point!" Quinn spluttered at her roommate. "Just, give me your least revealing dress."

Santana sighed, and began looking through her closet again. "You're such a nun, Quinn. Ah, here we go." Santana pulled out a dress and held it up for Quinn's inspection. "Tah dah!"

"That's you're least revealing dress?" Quinn asked.

Santana threw the dress at her. "Just put it on. I still haven't decided on my outfit yet."

"Why don't you just go naked?" Quinn shot back over her shoulder as she took the dress to her room.

"Great idea!"

"Yeah, I could use a drink." Sam added.

"Great, how about a shot of vodka to start the night off?" Brittany asked them as she opened the bottle.

"Sure." Mike said as he got out some shot glass and Brittany poured the three of them a drink.

Sam picked his up and held it front of him. "To the new apartment." His glass was joined by Brittany's and Mike's who repeated his toast. They all threw their shots back before there was a knock on the door.

"It's probably Quinn and Santana." Sam said as he walked over to the door and opened it.


Sam was quickly engulfed in a tight hug.

"How's the new apartment been working out for ya?" The boy said, with a thick Irish accent.

"Not bad Rory, how've you been?" Sam asked pulling back from the embrace and clapping his friend on the shoulder.

"Ay, not bad, not bad. The bartending job's working out a treat." He said with a big grin as he showed Sam the two bottles of Irish whiskey he was holding in his hands.

"Awesome." Sam said as he stepped back and Mike walked up to Rory.

"Hey Rory, how're you going?" Mike said as he shook his hand.

"Good, how things going between you and your girl?" He asked as he placed the two bottles on the kitchen counter.

"Still going strong." Mike said wrapping his arm around Brittany's waist.

"Hi Rory, did you bring me any Lucky Charms?" Brittany asked excitedly.

Rory leaned his head in close to Sam and whispered. "She still thinks I'm a leprechaun?"

Sam just nodded his head in response and shrugged his shoulders.

"Ay, Brittany, I forgot to bring you some what with the excitement of the party." Rory quickly continued after he saw Brittany's face fall. "But I'll be sure to make it up to you next time, when I'll bring you three boxes!"

"Yay!" Brittany squealed and hugged Rory who just glared at Sam and Mike who were trying hard to contain their laughter.

"Finn, are you sure this is the right place?"

They all heard Rachel's voice coming in through the open doorway before she had gotten to the apartment.

"Hey guys, how's it going?" Sam asked them as they walked into the apartment.


"It's a little small don't you think?" Quinn asked as she tried to pull the hem of the dress down a little.

"It's fine, it's shows off your legs more." Santana reassured her friend. "Which, I might add, are dynamite."

Quinn surveyed herself in her full length mirror. She was wearing a red dress that hugged her body very tightly. The deep "V" neckline showed off a little more of her cleavage than she would normally and the dress sat just below her ass, quite high up on her thigh. Santana was right though, he was definitely going to notice her in this.

"Alright, fine. I'll wear it." Quinn decided.

"Excellent." Santana stood next to her admiring her own outfit. She was wearing a blue and black striped dress, with a small, sleeveless, fur waistcoat and small boots. She messed with her hair a little as she spoke. "Hopefully some of the girls there will be totally fuckable."

"Santana! Lanuguage!" Quinn chastised her before adding a bright red shade of lipstick and slipping her feet into some red pumps. "Right, I'm ready. Shall we go?"

"What time is it? Santana asked as she fixed on a pair of hoop earrings.

"Uh, it's around quarter past five. We're fifteen minutes late already." Quinn said, as she headed towards the door.

"Then we wait another fifteen." Santana said as she sat down on the couch and flipped the T.V. on.

"What? But we're late already!" Quinn protested.

"Exactly. You want to make him wait. You need to act like you're doing him a favour by coming tonight even though secretly you want him to fuck you senseless almost as much as he does.

"Santana! Langu-"

"Language, I know, I know." Santana rolled her eyes at her roommate's motherly antics. "Just sit down and we'll go in fifteen minutes."

45 minutes later

"I wish you hadn't distracted us with that stupid show!" Quinn said as she walked across the hall and knocked on the door.

"Hey! You were watching it too!" Santana defended.

"Hello there."

Quinn and Santana looked at the strange boy with the Irish accent who had opened the door, releasing the sounds of loud music and people talking into the hallway.

"Umm, hi." Quinn replied. "We're Sam and Mike's neighbours from across the hall. They invited us tonight."

"You live across the hall and your…" He paused as he checked his watch. "An hour late?"

"Yes, we got distracted." Quinn answered, shooting a quick glare at Santana.

"Who's at the door, Rory?"

They heard Mike's voice over the background noise and he joined Rory in the doorway. "Hey girls, we thought you guys got kidnapped!" He looked both of them up and down. "Wow, you guys look great!"

"Thanks, now can we come in?" Santana asked as she pushed her way past the two boys and Quinn followed after her.

They surveyed the room together, Quinn looking for Sam and Santana looking for girls. They both spotted what they were looking for in the kitchen and made their way over there. They were about to enter the kitchen when Quinn grabbed Santana's hand and pulled her away. "Oh my god, I'm freaking out. What do I say to him?"

"Ugh." She grabbed a bottle of whisky off Rory, opened it and passed it to Quinn. "Drink." She commanded.

Quinn didn't need to be told twice and started gulping down the liquid while Santana talked to her. "Just be confident, use your body to your advantage and try and get him to his room. I'm pretty sure you already know how to things in there."

Santana took the bottle away from Quinn who looked like she was trying to drown herself, took a couple of mouthfuls and gave it back to Rory, who had been standing there watching Quinn try and drink and bottle of whiskey in one go.

Santana took Quinn by the elbow and walked them both into the kitchen to where Sam was talking to a girl.

"Hey Sammy, how's it going?" Santana asked him, her eyes devouring the girl next to him.

"Oh, hey guys! You finally made it!" Sam said before turning to the girl next to him. "Sugar, this is Santana and Quinn. Santana and Quinn, this is Sugar."

"Sweet name." Santana said grabbing Sugar's hand. "Let's go dance." Santana lead Sugar out of the kitchen and into the living area leaving Quinn standing in front of Sam. It was then that Sam noticed what Quinn was wearing.

"Oh wow, Quinn you look amazing." He knew he was staring at her but he couldn't help himself.

"Thanks Sam, you look pretty good yourself." She replied noticing that the shirt showed of his muscles quite well.

"So… umm…" Sam struggled to think of something to say. "You been here long?"

"Only a couple of minutes. Santana made us late because apparently it would build anticipation or something…" Quinn mumbled.

"Anticipation for what?" Sam asked, curiously.

"Oh, umm…" Quinn tried to make something up. "For the party! So it would be more fun."

"So, you came late to the party so it would be more fun?" Sam asked, puzzled by this strategy.

"Mmhmm, now let's go dance." Quinn said as she walked out of the kitchen.

They spent sometime dancing together, chatting and just generally having fun. Quinn was quite drunk as they amount of whiskey she had sculled was starting to affect but Sam hadn't been drinking very much. Their night continued to be good and Quinn enjoyed meeting Sam, Mike and Brittany's friends as most of them seemed to be good people. Their time together was only interrupted when Mike switched off the stereo and started up the karaoke machine. Rachel and Finn went first, singing some sickly sweet love song together. Quinn volunteered to follow them up and chose something rocking.

I know people on the other side, on the other side,

I've got friends and they've got my back.

I know people on the other side, on the other side,

got my ticket no turning back.

If love was an ocean would you have a swim, would you have a sail?

My man's an ocean and I'm a whale.

If god was a gamble would you make a bet, would you make a bet?

Well god is a gamble does it make you sweat?

Burn them bridges down, to the ground,

cos I won't be coming this way again.

Burn them bridges down, to the ground,

cos I won't be coming this way again.

1, 2, 3.

Spent time making trouble, doing the right thing.
Spent time making trouble, what's the sum of everything

Spent time making trouble, doing the right thing.
Spent time making trouble, what's the sum of everything

Spent time making trouble, doing the right thing.
Spent time making trouble, what's the sum of everything

Spent time making trouble, doing the right thing.
Spent time making trouble, what's the sum of everything

Burn them bridges down, to the ground,

cos I won't be coming this way again.

Burn them bridges down, to the ground,

cos I won't be coming this way again.

Don't fear your lions I've got a flame

cos I won't be coming this way again.

Don't need no help to heal mistakes

cos I won't be coming this way again.

Sam watched her perform in complete amazement of how she could be so confident. He congratulated her after she had finished singing. "Quinn, that was amazing! You're a really good singer!" He decided not to say that to him, she sounded like an angel.

"Thanks Sam!" She said as she hugged him, mostly just using him for support, she had been finding it harder to stay upright as the night had progressed. "What're you going to be singing?"

"Oh, I'm not gonna sing, not in front of everyone." He told her as she clung to the front of him.

She was pulled off of him by Santana who then spun her around to look directly at her. "Quinn, listen to me. I'm taking Sugar back to our apartment and I want you to stay here tonight. Just crash with Sam or something, I'm sure he'll be happy to have you in his bed." Santana winked at her and with that was out the door with Sugar.

Quinn stumbled back towards Sam and nearly fell but her fall was stopped by his strong arms, which then lifted her back upright. "Whoa there, you okay?" He asked her, trying to hold her steady.

"Mmhmm, I'm okay." She mumbled as she rested her head against his large chest. "Santana took Sugar back to our apartment t have sex though, so I was wondering if I could crash here?" She looked up at him with her famous puppy-dog eyes.

"Of course you can!" Sam said. "I didn't realise Santana was gay though… and I was almost certain Sugar's straight."

"Mmm, that's Santana for you." Quinn said knowingly. "She can pretty much get any girl she wants."

"Well, she's certainly pretty enough." Sam added.

"Do you think I'm pretty Sam?" Quinn asked him, her finger tracing circles on his chest.

"Of course I do Quinn." Sam said as he blushed. "I think you're beautiful."

"Then follow me." Quinn, much to her disappointed, detached herself from Sam and made his way towards his bedroom.

Sam quickly followed her, reaching his room at the same time as her as the alcohol was somewhat slowing her down. He opened the door to his room and saw Finn and Rachel making out by the light of his lamp. "Oh come on guys!" Sam pointed out the door. "Get out. Go use Mike's room or something." Rachel and Finn quickly exited as Quinn wondered around Sam's room inspecting his posters of Avatar and other sci-fi movies and TV shows.

"Nice room." Quinn said as she sat down on the bed, patting the spot next to her. "Come sit."

Sam closed the door behind him and sat down next Quinn. "Quinn, I think that y-…" He was silenced by Quinn's mouth crashing against his. She pushed his shoulders back, forcing him to lie down on the bed and moved over the top of him straddling his hips. When she pulled away from the kiss to breathe he took the chance to speak.

"Quinn, I think you've had a little too much to drink, maybe you should just lie down for a little bit?" Sam asked her, most of his mind screaming at him not to stop.

"What's wrong Sam? Quinn asked him as she stood up from the bed and Sam propped himself up on his elbows. "Don't you like me?" Quinn followed her question by unzipping the back of her dress and letting it fall to the floor and slipped out of her shoes, leaving her standing in a lacy, black bra and panties set.

Sam just gaped at the girl in front of him completely lost for words. Quinn smirked and moved back on top of him, rejoining there lips. Sam gave in again before his gentlemanly self managed to push its way through the haze of lust. He gripped Quinn's bare shoulder and pushed her gently back, breaking the kiss.

Sam paused a moment to collect his thoughts. "Quinn, I know that right now you think this is this best thing to do…"

"Oh, I know it is." She said as she tried to kiss him again but he pushed her back again.

"But." Sam continued. "When you wake up tomorrow morning I'm almost certain you'll regret it."

"Screw tomorrow!" Quinn said. "I'm enjoying this now and I know you are too." She slid a hand down to the front of Sam's jeans and started rubbing him through them.

Sam gasped and tried as hard as he could to focus his thoughts on what he was saying. "Quinn, please listen to me. I really like you and I don't want to do this while you're drunk."

Quinn stopped rubbing him then, much to both his relief and disappointment. "You… you like me?"

Sam realised that he was finally getting through to her. "A lot." He said, a big dopey grin forming on his face.

"Really? Because I like you too, I just didn't know what to do about it because you seemed so shy and I didn't think you would ask me out and Santana told me that I should just get it over with and sleep with you so I…" Sam stopped Quinn's rambling with a soft kiss.

"Really." Sam told her as her stared into her deep hazel eyes.

"Good." Quinn replied as she looked into his sparkling emerald eyes. "Now, I'm tired."

She moved off the top of him and turned her back to him before grabbing his arm and pulling it across her so that he was spooning her. He pulled her as tight to his body as he could as he pulled the sheet over the top of them. She curled back into him, enjoying the feel of his strong arms wrapped around her as she drifted peacefully off to sleep. He stayed awake for a little while, watching the most beautiful girl in the world sleep in his arms, before sleep claimed him too. It had been a good night.

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