It was a wonderful day in midday gardens, Spyro the dragon, Hunter the cheetah, Bianca the witch rabbit and Sparx the dragonfly were having a picnic by the waters edge.

"Hey hunter can you pass the fried bunny?" Spyro asked.

"Sure Spyro," hunter replied. Just after hunter passed the bunny there was a pop and a new portal opened. The portal was made of wood and had a wand and a broom crossed over. The middle of the portal had a dragon that looked like one of the elders (the Hungarian horntail) and a castle.

"Let's go through it," sparx said

"Hang on, there might be something really bad on the other side," Bianca said cautiously.

"Well there is only one way to find out," Spyro said determinedly.

"Spyro wait," hunter started to say but was too late because Spyro and sparx had already gone through the portal.

At Hogwarts
Harry was having a really bad day first he had potions with Snape and the Slytherins, then during lunch he had a vision courtesy of mouldywart that was basically him seeing three weirdly shaped people well at least he hoped they were people. As Harry was leaving, him being the last person in the hall, something weird happened, a pop echoed throughout the empty hall and a weird type of portal opened. It was made out of a green colored wood with bunnies and flowers on the outside on the inside however was of a tall roman like building with a really blue sky and really green grass. As Harry was walking around the back something came through the portal, in fact it was two things.

"Hey Spyro where do you think we are?" some sparkly floaty thing said.

"I don't know sparx, it looks like a hall," the dragon 'Spyro' said

"Maybe we should find a local?" 'Sparx' asked

"Yeah that might be a good idea," 'Spyro' replied.

Just after he said this there was a pop and the portal moved about five feet to the right exposing Harry who had been hiding behind the portal, the dragon and sparkly thing turned. 'Oh crap' Harry thought.