DISCLAIMER if I owned either of these things one I would be really rich and two there would be more games like Spyro Year of the Dragon

Last time on year of the Wizards: the portal moved about five feet to the right and they saw him. "Oh crap!"


Sparx and Spyro POV

"Hey you over there can you tell us where we are?" Sparx asked.

"Great, now I have to tell Dumbledore that I'm hallucinating," the weird looking thing muttered completely ignoring Sparxs question.

"Hello, anyone in there weird looking thing, you gonna answer my Question?" Sparx asked.

"What, hey who are you calling weird, little sparkly thingy, and what are you doing near a dragon, it could eat you did you know," the thing informed Sparx.

"What! Spyro would never eat me!" Sparx said with conviction.

"How do you know that, look I've had experience with a dragon… it tried to eat me!" the thing said.

"Spyro would never eat me because he only eats lizards, frogs, bunnies and sheep and I only eat the butterflies that come out of them," Sparx said.

"You only eat butterflies that come out of animals, and my name is Harry plus I am not a thing I am a human," The newly dubbed Harry said first incredulously and then indignantly.

"Great, okay and what's a human wait, never mind I think I know, now who is Dumbledore?"Spyro asked.

Harry looked at Spyro and said slowly, like he was trying to hold in his anger at someone they didn't know "Dumbledore is an old man that while he is said to be on the light side of the war is just as bad as the dark side and should not be told about you two otherwise he will use you like he is using everyone else, come on I'll take you to a place you can stay hidden in," harry said.

"How will we get there without anyone seeing us?" Sparx asked.

"Emily will help us," harry explained.

"Who's Emily?" Spyro asked.

"She is the Castle of course!" harry told them happily