Hermione and Draco just stepped out of the fire place at the Weasley's, they had been together for three and a half years now, and things were still amazing between them. George, Ron, and Harry were anxiously awaiting their arrival.

"Happy New Year's Eve" Ron said as he gave Hermione a hug and a kiss on the cheek, a very pregnant Lavender Brown walked over and glared at Hermione.

"Cheating on my already? We have been married for one year! I am pregnant with your child how could you do this to me? I-I-I t-t-thought you loved me…" She said sobbing the last part.

"Lav, you know I'm not doing anything with Mione, she's my sister…" Ron said looking disgusted. "And she's Draco's girlfriend" He said as an afterthought. "Honey you know I love you, but you have to understand that Mione is one of my best friends, and I'm going to hug her when I see her, and give her a kiss on the cheek as I have done since 6th year…" Ron tried to convince her.

"Oh, fine," She Lavender huffed "I'm sorry Ron, hormones" Lavender said. "Hello Hermione" She sneered.

"Hello Lavender, how have you been?" Hermione asked, the girls went off and talked about god knows what, while Ron and Harry turned to Draco.

"So my man, you thought about popping the question?" Ron said elbowing Draco in the ribs, Draco laughed and then sighed.

"I was thinking about do it tonight" He said as he pulled out the ring, it was a beautiful ring of round brilliant diamonds in platinum 43 carat, The boys looked at it in awe "but I want to do it the muggle way, ask her Fathers permission… I know she would like that… there going to be fireworks tonight...right?" Draco asked

"Yeah, we have every other year. Oh Alex is over there, talking to Dad, I will go get him…" Ron said looking at Alex

"No, is there somewhere I can talk to him, in private?" Draco asked.

"Yeah I will show you where the study is; you can take him there and talk." Ron said as he showed Draco the study. It was a small room with a desk in the centre the walls were lined with books, a small fireplace placed in the centre of the room. The desk was made of cherry wood, from the Japanese Sakura tree, there was a cherry wood desk chair with red leather padding placed behind the desk. The room had a warm glow thanks to the large fire place.

"Thanks Ron, I know you didn't approve of my relationship with Hermione, but I am grateful that you have accepted me" Draco said in a sincere voice, he held his hand out to Ron in a sign of friendship and Ron extended his arm, with a firm shake they separated. The boys made their way back to the party; all the while Draco was looking for Alex, Ray and Lizzie. As soon as he spotted them, he nodded to Ron and walked towards them.

"Good Evening Alex, Lizzie and Ray, how have you been?" Draco asked to start a conversation. The group conversed for what seemed like hours, to a nervous Draco Malfoy, but in reality it was only about half an hour. Draco finally built up the guts to talk to Alex alone. "Alex would you mind if I spoke to you in private?" Draco asked a little unsure of himself.

"Of course not, I will be back in a few moments, Lizzie." Alex said.


"Draco why did you need to talk to me in the study?"

"Sir, there is something very important I want to ask you… In wizarding tradition we don't normally do this but considering who Hermione is and her background I thought she would like it more if I did this the muggle way… what I am trying to say, well what I want to ask is…."


"I have never heard Draco this nervous, its hilarious to listen to" Ron said with a big smile on his face, as he has an ear pressed to the door.

"Yeah who new, the stuck up prat Malfoy would fall in love with our Mione, and then go and do something the muggle way just for her…" Harry said whipping an invisible tear from his eye. George was just trying to hold back his laughter cause by the situation at hand.


"What I want to ask is, it would a great honour if you would let me have your daughters hand in marriage?" Draco asked as he pulled out the ring for the second time that night.

"Of course, Lizzie and I have been waiting for you to ask since we first met you… we believed you loved her enough then, or you wouldn't still be with her…" Alex said with a gentle smile still with his eyes glues to the ring.

"Thank you sir" Draco said with a big grin on his face. "Shall we re-join the party now?" Draco asked.

"Yes, Yes of course" Alex said, he opened the door and waited for Draco to walk out first. After brief hesitation he walked out the door. Alex and Draco rejoined the celebrations, Alex with a huge grin on his face and Draco with a content smile. Alex walked over to Lizzy and wrapped his arms around her waist. He lent forward and whispered the news into her ear. Lizzy with an enthusiastic smile, grabbed Draco and dragged him in for a hug, in which Draco softly returned.

"Thank you so much Draco, you have know idea how worried we were that you would never purpose let alone ask our permission" Lizzy stated with a grin on her face.

-Draco's POV-

"I know how much it would mean to her that I asked first, she would never do anything with out your permission first. I swear she will not be harmed, I will protect her with my life, and I will do what ever I can to make her happy." I said, after I finished I was pulled into yet another hug. By this stage Mia (I only every called Hermione, Mia when we were alone) had come over to investigate where I had gone.

"Draco, where were you? I have been looking everywhere for you!" Mia stated looking between her parents, brother and myself.

"Sorry Mia, I had to go to the bathroom, and I was talking to some of the guys." I said as I gave her a lopsided grin. Hermione hit me on the arm (rather hard might I add), and gave me a quick kiss, taking hold of my hand. For the next 45minutes I was dragged from group to group conversing, I was growing more and more nervous with each passing hour 'Oh Muggle God, I can't do this! What if she says no, should I do it in front of everyone or should I take her away and do it in private..'. I took Mia's hand and excused us from the conversation we were in with Ron and Harry, both boys gave me a knowing smile.

"Mia meet me at the fountain in the court yard at 11.50 please?" I asked her, she looked confused

"Why, whatever would you want to tell me you can't do in front of everyone?" She said with an innocent smile, 'I swear she is the devil, and there is no way that she knows what I'm up to, how could she...' I turned to looked at the guys for support, and found none, Harry and Ron were trying there hardest not to fall to the floor laughing... 'Gee thanks guys' I thought sarcastically. "Please just meet me at the fountain..."

"Okay, but I better not miss the fireworks, George, Ron and Harry are in charge of them this year." Mia said.

"Okay I promise you wont miss them, I will even get you back to them in time to watch them with the boys, cause I know how much you love watching them together." I said with a small smile, but on the inside I was freaking out 'Shit! now I have to ask her in front of everyone!' by this stage Harry and Ron had stopped laughing. I turned and looked at them to try and get some help, Ron just shrugged and Harry laughed, but came over and gave Mia a hug.

"Mione, be good and do as he asks" Harry said as he gave her a pleading look. I can tell she wants to refuse.

"No, if he wants to say something he will do it with everyone around, whats the worse he could want to say?" Hermione said.

"Mia, I love you but you are painful sometime... fine I will do it in front of everyone." I say.

-NO POV- Time skip to 11.25PM

"Hey guys, where is Draco?" Mione asked looking between Ron and Harry.

"Argh he is in the bathroom and will be out in a few, he really wants to talk to you alone." Harry said.

"You don't think he wants to brake up with me or anything do you? I love him with all my heart..." Hermione continued talking, while Harry and Ron saw Draco walking up behind them, with a big smile on his face, he gave the boys a thumbs up and started the slow walk up behind Hermione without her noticing him, he looked lovingly at the back of Hermione's head thinking about how lucky he was to have such an amazing women in his life. "Are you guys even listening?" Hermione asked waving her hands in front of there face, Harry and Ron smiled and politely responded.

"Yes Mione, you were talking about how much you love Draco, and how you would die if he left you and so on... He wont leave you or hurt you because if he did we would hurt him in a special place, that he would rather keep intact." Harry said, looking Draco directly in the eye.

"Don't worry Harry I wont hurt her." Draco said as he wrapped his arms around her waist and dropped his head on her shoulder, with a small smile. Hermione rested her hands on his. "Love you" He whispered in her ear.

"And I you." she responded. Harry and Ron stood in front of them gagging

"Get a room!" Ron said teasingly

"Okay where's yours?" Draco asked with a smirk. Hermione laughed and kissed his cheek. Ron and Harry lost colour in there face very quickly. "I was joking..." Draco said looking a little worried when the boys didn't snap out of it.

"No, no chance, keep dreaming... NO!" Ron yelled looking slightly panicked.

"Ron, I was joking..." Draco said but was yet again cut off.

"No, just no... I don't do that to you..."

"Harry you have been married since Ginny got out of Hogwarts... and Ron, you and Lav have been married a year and pretty much went at it anywhere with a surface..." Hermione responded with. The boys looked guilty, "So neither of you can talk. We have never been caught doing anything, except maybe kissing." Hermione continued.

"Mione stop, you know what we mean! We don't need to see our sister doing that shit! It was bad enough having to see Ginny, don't make me see you as well..."

"He was joking!" Hermione said through gritted teeth, "Get over yourselves, its not your place to talk to me as if we are in 4th year... We are all adults, both of you are married... just because I am not doesn't give you the permission to start treating me like a child." Hermione said as she stormed off.

"Shit, thats not what we meant! Draco fix it!" Ron said looking distressed.

"No, you guys made the mess you fix it." Draco said as he walked towards the fountain to get everything ready.

-Draco POV-11.45pm

I stood in the middle of the yard fiddling with the small box in my pocket. I was beyond the point of nervous, its not even funny anymore it is horrible, my mind keeps on turning to worst case scenarios. 'Draco take a deep breath in, and now breath out. You need to chill out and breath! If you keep on going like this you are going to die before you can ask her AND THAT WOULD BE BAD!' I thought to myself. I checked the time I have 2 more minutes till she will show up, and then 10 minutes until the new years I have to time this down the the second if I am going to ask her today. Here she comes now God she is beautiful.

"Hey, why did you ask me out here Draco?" She asked looking so ravishing.

"Mia, there is something I need to ask you. I have known you since our first year at Hogwarts, and I was horrible to you, until our 6th year when I stopped being such a prat and grew the balls to ask for your help in transfigurations, through our tutoring sessions I found not only the bookworm Gryffindor princess, but I found a strong, smart, brave, loyal, beautiful woman and I asked you out, and you said no... twice... but as they say third times the charm, so I asked again and you said yes, two dates later I asked you to be my Girlfriend. 7th year we became Head Boy and Head Girl it was stressful, we did not go without our screaming matches and you throwing hexs when things didn't go your way, but I survived, much to Ron's disappointment. I met your family and loved them as much as I did you. We have been dating for over three years now. I love you more then I have ever loved anything, you are my best friend and I couldn't think of a better person to spend the rest of my life with, to have a family with, or to grow old with. You are the last thing I want to see at night and the First thing I want to see in the morning. I have asked your dad's permission, I asked Harry and Ron's permission, and got permission from all three. Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?" I was on one knee doing it the traditional way, I was looking at her as she had tears running down her beautiful face.

-Hermione POV-

'OMG HE JUST ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM!' I thought to myself. I couldn't say anything I just stood there looking at the ring, it was beautiful. I started to nod

"Mia can you say yes or no please! I am getting worried" Draco said with a horrified look on his face

"Yes" I whispered "YES" I repeated as I dropped to my knees and kissed him with everything I had in me, with all the love I possessed, I could feel him grinning against my lips, he pulled away and put the ring on my finger there were loud cheers around us as we looked up and saw the Fire works and our friends and families, holding each other tightly kissing each other, even Molly and Arthur kissed.

When all the kissing and wishing of New Years was done, Ginny caught sight of the position Draco was in, who had yet to move from his kneeling position, squealed as loud as she could, everyone turned to see the commotion and saw Ginny pulling Hermione into an intense bear hug, then pulling back looking at the ring. All at once Hermione was surrounded by the women and Draco was getting pats on the back from all the men. Ray cam up at this time being 14 years old knew what was happening and turned to Draco saying

"If you hurt my" He looked left and right to see he was flanked either side by Harry and Ron "Our sister, then I promise we will hunt you down and make it impossible for certain body parts to be used ever again..." Ray said threatening.

"Ray, Ron and Harry, I promise you I would never do anything to hurt her, I love her more then life itself" this seemed enough for my brother as they in turn gave Draco a very manly hug.

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