It was New Years Eve on 31st December 2011. At the new NEST base the humans were getting ready for the New Year by putting up decorations, food and drinks etc. They were hoping for a better year after the year they had with the betrayal of Sentinel and the final battle at Chicago but despite all that another ship of Autobots came within the last few months. They were the Dinobots with their leader Grimlock.

"Me Grimlock ask what humans doing?" The leader of the Dinobots said.

"What they are doing is getting ready for the new year." Ratchet said.

"Why they do that? It sound silly." Grimlock said.

"Because it is a human tradition not sure as to why…why don't you ask one of them?" Ratchet said.

"Hmm me Grimlock say I will."

"If that is all you came for Grimlock then get out of my med bay because I'm busy working on something."

"OK. Me Grimlock go. Thanks doc bot."

"You're welcome."


"Me Grimlock still don't get what's so special about this New Year."

"You will see Grimlock the best part is yet to come." Dino said sipping some high grade.


"Me Grimlock still don't see… (BANG, CRACKLE, BANG) what that… DECEPTICONS DINOBOTS ATTACK."


But it was too late the Dinobots started to fire at some of the Autobots thinking they were the enemy.

"STOP, what do ya think ya doing laddy." Topspin said.

After a long time they stopped the Dinobots from rampaging and shooting at everything and amazingly no one was hurt, the same couldn't be said for the Dinobots.

"Of all the stupid bots to come…." Ratchet was mumbling to himself as he was repairing the Dinobots.

"We sorry Ratchet but how we Dinobots suppose to know about those loud sparkly things."

"Well I guess we should of told you but I guess accidents happen and luckily no one or bot was hurt this time."

"Me sorry, we try better next time."

"You better or else." Ratchet saying sternly with a wrench in his hands.

The other Autobots were in the entrance trying not to laugh

"Well I guess this will teach 'em right Prime." Dino said.

"Maybe Dino. At least no one was hurt." Optimus said.

"Aye, but it was pretty funny." Roadbuster said.

"Ya for some of you maybe but not for us." Bumblebee said rubbing his aft. "You didn't get shot in the aft."

"Well lets use this as a lesson." Optimus said,

"OH and what is this lesson Prime."

"That we tell the Dinobots when the humans have fireworks or let them near them."

"True, true"

"If you don't leave now all of you, you will all get a painful maintance check."

They all laughed and quickly left without a word being said.

"(Chuckle) gets them every time. I love being me."

And with that said Ratchet got back to work and all the Autobots and humans learned a valuable lesson that day don't let the Dinobots near fireworks because it could prove to be one heck of a banging good time.