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Kitty had to make her get a Facebook. What was she supposed to do, it's not like she had any friends really. Yeah she had the ones at the mansion but that was about it.

I didn't want the stupid thing, so why am I even on. She thought. Things had been rough since she came back from New Orleans. She almost wished she had just stayed there with the swamp rat. The key word being almost. She felt free. It helped get rid of the stress she felt. But she wouldn't forget that he had also kidnapped her and forced her to stay. It didn't matter that she ended up having fun, or that they actually had a meaningful deep conversation that she thought was well beyond him. It didn't matter that they have many things in common. Or that he gave her his favorite card, his lucky lady, the queen of hearts.

But why was she thinking about it you ask. Well he had sent her a friend request. She didn't know what to do. If she accepted it he might think she forgave him. But if she declined then she might not have any contact with him at all. She had already put this off for several days. Would her team mates get mad if she accepted, she only had ten friends on Facebook and all happened to live here in the mansion.

"ugh what do I do" well what would it hurt. She thought Why do I get the feeling might regret this? After she pressed that damn button that had been bugging her for what felt like forever she exhaled the breath she didn't know she was holding. Rogue got off she knew she had a danger room session coming up and she could not be late again.

"Rogue it's like time for our danger room session lets like go now before Logan comes after us." Kitty said.

"Alright kit I'm coming" Rogue replied


Gambit was bored; he had nothing left to do. John was out talking to a tree asking it if it would help him in his quest to catch the squirrels. Everyone else was doing their own things in their rooms.

Gambit sneakily took out his laptop and logged on to Facebook. He hadn't been on for a few days and was anxious to see if she had accepted his friend request.

Gambit jumped up and proceeded to do his own version of the happy dance, with his butt shaking and arms flailing. He never even heard the front door open.

"Gambit mate what in the bloody hell are you doing?" John asked

"nothing" Gambit yelled while slamming his laptop shut. Off to get some privacy and to see what mischief I can cause Mon Chère .