Midnight Games chapter 3

Sonic woke up next to a sleeping Shadow. He blushed as he remembered last night. He started to get out of the bed, but was pulled back down by a smirking Shadow. "Good morning, faker." Shadow said with the smirk still on his face. Sonic smiled and leaned in for a kiss. Shadow gladly accepted it. The two were in a hot make out session for about three minutes. Shadow finally pulled back, gasping for air. "So how did you sleep my dear Sonikku?" Sonic flinched a little at the nick name Shadow had just given him, then replied, "Very well, how about you, Shadow~kun?" Shadow smirked. "I slept pretty fine." He said with a yawn. "Good to know, I'm going to clean myself up, uh… you should probably do the same, hehe." Shadow blushed a little when he looked at himself then got up from the bed and stretched. Sonic eyes was looking dead at Shadow's eight packs. 'How the hell did I not notice that last night?'

He was snapped out of his thoughts when Shadow walked right by him giving a hard smack on his ass. Sonic gasped and covered his ass and said, "Hey! What's the big idea? You just don't go around smackin' people on the ass!" Shadow snickered and wrapped his arms around Sonic's waist. Sonic blushed at the others actions. "Umm, Shadow what are you doing?" "Ssshhh" Shadow said then licked the side of Sonics' check. Sonic blushed and turned towards Shadow. "What's the matter Sonikku? Am I making you nervous?" He smirked then started kissing and sucking on Sonic's neck making Sonic shudder from pleasure.

"Ah, I'm taking that you like this?" Shadow asked as he did the same thing over making Sonic moan in pleasure. "Shadow why are you teasing me?" Sonic asked letting another moan escape from his lips. "I'm not teasing you." Shadow said smirking. He then moved his hands lower, nearing Sonic's now hard member and gave it a tug. "OH GAWD, Shadow please go ahead and fuck me!" Sonic said and Shadow smirked and pushed Sonic on the bed.

Tails was just waking up remembering he never went home he looked at Cream's alarm clock. It read 10:30. "Sonic's probably worried that I'm not home yet! I'd better go before Cream and Ms. Vanilla wakes up." Tails said to himself.

Tails had had enough of Cream for one week. Her and Ms. Vanilla were driving him nuts! He couldn't help but feel sorry for the little chao Cream had for a pet.

He quickly got up and got his things and dashed for the front door. He was almost out when he heard Vanilla call out "Tails?" 'Huh dang it, am I ever gonna be able to leave this annoying place?' Tails thought as he slowly turned in the direction Vanilla was in.

"Where are you going?" She asked in her extremely high voice. Tails stared at her not noticing his right eye twitching. 'Where do you think!' Tails wanted to say but said, "Oh I'm on my way home." She blinked twice then said, "Do you want to eat breakfast first?" 'NO I want to go home that's what I want' ! Tails head was yelling but he politely said "No thank, I'm fine." Vanilla stared for a moment then said, "Ok, bye." Tails smiled weakly and left.

Tails couldn't wait to be back home. He was so relieved that he got to leave that crazy nut house. Tails had finally reached the front, then opened it. He turned on the lights said to himself, "Sonic must still be asleep, maybe I'll make some-" He stopped what he was saying when he heard some noises coming from upstairs. "Sonic is that you?" The kitsune called out, slowly walking up the stairs. He heard the noises again as he was looking around for anything unusual.

When he reached Sonic's room, he heard someone moan. "Sonic?" He whispered. 'Sonic and someone else must be in there, but doing exactly what?' Tails slowly opened the door and soon what he saw shocked him.

To be continued,,,

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