Hey, It's Jane here, hope you all enjoy my first attempt at writing from the POV of Finnick Odair (: I love him!

My mind is swirling with thoughts of my last kill. She was tall and blonde from District 2, I could remember every detail in her face when my trident pierced her heart dead on. Right where I aimed my trident to go. Her face contorted in pain, and I could see that her life flashed before her eyes. She fell over with blood started to drip out of her mouth. Blood pouring out of her wound, the gong sounds and I hear that I, Finnick Odair, is the victor of the 65th Hunger Games. There are capitol people poking and prodding at my wounds, my body itches to kill them. One of the doctors pokes the 12 inch gash in my side that the boy from District 1 left. I wince and punch her in the face. Recoiling she commands another nurse to straddle me down while she attends to it.

Soon enough I'm back with my stylists and they're stripping me down, scrubbing me raw, and applying cooling lotion to counteract the heat radiating from my body from they're scrubbing. I'm in a daze as they dress me in the crisp, navy blue suit that I will be wearing during the re-cap of the games. Before I'm put onto the stage my mentor Mags hugs me whispering in my ear, "Keep your emotions under control. Show no emotion. I have been informed that there is a plan for you when you come of age. Good luck Finnick." She walks away taking her place in the mentor's box, along with the male mentor whom I never trusted, Abdel Rivers. He never believed I could win. I had no idea what Mags message meant, I had a feeling it was not a good thing.

The re-cap of the games flew by in a blur. How could they fit a 3 week games into 3 hours? I watched horrified at myself, a killing machine. Killing everyone in sight, no matter the age, or the gender, when they crossed my path they were done for. Everyone knew I was the sure victor when I received that golden trident from an unknown sponsor. Each death that was by my hand tore away at my heart. The re-cap ends, Caesar interviews me, and it's over. Mags ushers me into the train and we're heading back to District 4.

On the second night of the train ride back, I find Mags alone. "Mags, what did you mean that night before the re-cap of the games?" I ask.

She looks cautiously around pulls me close and whispers almost inaudible, "We will not speak of what I said again, until the event has come to pass." Again she hugs me and walks slowly away. I still did not understand what was going to happen when I "came to age". As the youngest victor to ever win the Hunger Games at 14, I didn't understand what she meant.