Dark cage no food, only one bottle of water. To them I'm a lab pet, and honestly I am. I've heard the scientist talk about the others, and another one in the same building as me. That means I am not alone, that is the only thing that keeps giving me hope. When I get the chance I will escape. In that result I will help the other one in the building escape. My wings are confined in the cage, I feel contaminated when they are in my body. They've not been washed in at least a month. Everyday Joe walks in I hope it's time to take me out of here. Not a chance, I swear my hopes are about up!

Chapter 1

1 month later

"Jeb, I have told you no five times."

"Joe, think about it. We add your two to the flock; we would have power over the world." I was assuming this was Jeb.

"No, either the girl or guy will be leaving the building." He argued.

"Fine," he said, and the door closed.

I sat there thinking, the other one is a guy. One girl and one guy, surly they wouldn't do that for purpose reasons. He is probably all special and everything since he doesn't have to be in here, where I am. Then I heard doors open again, and then suddenly they closed. No one talked and my heart pounded as if I was a cheetah running through the forest after my prey. Was this the end of my life?

Someone walked past leaving there shadow go across my body. I heard a shatter, and then I knew it I was no use to them anymore. I waited for them to come get me and kill me. Nothing happened for another five minutes until some legs came in front of my cage. I heard the key in lock turning unlocking until I heard the click.

"Be very quiet, we need to get out. Some man told me to come get you and leave. He said there should be an escape hatch right about there." He pointed to a large square with a handle on top of the ceiling.

My life was now depending on a guy I just met.