A/N: I will continue 'Back You Go' but I need to do this so it gets out of my head this chapter takes place in Harry's 6th year when he's starting to take Occlumency lessons with Snape. Compliant to all books bending the 6th and totally excluding the 7th .

Hermione Granger walked up to the large Griffin protecting the Headmaster's office racking her brain to remember what the password that was on Dumbledore's letter to Harry was, after a few moments Hermione remembered what it was. "Lemon Drops" Hermione stated confidently.

"You'd better hurry he's planning on going to bed soon", came the Griffin's indifferent reply as it moved out of the way.

"Thank you", Hermione said out of courtesy then proceeded to climb up the moving staircase.

Upon arriving to the imposing doors Hermione lost some of her nerve remembering the conversation last night,


"Are you sure about this Harry? Occlumency is dangerous, Snape could really hurt you" Hermione said worriedly to Harry by the fire in the Gryffindor Common room.

"I know and I'd be lying if I said being in a room alone with Snape while he forces his way into my head didn't scare me; but if Headmaster Dumbledore says it's for the best then I've got to do it" Harry responded strongly.

End Flashback

But before she could talk herself out of it Hermione knocked on the door with her already raised fist hearing the customary 'enter' after a moment.

She entered worrying her bottom lip looking up through her eyelashes at Albus Dumbledore who had momentarily paused in his work to see who had knocked upon his door so near to curfew.

"Why, hello Miss Granger to what do I owe to your presence?" Albus asked leaning back in his regal chair after motioning for her to sit down giving the student his undivided attention.

"Well you see I wanted to talk to you about Harry and his Occlumency lessons with Snape, Professor Snape" she corrected herself at an expectant look from the Headmaster.

"What about them?" Albus asked slightly intrigued.

"I don't think it's safe for them to be alone together" Hermione blurted out.

"You worry that Professor Snape will harm Harry?" Albus asked to clarify.

"Yes" Hermione responded.

"I assure you that Severus will not harm Harry. He will overexert Harry's mind and push him to his limits both physically and emotionally, but he won't harm him to lethal extent" Albus stated conversationally to a worried looking Hermione Granger.

"You know this and you still allow it to continue?" Hermione asked wide eyed.

"Harry needs this to protect himself from Voldemort" Albus said sternly, slightly proud that Hermione didn't flinch at the name.

Hermione seemed to think about this for awhile for the duration of which she chewed on her bottom lip with a furrow in her brow and a faraway look in her eye before responding uncertainly with, "well if your sure…".

Albus beamed while standing and saying happily, "Of course I'm sure! If I weren't Harry wouldn't be doing this now would he?".

"I guess not" Hermione said still a little uncertain but standing to be guided out of the office none the less.

"Though I admire the sense of protection you have for Harry; don't you have enough to worry over Miss Granger?" Albus asked right before they reached his office door.

"It would appear that way wouldn't it?" Hermione said distractedly but as the Headmaster opened the door wide for her Hermione reached out a hand to touch Albus' upper arm saying, "but if you'd just-" she was cut off when something close to an electric current ran between her and Albus forcing her to pull her hand back quickly.

Albus closed his eyes forcefully and took a step back leaning on the door for support.

"Professor?" Hermione inquired about to try and steady him with her arm but before she could he spoke calmly as ever, albeit sounding rather weary and weak, eyes still shut;

"I believe you should go now Miss Granger".

Hermione's hands stilled where they were, almost touching the Headmaster but not quite, "Would you like me to call Madame Pomphrey? Or….." but she was cut off again.

Albus' eyes flew open but they were not the warm and twinkling calm electric blue pools they were moments ago but a raging ocean of power, anger and….was that fear? "Now!" he said forcefully.

Hermione gasped raising her left hand quickly to cover her gaping mouth, then running out of the door and down the staircase as fast as she could and she ran all the way back to the Portrait of the Fat Lady, leaning her back against the wall to catch her breath.

She slid down the stone wall, hugging her knees to her chest, her breath still ragged and unable to breathe through her nose without conscious thought.

"Miss Granger, are you alright?", Minerva McGonagall asked her favorite student, not that she would admit to anyone but herself or Albus, the teachers weren't suppose to have favorites.

Hermione looked up, the fear still fresh in her eyes.

"Oh my dear girl what happened?" Minerva asked kneeling beside the frightened girl.

"It was Professor Dumbledore", Hermione confessed on the verge of tears, "I think something went wrong".

"Like what? You can tell me", Minerva said in a low comforting voice that she had learned to use in situations like this years ago.

"Well I went to talk to him, about Harry, and everything was going fine and he walked me to his office door, after we finished talking that is, but right before I left I touched his arm with my hand" at this Hermione held up her right hand as if to clarify, "I felt this jolt as soon as I touched him, and I'm pretty sure he felt it too because he stumbled back and leaned on the open door for support. When I went to steady him he calmly told me I needed to leave, he sounded weak. But when I asked if he wanted me to contact someone for him he opened his eyes….he looked so angry and he yelled at me to get out. I ran all the way here." Hermione relayed still sounding scared.

Minerva didn't know what to say so she just gave Hermione a one armed hug while still kneeling, she then told Hermione that she should go lay down and that she'd take care of it.

Hermione nodded, dutifully going through the portrait and straight up to bed.

Minerva turned on her heel and walked purposely up to the Headmaster's office.