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Several discrepancies have come to my attention including a few cannon birth dates so I wanted to let you know a few dates for those of you who care about those things if not feel free to just skip over it.

-Albus' birth date for this story is July 7th 1892(Potter wiki says summer of 1881) making his 62nd birthday two months prior to Hermione's arrival making him a 105 when he "died" instead of 115 as in canon.

-Hermione has the same birth date as in canon for both 'characters': September 19th, 1979, starting at Hogwarts on the 1st of sept. in 1991(already about a year older than some of her classmates). Making her 17 at the time of Albus' death on the 30th of June 1997(according to Potter wiki) making her "official 18th birthday" in 12 days from this day of the story Sunday Sept. 7th 1954, add that in with her time turner activities and assure you she is legal!

-Minerva, is still close to canon being born for this story on October 4th 1936 instead of 1935. while not as important to know her dates she's probably the only other character whose birthday(other than Hermione/Juliet and Albus) will get any note worthy recognition other than chapter fillers *shamefully averts eyes*. Just know that most if not all of the characters will be of age of consent or over regardless of whether they partake in any questionable and up scenes.

-Molly Prewett born Oct. 30th, 1940 (as opposed to 1949) turning 14 this story's year(not a year older than Arthur as in canon)

-Arthur Weasley born Feb. 6th, 1938 (Instead of 1950) turned 16 this year

Also I think the "treasure" thing isn't nearly as important as some of you wanted it to be :)

Still giggling to herself every few minutes, the snow continued to crunch under Juliet's feet as she trudged on, deeper into the woods stumbling in places along the uneven rocky terrain. She knew it had to be here somewhere…. Juliet's foot caught on something and jolted her forward into the thin frame of one of the countless trees surrounding her destination. In fact there were too many trees Juliet realized with a start, she should've reached the clearing by now, and as she gazed forward and slightly to her left she saw the wiry fence strewn to keep passerbys from slipping off the edge. Juliet maneuvered herself forward until she was just skirting that snow covered edge, inching forward she got a decent glance down judging it was a solid fifteen foot drop knowing that eventually it would resemble a bottomless abyss that she once knew.

Resetting her gaze out again, Juliet saw the blank area of snow that she had come the long way to see. But the shack was ancient why wasn- Lupin… Lupin wasn't even born yet which meant he hadn't been bitten; the 'shrieking shack' wasn't needed yet. Juliet sighed to herself having hoped that she could have had a place off grounds to be able to be alone with herself, for even a little while. A gentle wind blew across Juliet's face as she pulled her cloak tighter to her body, wiping the fast cooling tears away as she realized another thing from her past/future was not even applicable here.

Turning on her heel Juliet began the trek back through the tree line, unknowingly following the same path that had already been worn through in her own time. Reaching the cobblestone streets of Hogsmeade honey eyes glittering at her "X" on her treasure trail as it were….

The accustomed chill of the Scottish September seeped through Juliet's outer cloak and her inadequate shoes with her "treasure" swinging slightly in a bag from Gladrags clutched in her left hand, the other clasping her cloak closed more securely, the catch not quite staying put. Juliet had been able to curve past the majority of students and teachers from Hogwarts making her way up the path to the formidable school and now had her feet thankfully back onto solid flagstone taking her to the common room to plan her attack without prying eyes.

Passing through the Gryffindor entrance, Juliet was quiet pleased to find the fire lit common room empty but after a quick internal debate about how much privacy she needed, climbed up the stairs to her room that she shared with the other seventh year Gryffindor girls. Opening the heavy wooden door, Juliet could hear soft giggling from beyond the drawn curtains around the furthest poster bed of the five in the room.

Taking a moment to asses her options, Juliet could no longer smother her curiosity… so she stomped her right foot three times on the hard wood floors and shouted at the two other occupants of the room, "Oi! How much longer is this going to take!?"

Juliet heard a short scream in response and the ebony skinned Laurena Quixley-one of the girls that Juliet shared the room with and the girlfriend of fellow Gryffindor Aber Johnson- stuck her face out, slightly annoyed but her tone level, "How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to want to know who is in there with you" Juliet replied with a smirk and a knowing look, she remembered a similar time when she had caught Ginny and Luna one sunny afternoon.

"Oh, thank Merlin!" the other bed inhabitant exclaimed with a sigh of relief, "It's just Juliet!" then the girl stepped from behind the red curtain in her light blue underwear while appearing to look for something underneath and around the bed.

"Rolanda?" Juliet asked in surprise, she thought she had left the Ravenclaw in Hogsmeade obsessing over quidditch.

"The one and only" Rolanda stated, slipping on and buttoning up her wrinkled shirt and tucking it into the newly discovered-albeit slightly scrunched-skirt that had been pulled from underneath the nightstand.

"Wait, where are you going?" Laurena asked in a pout.

With a warm smile Rolanda responded an almost practiced speech, "Ah, you know me love; always another adventure to go on. Always something new to learn, always another c-".

"Conquest to acquire!" Laurena snapped, cutting the Ravenclaw off before disappearing into her shielded bed. Letting out a deep sigh, Rolanda opened up a side of the curtaining and spoke softly to the girl she was about abandon:

"I was going to say, 'always another crevice-'" as Rolanda started to rub Laurena's lower anatomy roughly, receiving a wanton moan, "'-to explore'".

"Uh, sorry to break up the love fest but, really you guys?" Juliet asked feeling as though her presence wasn't at all deterring the two seventh years.

"Then leave" Laurena breathed out trying to pull the Ravenclaw back into the four poster with her.

"Hardly a love fest, but I really should be going; I still have that paper to write for Binns and it's due tomorrow" Rolanda interjected pulling back and slipping on her white knee high socks before beginning to hunt for her other shoe, one shoe already in hand.

"You hate Binns", Laurena tried to reason, still wanting to keep the girl in her bed.

Rolanda chuckled, "I don't hate him, his class maybe… but Castlroy-" turning to Juliet she explained, "that's the head of Ravenclaw house you know, the Arithmancy Professor - said that if my grades slip, I lose my spot on the team".

"Fine, just get out", Laurena mumbled pulling the bed sheet from her bed, wrapping it around her frame and using her long legs to quickly walk into room's bathroom slamming the door behind her.

"Sorry bout that, she'll probably be over it by dinner" Rolanda said shoving her shoes onto her feet,

"Great" Juliet responded setting her bag and outer cloak on her own bed.

"You know to keep this on the 'down low' right?" Rolanda asked, not acknowledging Juliet's sarcasm, attempting to smooth down her skirt again.

"Yeah, whatever" Juliet replied at which Rolanda smirked starting to make her way to the chamber's door, "Just out of curiosity does Johnson know?"

"None of my business, just helping out a friend" Rolanda said turning back, hand on the door handle.

Juliet laughed, "Is that what you call what you were doing?". Rolanda's eyes snapped to something past Juliet and the Ravenclaw began to purposely walk towards the point of her gaze, Juliet's eyes locked on the other girl.

Reaching with a jump, Rolanda yanked a blue and bronze tie from the canopy of a bed two down from Laurena's, the one right before Juliet's bed "I always endeavor to help my friends to the best of my ability" here, Rolanda slipped the already half tied house tie over her neck, maneuvering her collar of her shirt.

"I'll keep that in mind" Juliet replied watching as Rolanda walked back to the door, swinging it open as she got her tie relatively secured.

Laughing out Rolanda didn't spare another glance, Juliet already hearing the Ravenclaw's footsteps on the stone stairs, "You do that!"

Shaking her head Juliet pulled the curtains closed around her bed and turned to her Gladrags package, reaching inside and pulling out her lilac muggle dress that she had managed to pick out from the racks; having been assured that it was very "in" for the current time. The dress style was similar to that of a dress by a French designer, that had been worn to the American Oscars six months prior by Audrey Hepburn.

Holding it up to her uniform at the shoulders and at the waist where the dress's cream belt hung loosely, Juliet stepped from the curtain into the center of the room and spun around in a small circle appreciating the small flare of the floral lace pattern.

"Pretty" Laurena remarked, startling Juliet who hadn't known Laurena was back into the main part of the room, thankfully fully dressed in high waisted shorts and a colorful top, carrying her bed sheet back into the room.

"Thanks" Juliet breathed out carefully lowering the dress back into its bag with the other pieces of the outfit she'd yet to re-examine.

"Is that what you're wearing to Slughorn's party on Friday?" Laurena inquired, starting to make her bed back up.

"Probably, how did you know it had been moved?" Juliet asked sliding her bag under her bed deciding to try it on later.

Laurena shrugged, "Aber said that it was rescheduled due to Slughorn not being available last Friday".

"Aber Johnson is in the Slug Club?" Juliet pushed further sitting on her bed to face Laurena who was already sitting upon her own bed.

"Yeah, he's a wicked qudditch player!" Laurena replied, her white teeth showing in a proud smile.

Have a thing for quidditch players, huh?, "Speaking of Johnson, does he know?" at Laurena's blank look Juliet continued, "about you… and… Rolanda?"

Laurena's brow pulled together, "Hooch? Oh that's nothing serious" at Juliet's stunned silence she continued, "Look, I hadn't had an orgasm in a little over a month and I was tired of doing it myself, plus Aber wants to wait till we're married so I asked Hooch to help me out!"

"Are you sure? You seemed pretty upset when she was leaving earlier" Juliet said watching as Laurena pulled out a Witch Weekly Magazine and began to flip through it.

"Well, she is really good at what she does…." Laurena trailed off, glancing up to catch a blush on Juliet's face, "I mean I love Aber but a girl has needs" which only proved to make Juliet's blush increase, "Wait, are you a virgin?"

"Not really, but it just seems pretty personal that's all" Juliet said picking up her brush and going through her hair trying to seem busy and aloof.

"'Not really'? What do you mean 'not really'? You've either had sex or you haven't" Laurena exclaimed, her magazine lying forgotten as she focused on the girl.

Remembering Victor's urging in her fourth year Juliet blush spread to down past her neckline, "I was only fifteen, we were just fooling around. Look I don't really want to talk about this" Juliet said worrying her bottom lip.

"Whatever", Laurena responded already turning back to her magazine as chattering was heard in the common room.

"What's going on in here?" Abigail Darlington questioned, entering the room making her way to her bed which was next to Laurena's, followed by Zenla Prescott who stopped at her own bed next to the door and by Juliet.

"Nothing much", Laurena responded flipping another page through her magazine, "Where's Danielle?"

"She's off with her new Hufflepuff something or other" Zenla responded glancing at the open bed of Danielle Reid and soon the three girls were engrossed in a conversation about the 'Beauty Tips' that Juliet could've sworn were almost the exact same as when Pavarti and Lavender would pour over the magazine. Casting a tempus charm, Juliet saw that it was just after 4:30 and dinner would be starting in just under an hour and a half, deciding that she could revise her homework for Ancient Runes and Charms in the library Juliet collected what she needed into her arms.

Walking down the stone staircase Juliet made her way to the common room door but before she could slip out, Minerva waved her over to where she, Thaddeus, and Harold were sitting in front of the fire. Minerva on one side of the overstuffed couch, Harold in the middle of it, and Thaddeus lying on his back on the ground in front of his friends.

"Hey what was up with you dipping out on us earlier?" Minerva asked when Juliet came into earshot.

"Yeah, sorry. It was just getting to be too much" Juliet said her weight shifting from one foot to another knowing that she had been a little dramatic in Hogsmeade.

"What do you mean?" Thaddeus asked, nose scrunching in slight confusion painfully reminding Juliet of Ron, his elbows lifting him up partially to look her in the eye. Chancing a look at the others, Juliet recalled a popular defense that she had heard used by several of her female friends.

"Hormones." Juliet supplied watching as the three other people averted their eyes with a slight blush including Minerva, "I'm going to the library, see you guys at dinner" Juliet waved stepping out of the common room receiving a small chorus of goodbyes as they tried to return to 'normal' conversation.

Walking down the hallway Juliet turned a corner to see Professor Dumbledore speaking to a Hufflepuff boy who looked to be a First or Second Year while making hand movements making it look like the professor was giving some sort of directions. Glancing up, Dumbledore made eye contact with Juliet and patted the boy on the back as he headed off down another hallway, a smile on his bright face; Dumbledore stood still, hands behind his back, as he waited for the girl to walk by him causing her to stop a few feet from him expectantly.

After a moments pause Dumbledore spoke up, "That wouldn't happen to be for my Transfiguration assignment would it Miss Huntington?"

"No, sir. It's my work for Ancient Runes and Charms" Juliet replied, I finished yours Saturday…

"Ah, to the Library then?" Albus asked taking a few steps forward until he noticed that she wasn't following him, "I am also heading that way" at this he noticed Juliet's feet begin to step in line with his, their paces balancing without either trying.

"What's in the library for you, professor?" Juliet asked readjusting her books to her other arm.

"A bit of light reading for some research I'm doing", Dumbledore responded staying away from specifics.

"A project?" Juliet asked, eyes alight I wonder if he's already collaborated with Nicolas Flamel.

Dumbledore laughed, smiling while shaking his head "More of a hobby Miss Huntington", at her questioning look he added, "Potions" which had Juliet nodding along, maybe he hadn't found all the uses of Dragons blood yet.

"Any particular branch?" Juliet continued, turning another corner with Dumbledore, the library door coming into view.

"No, not really" Dumbledore said, keeping his tone light, this girl had the uncanny ability to get under his skin and it bothered him ever since he met her just three days prior.

"Oh, a fishing expedition then", Juliet stated realizing that the conversation was close to an end.

"I'm not familiar with the term", Dumbledore said confusion donning his face and Juliet couldn't help thinking, He's so cute when he doesn't know something.

"Typically a search or investigation done in the hope of discovering useful information, without a stated purpose" Juliet rattled off, "it's mostly associated as a legal term though".

"Aaahhh" Dumbledore replied clarity in his voice while reaching out to hold the door open for Juliet.

"Thank you" Juliet remarked, hand on the door as a reflex to keep it open for the next person. Dumbledore looked down at her with laughter in his eyes; "What?" Juliet asked.

"Know-it-all" Dumbledore remarked quietly with a small smirk walking purposefully toward the restricted section leaving a shocked albeit smiling Gryffindor seventh year in his wake. Juliet shook her head and went off to find a table in the opposite corner that she began spreading her parchment and books across it to allow her to see as much information as she could sitting down and leaving neat little side notes across the paper.

Feeling that she had expanded fully upon everything that she could, Juliet cast another tempus charm to see it was 5:30, with still a half hour until dinner she pulled a clean sheet out and began to add the new additions to her Charms theory essay, letting the calculations on her Arithmancy stay as they were, out of habit from when Professor Vector had stated that a messy paper, proved hard work in the subject.

With both assignments completed, Juliet cast a drying charm on the ink and carefully stacked them with her text books and made her way to the Great Hall with five minutes until six.

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