Hal Jordan: Sinestro What Are You Doing?

Sinestro: I have finally Done it Jordan I have found a power strong enough to beat the little blue Trolls

Hal Jordan : (While making A construct of Handcuffs): We Been over this Sinestro You can't Dethrone the Guardians.

Sinestro: I'm not dethroning them I'm Pushing Some Buttons, though I do not like using Primitive Earth Technology to do it. (Holds up Writers notebook).

SwordmasterZ: Walks in Sinestro what in the nine Hells are you doing! First off I have A No Helping members of Any JLA Heroes' Rogues Gallery and second nobody Uses my computer but Me.

Sinestro: Then maybe you would like to Get Revenge for Jordan.

Swordmaster Z….?

Hal Jordan….?

Sinestro: Didn't you two see the end of War of the Green Lanterns( Holds up The Graphic Novel).

Hal: Why those little ….

SwordmasterZ… Blue Dweebs….. (looks at Sinestro and Hal) I Vote we work together just this one time.

Sinestro and Hal Together: Agreed

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The Guardians

1. Show them The video of Hal Jordan's Greatest Stunts

2. Keep asking them what they are afraid of

3 .Point out that they need the GL Corps more than the Corps need them

4 .Tell them that Krona was Right in thinking the Earth Lanterns would make Better Guardians then them

5. Paint every Wall on Oa A different Collar of The Spectrum (use a lot of Pink, Blue, and Yellow)

6. Rig some Speakers to keep playing " I'm Blue" by Eiffel 65, whenever they leave the citadel

7. Take all those chapters from the book of the Black that detail all the things the Guardians were trying to hide from the Universe and Copy it. Then distribute them all throughout the known Universe.

8. Introduce the Alpha Lanterns to YouTube

9. Right the Control Freaks of the Universe on the Citadel wall in Red and Yellow paint ( This has the Added Bonus of framing Sinestro and Atrocitus)

10. Make them all have mandatory group therapy so they are forced to talk about their feelings, or lack thereof.

Sinestro: What's the Big Idea with the Frame up?

SwordmasterZ: It is a Freebee for the GLs plus they asked me to bother you next.

A/N Guardians that see themselves as individuals Like Ganthet will be given separate chapters.