Hal: (Walks in a week after getting out of his Cast) what are you doing?

SwordmasterZ: Getting Even with your Ex for you

Hal: (Shrugs Go for it)

Carole Ferris

1. Call her a man Eater

2. Tell her that her Star Sapphire uniform makes her look like a Los Vegas show Girl

3. Tell her that her uniform is supposed to be violet not pink

4. Ask her if she knows the difference between Love and obsession

5. Let Hal and Cowgirl Go Joy riding in the new Farris Air craft

6. Ask her if the Predator is the entity of love what does the entity of hate looks like

7. Show her the video of Hal and Cowgirl's last date (Actually Just get Hal a New Girl Friend)

8. Tell her that her father wonted a son

9. Ask her if it's the new uniform that attracted her to Kyle

10. Tell Hal and Sinestro that Kyle was cheating on Soranik with Her. (This has the added bonus of getting Kyle in trouble)

Carol: (Storms in) Hal how could you!

Hal: (Remains Silent)

SwordmasterZ: He had nothing to do with it. It was all me.

Carol: Why!

SwordmasterZ: Well there is how you treat men in General.

Carol: what do you mean?

SwordmasterZ: Let's see Hal, your Ex Husband

Carol: (Remains Speechless)