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"Ange! Angela, wait!"

I could hear him crashing through the snow behind me. I knew he must have rushed out without even putting on any shoes, and for a moment, that softened me enough to be civil. Ish.

"Go back inside, Ben, you'll freeze. I'm just going for a hike, I need to calm down and think about it a little longer."

"Since when do you hike? And I'll freeze? Ange, you don't even have a coat on! It's the middle of winter for heaven's sakes! And I don't understand how deciding when to go back to college is such a big issue it merits a full-on argument and serious "thinking about"! Please, will you at least take this blanket? I don't want you to get sick as well as grumpy."

I didn't need the blanket, I felt fine (if you could count wanting to hit everyone I passed and wearing clothes that wear too small because of my freaky growth spurt "fine"), but I took it anyway. I knew he'd worry even more about me if I didn't take it and I knew, deep down, that I was the one being difficult here. I knew it, but I couldn't seem to say it! And it was precisely this inability to speak which rendered me so uncharacteristically frustrated! As I trudged on into the woods, frustrated, I heard Ben close the door behind me, leaving me to meditate on my problems alone.

Maybe "meditate" was the wrong word; it implies peace, solitude, deep breathing, and possibly green tea. The only one of those that applied to me at the moment was solitude; I was getting pretty deep into the forest by now. I wrapped the blanket closer around my shoulders, not so much for warmth (I was still somehow immune to the cold) but as a comfort thing – it was getting dark, and the forest is a really creepy place at night. I could see pretty much perfectly, though, so it must not be too late yet – which was good, because I had some soul-searching to do.

The main question, of course, was: What the heck is going on? I was fine when we got home from school a few weeks ago, and then it started: I got angry for no reason, I grew about two inches in a little under a month, and lately Mom keeps asking if I have a fever. I mean, what is up? Normally I would put some of that down to a bad case of PMS, but that's one thing I DON'T have right now.


Today is the third of January.

My monthly visitor should have come two days ago.

What the fuck was going on?

No way was I pregnant. Ben and I had never…well, let's just say that sure, he's Mister Right, but I was still the reverend's daughter. So…maybe I was just late? I mean, it happens, right? Heck, it's probably even here now. I bet that's it. I should check.

And without giving myself a chance to talk myself out of it, I pulled my pants down, underwear and all. Spotless underwear and all. And it was there, in the middle of the snowy forest with my pants around my ankles and a blanket around my shoulders, that I truly and completely lost it.

"MOTHER NATURE," I shouted, "If you are listening right now, I want you to know that I am NOT AMUSED. So you can stop playing your little joke or whatever it is and GIVE ME MY LIFE BACK!" I was seeing red and white stars of anger now, and my hands were literally shaking with pure frustrated rage. "We've already had enough hardships in our relationship, what with my freakishly unnecessary height and his video games, so would you PLEASE STOP ADDING MORE!"

And with that, my world exploded.