Summary: Klaus's attempt on Caroline's life has a domino effect no one could have seen coming.

A/N: This is set post 3x09, and even though the new episodes haven't aired I can say with supreme confidence the story goes completely AU from there. This started off as what was supposed to be a one-shot and took on a life of its own as a full out fic or series of short fics depending on how I write it. I hope it lives up to what I have created in my head. I'm actually really nervous about it.

There were some things about being a vampire no one ever bothered to tell Caroline Forbes. Things she had to learn the hard way. For instance, a vampire doesn't always choose to flip the switch to turn their emotions off; sometimes the fuse box blows and everything goes straight to hell.


It was like any other day in Mystic Falls. Someone was seeking revenge, a big bad was wreaking havoc, and 98% of the population in the tiny, supernatural magnet of a town were completely oblivious to it all. And as it so often happened, there was an attempt on Caroline Forbes's life.

"Mom! Have you seen my notebook?" Caroline called from upstairs.

Liz Forbes sighed looking at an overly bright, doodled on spiral sitting on the kitchen table, "The yellow one?"

"Yes!" Caroline confirmed.

"It's down here."

"Thanks Mom," Caroline came running gracefully down the stairs at human speed, backpack in tow.

"You're going to be late for school," Liz chided.

"Naw," Caroline winked. "I'll just run," she vampire sped to pick up her notebook to prove her point.

Liz held back a chuckle before telling her daughter seriously, "You need to be careful about being seen."

"I know Mom," Caroline smiled.


Tyler Lockwood made his way toward his car slowly. Something was off. He could almost feel the world spinning off kilter ever since his break up with Caroline. But while he considered losing her tragic, there was something else setting him on edge. The hair on the back of his neck, metaphorical or otherwise, had been raised for days.

"Tyler," Klaus drawled startling the boy from his thoughts.

Tyler turned to his maker neutrally. While he knew to be weary of Klaus, ever since the night he had been turned into a hybrid his forced loyalty toward the Original countered this knowledge. His instincts were constantly at war.

"What are you doing here Klaus?" Tyler crossed his arms as he turned from his car.

"Not happy to see me I take it?" Klaus smirked.

Tyler didn't answer. Silence was easier than explaining the mess in his head.

"Alright then," Klaus conceded. "I'll just come right out with it then," the Original Hybrid made his way toward his fledgling. "I need you to do something for me."

When Klaus didn't elaborate, Tyler prodded, "What's that?"

"I need you to kill Caroline Forbes."


"Have some breakfast," Liz pointed to the stove where eggs and sausage waited.

Caroline raised her eyebrow suspiciously, "You cooked?"

"Yes," her mom confirmed.

"Why?" she made her way toward the stove looking at the food as if it were the breakfast foods were completely foreign to her.

"I just figured we could eat together," Liz explained.

Caroline picked up a sausage link with trepidation and took a bite. Her eyes widened with surprise finding them to actually be quite good. She turned back to her mother even more suspicious. "Mom, I haven't seen you cook anything more complicated than a Hot Pocket in years. What is going on?"

Liz huffed, "Can't I just be a good mom?"

"You are a good mom," Caroline argued, "but you don't cook." She set the link on a plate, placed her hands on her hips, and raised an eyebrow. "You're starting to worry me. Did grandma die?"

"No, Caroline," she laughed on the end of a defeated sigh, "your grandmother is still alive."

"Then what's going on?"

"I worked out some vacation time," Liz finally admitted. "We're going to New York over your Spring Break."

Caroline gaped at her mother for ten seconds before squealing, "No way!" hugging Liz just a little too roughly.


"No!" Tyler snarled. "I won't do it."

Klaus let out a dark chuckle, "Your indignation is adorable."

"You can't make-" Tyler stopped short quickly breaking eye contact.

"To wax poetics, 'therein lies the rub,'" Klaus quoted grabbing Tyler's face with both hands. "And she won't be the only one of your friends you kill," he promised turning Tyler's face back toward him.

"Please don't," Tyler begged trying unsuccessfully to break Klaus's hold.

"I hate resorting to this, but desperate times," Klaus explained. "He has my family."

"Wha-? Who?" Tyler grasped, "Who has your family?" he implored hoping to buy some time.

"Stefan Salvatore," he growled.

"So kill him!"

"Soon enough," Klaus promised, "But first things first." He locked eyes with Tyler.


"Kill the Forbes girl." He commanded.

"I'll kill her." Tyler repeated.


"Can't breathe," Liz gasped.

Caroline released her mother, "Sorry!"

"It's okay," her mom chuckled. "So I take it you approve?"

"Oh yeah," Caroline agreed. "I love you Mom!"

"I love you too, Caroline," Liz smiled softly running her hand through her daughter's hair.

The two blondes served themselves breakfast chatting animatedly.

"I had this whole morning planned out, but you just had to go and have things your way," Liz grinned lovingly at her daughter.

"Sorry," Caroline grinned back unrepentantly.

"I bet," Liz shook her head. "You're-" she was interrupted by the door crashing in. "What the?" she stood from her chair before Caroline stopped her.

"Wait here Mom," Caroline lightly pushed her toward the kitchen's island. "Hide until I come back for you."

"Caroline-" her mom tried to argue but Caroline had already rushed out of the room.

Caroline rushed to the front door and found a visibly upset Tyler practically trembling as if to control himself. They locked eyes and he made to move toward her but grabbed onto the door frame as if to hold himself in place.

"Caroline, you need to run," he warned.

Instead of heeding his warning she stepped toward him. "Tyler, what's-"

Before she could finish her question of concern, he grabbed her by the neck and threw her against the wall.

Caroline stood quickly taking the defensive.

"He's compelling me." Tyler explained as rushed her again. This time he pushed her further into the house. A book case broke her fall. "I'm sorry!"

Caroline adapted quickly. This time when he rushed her she grabbed his arm and used his momentum to throw him across the room like a rag doll. A rag doll that crashed through the plaster of the wall he landed against. She took the opportunity to start running. She hadn't made it out the door before he grabbed her by the hair, yanking her back, and throwing her clear across the living room. Before she could get back up he was pulling her up by the arm and throwing her again.

When Caroline got her bearings once more, Tyler was holding a broken piece of the wooden book case.

"Tyler," Caroline looked at him in anxious contemplation. "Put the stake down."

"I can't," Tyler answered with tears in his eyes.

Caroline nodded, "I know," she held up her own piece of the broken bookshelf she had grabbed earlier.

They circled each other before attacking with a flurry of movements. After a few moments, they both were thrown in opposite directions by the other. Tyler had Caroline's stake sticking from his left shoulder. He didn't bother to remove it as he hurled his stake at Caroline using his right hand.

Caroline was getting ready to hit the ground when she felt someone forcibly push her away. Rolling over, Caroline looked up just in time to see the stake embed itself in Liz's chest.

"No!" she shouted. "Mom!" she crawled toward her kneeling mother.

"Oh my God," Tyler cried out.

Caroline cradled her mother in her arms, "Mommy!" Biting into her wrist, she forced her blood into her mother's mouth. When her bite healed, she took her motionless mother further into her arms removing the stake.

"I'm so sorry," Tyler pulled at his hair kneeling next to the mother and daughter. "I couldn't stop myself. Klaus compelled me. He wants revenge, because Stefan has his family."

"Just shut up Tyler," Caroline snapped before turning back to her mother. "Wake up," she shook her lifeless mother and hugged her more tightly at the same time.

After about an hour of waiting, Tyler tried to speak again, "Caroline-"

"Get the fuck out," Caroline yelled, turning toward him, and vamping out with her dead mother still in her arms.

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