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Caroline didn't go back to the boarding house. Instead, she went to her home of broken walls and dreams for the first time since her world unraveled. It hadn't been touched since Damon had forcibly removed Liz from her arms and dragged Caroline out of the house kicking and screaming. Removing the police tape from the door and stepping through it, she took in the scene rather dispassionately. She passed over the debris making her way inside as if the state of the house were entirely normal stopping at the dried pool of blood only for a moment before continuing on upstairs to her bedroom.

Her first instinct after saving Katherine and murdering those hybrids had been to go out hunting for something a little more alive, a little more edible. But half way to the Grill she spotted Matt and Jeremy. After some eaves dropping she discovered the entire gang was out looking for her. Hence why she was currently pulling pajamas out of her drawer for after the shower she planned on taking rather than sucking somebody dry.

Entering her bathroom she put the water on as hot as she could ignoring her hunger in favor of washing away the dirt she had accumulated over the last several hours. As the hot water rinsed the soap from her body taking the grime of the day away with it, Caroline's mind drifted back to ripping the hearts out of those hybrids.

It had felt…right. More so than anything else had since her mom died. With that thought the inklings of a plan began to form; a plan that involved hybrids and doppelgangers, and resembled punishment rather than justice.


Elena stretched groggily as her alarm woke her. She had hardly gotten five hours of sleep the night before. They had spent half the night looking for Caroline only to come up empty. She was no where to be found. Elena's mind continued to drift to thoughts of her friend as she stretched for her morning jog.

Caroline had always put so much emotion into everything she did, and she never hid how she was feeling either. Elena couldn't imagine her any other way. She didn't know what to expect now that bubbly Caroline had turned it off, but she it terrified her all the same. Because despite the fact Caroline really did live up to the name Vampire Barbie, she was still a vampire and a vampire with the switch flipped was never a good thing.

Elena set her pace a little faster than usual almost as if she were attempting to outrun all the problems in her life, but she couldn't stop thinking about them. Stefan was playing hide and seek with the psychotic original hybrid who called it fair game to threaten her loved ones in retaliation. All of which had of course led to Sheriff Forbes's death, and Caroline's break down at the funeral. And there was nothing she could do about any of it.

She pushed harder making her lungs burn after only a couple minutes at the speed her legs were propelling her forward. Instead of stopping to catch her breath, Elena pushed herself harder. She wouldn't be weak. She couldn't afford the luxury.

She felt like she was flying. Her feet felt like they only pushed off the ground for half a second, and she was hardly able to pull oxygen into her lungs, but she wasn't thinking or worrying or moping.

Elena was just about to make a right back toward her house when something struck her causing her to fall. Unable to catch herself in time, the back of her head met the concrete sidewalk. Disoriented, she tried unsuccessfully to stand up. A wave of nausea rolled through her stomach. To her stomach's displeasure, someone yanked her up by the arm much too quickly. She heaved the contents of her stomach onto the person's shoes.

"Ugh, gross," she heard a masculine voice echo.

Looking up, she saw unfocused multiples of Tyler Lockwood right before she passed out.


Tyler tried not to think about what he was doing as her strapped restraints around Elena's wrists. He had compelled a nurse to give him a private room. With her compelled help, he had Elena treated for her concussion.

Elena had been in and out of consciousness since he had pushed her. He strapped restraints around her ankles too just to be safe. He didn't need her hurting herself more by removing the needle currently filling a blood bag. He'd just have to poke her all over again, and she'd been through enough pain today.

Tyler moved to the corner and waited for the scale to indicate the bag was full.


In her search for Elena, Caroline had found the small puddle of blood reeking of vervain on the path the brunette usually jogged. She had followed the scent to the hospital. It didn't take long after that to find the room Elena was in and subsequently Tyler.

Looking a little wild with her unkempt curls and remnants of the eyeliner she hadn't taken the time to remove since her mother's funeral, Caroline entered the room looking more like a vampire than she ever had.

"Caroline," Elena coughed, relief obvious in her voice.

"Elena," Caroline answered coldly not moving to help her friend. "Tyler," she addressed the hybrid where he stood in the corner.

Tyler swallowed thickly before speaking with obvious pain and contrition, "I don't have a choice, Caroline. I'm being compelled."

"Are you now?" Caroline raised an eyebrow slowly striding toward him until she had him completely cornered.

"You have every right to hate me-" he offered but was cut off by Caroline's mocking laugh.

"I don't hate you Tyler," she informed him.

Seeming to finally remember Caroline had turned it off or maybe just start to believe it, Elena tried to sit up. "Caroline, please, let's just get out of here," she tried desperately.

"You're not going anywhere Elena, and neither is Tyler," Caroline said not taking her eyes off of Tyler.

"Her emotions are off Tyler," Elena warned.

"Oh God, Caroline, this is all my fault. I should have never trusted Klaus. If I could take it all back, if I could die instead of your mom, I would." Tyler told her with tears in his eyes. "I'm so sorry."

"I'm sure you are," Caroline accepted his words indifferently. "I just don't care." With that, she slammed her hand through his rib cage wrapping her fingers around his heart and twisted.

Tyler cried out in pain.

"Oh my God, Caroline! Don't do this!" Elena pleaded. "You won't be able to forgive yourself when you turn your emotions back on."

"I'm a little past caring about forgiveness." Caroline said as she ripped Tyler's heart out through his chest.

Tyler stood upright for a second as the life left his eyes. Caroline moved out of the way as his body fell forward. Throwing his heart aside, Caroline turned toward Elena.

The raven haired girl trembled in fear taking in the sight of Caroline covered in Tyler's blood, unable to see any semblance of the girl she used to know. Her eyes shone not with the bright life they used to, but instead with the gleam of a killer on the hunt. Elena tried to back away and jump from the bed toward the door, but her restraints held her in place.

"You know Elena, it's a shame you pump so much vervain though your system, because I'm starved and you smell delicious."

"Just leave me alone," Elena cried.

"Right after I kill you."

"What?" she asked pulling against her restraints with more effort.

"I really didn't think this was anything personal, but now I realize this is me bringing us full circle." Caroline walked to the side of the hospital bed. "I was murdered in a hospital bed by a girl with your face. And look at us now; here we are in a hospital at the scene of your death, and I'll be the one murdering you."

A resolve that only overcame her during the worst moments of her life settled over Elena as she looked Caroline in the eyes. Instead of showing her fear, she pushed the girl threatening her, "So what? You've wanted to murder me all along and now that you have your emotions off you finally have an excuse? I don't buy it. Why you really want to kill me?"

Caroline smirked and it was so like the Damon they had known long ago Elena felt like she was experiencing déjà vu, "Does it really matter?"

"Yes!" Elena tried sassing but came out a little too genuine, "If I often find myself curious as to why people want to kill me!"

"Well," Caroline licked a bloody finger, "life, and death for that matter, is full of disappointments."

Elena watched on in horror as Caroline bit into her wrist. She tried struggling as the bleeding wrist was held against her mouth but she was no match for Caroline's vampire strength. She held her lips firmly shut, but Caroline closed her nose so she was forced to breathe through her mouth. The too familiar metallic taste entered her mouth, flooding it until she had no choice but to swallow a good amount of the blood.

Caroline withdrew her wrist, and Elena panted for oxygen. Elena shot her a hateful glare muddied with panic.

"Go to hell, Caroline," she seethed as angry tears streamed from her eyes.

"Too late," Caroline's hollow voice replied.

Grabbing Elena's head in each hand, she pulled it sideways. A sickening crack filled the air. Caroline readjusted her head from its awkward angle, and left her lifeless friend before Elena could reawaken grabbing the blood bag on her way out.


Katherine took another drink of vodka strait from the bottle, and then turned back to the handsome, young man she had pinned against the alley wall taking a sip from his bleeding neck. They both groaned in ecstasy. His compelled mind was unable to tell the difference between pain and pleasure. He could only feel a raw, rich sensation coming from is neck.

Katherine groaned in frustration pulling away from the boy when her phone rung shrilly.

"What?" she snapped in place of a greeting to the unknown number.

The voice on the other end of the line surprised her, "Hello to you too, Katherine."

"Caroline? How did you get this number?"

"That's not important." After a pause she answered, "You haven't changed your number since the days you used to like to use me as a spy."

"What do you want?" she asked sharply.

"It's about that favor you owe me, I'm calling it in."

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