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Annabeth approached Nada, "Nada" She smiled.

Nada looked up, "Hello"

"My names Annabeth Griffin" She held out her hand.

Nada shock her hand and stared at her, "What are you here for?"

"I'm here to help you with your Vampiric problem"

"It's not a problem" Nada replied.

Annabeth who had been inspected Nada's wrist smirked and glanced up at the young girl, "Oh, but it's a problem to me if you are in fact a true Vampire"


"Because" Annabeth replied, tugging at the leg of her jeans and pulling out a knife, "Now don't move" Annabeth looked Nada in the eye as she said it.

"Annabeth" Helen warned.

Annabeth paid no attention and forced the knife through Nada's arm, completely severing it from her elbow.

"What the hell!" Nada shouted, grabbing her arm as blood pooled out.

Annabeth just leaned against the table, pushing the blood along her knife as Nada and Helen shouted at her.

"If she really is a vampire to the point of healing, it will grow back" Annabeth murmured, she rubbed the blood between her fingers, "And if it doesn't, I'll make the Source Blood serum for her again"

"Damn it, Annabeth do you always have to be this self-centred?" Helen knelt beside Nada.

"I'm a Vampire, it's what we do" Annabeth replied with a roll of her eyes, "Don't you remember how shy Nikola used to be before he injected the Source Blood?"

"Tesla?" Will scoffed, "Shy? You have got to be kidding me?"

"No" Annabeth replied as Nada moaned, Annabeth rolled her eyes at the young Vampire, "Get up"

Nada stared at her like she was insane.

"Ok, let's try that again" Annabeth muttered, "Get up or you die"

Helen helped Nada to her feet and onto the table, Annabeth handed her a vial of what seemed to be blood, "Drink it" She ordered.

"What is it?" Nada asked.

"Diluted source blood" Annabeth replied, "Drink it"

Nada threw it back, "Woh that tastes good"

Annabeth rolled her eyes again, "Really? I didn't know"

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