Narutos mindscape

Darkness swirled around him in the dank sewer. the drip of grim water and the smell of filth surrounding him but, most of all the pain. by kami it hurt, it hurt so much and he only wanted it to stop. he just wanted the pain to go away. he was tired of feeling pain, the pain of loneliness, the pain of loss, the pain of nonacceptance. he dropped to his knees in the dirty water as he heard the fox softly speak to him "let me take the pain away, let me destroy he who caused your pain."

'Would the fox do it?' he couldn't think straight since Hinata, since she.. "Aaaargh" there was pain again. he brought his hands to his temples trying to relieve any amount of the pain. It was his own fault he got caught, his fault Hinata tried to save him and was killed, killed by Pain. his eyes narrowed he was going to destroy Pain he was going to rip him limb from limb.

The fox, behind the massive bars of his cage barred his fangs in joy as Naruto fell deeper and deeper in rage not feeling Kyuubis influence seeping out of the cage and sending Narutos emotions into and endless spiral of hate and rage becoming almost ripe for the picking. now all he had to do was wait for the boys instincts to hunt down the puppet that started Narutos transformations.

Konoha forest

Tendo was finally close enough to the true body of Pain to unleash his most powerful technique. Tendo took to a hollowed out tree and brought his hands together and produced a highly concentrated black ball of chakra and released it out of a small hole in the tree. as the ball of chakra loftily floated into the sky two balls of Kyuubi chakra screamed from out of the forest and blasted where Tendo was trying to hide forcing him to leap from his hidden position. as he landed he clasped his hands together and called out "(Chibaku Tensei : Planetary Devestation)"

The black ball of chakra eclipsed with the sun and lit up the sky with a vibrant yellow light. the ground started to shift and break causing bolders to float up into the sky collecting on the ball of chakra. Tendo raised his arms causing the ground in front of him to lift and break. Sending the massive pieces of earth into the sky.

Tendos attention was shifted from his jutsu as a shrill roar was heard and a human like beast came dashing out of the forest on all four. this was Tendos target a Kyuubi'fied Naruto in all his glory, Blood red chakra shifting and churning acting as a tight skin connected to a bone structure of a fox skull,front legs, spine and part of the hind legs. six malevolent tails of the toxic and destructive chakra flailing wildly behind him as he charged toward Tendo his white glowing eyes showing his intent. Total annihilation of the deva path body.

Tendo slung out his hand in an arc and manipulated the gravity to center on the miniature Kyuubi causing various rocks and boulders to converge onto it. flinging it back from Tendo and compacting into a tight ball leaving only its six tails to be seen. as soon as the ball of rock holding the Kyuubi'fied Naruto came to a stop a portion of it broke open and highly concentrated beam of the Kyuubis chakra shot out intending to bisect Tendo in twain.

Tendo quickly flipped out a chakra rod from his body and brought it up to block the beam of chakra letting enough energy to condense before he reflected it back blasting back the six tailed state Naruto. as the miniature Kyuubi regained its footing the ground broke beneath it and started to rise toward the ever expanding ball of earth in the sky. Tendo took the pause in attacks from Narutos possessed body to reclasp his hands together and send a massive surge or chakra into the jutsu breaking apart the surrounding spires of rock and small mountains to be sent to the miniature moon taking form in the sky.

The Kyuubi'fied Naruto finally orientating itself sent blast after blast down toward Tendo. peppering the area in explosions. The Deva path in order to guard himself knelled on one knee using the action to manipulate earth chakra to form a shield wall from the blasts. The possessed Naruto realizing it was to high to accurately aim at Tendo anymore turned its attention to the miniature moon that it is gravitating to.

Looking toward it the Kyuubi'fied Naruto shot chakra blast after chakra blast intending to destroy the jutsu standing in its way from hunting down the object of its hate. with the blasts destroying large sections of the mini-moon. Tendo roared of scream of effort as he increased the pull of chibaku tensei to break apart the footing for the possessed Naruto, and lifted the largest slabs of earth yet into the air. with Its footing lost the Kyuubi'fied Naruto rocketed to the miniature moon slamming into the surface and the amount of gravity keeping it prone to the ground. The Deva path then increased chibaku tenseis gravity further breaking up the last of the slabs and slamming the debris on top of the possessed Naruto, driving it deep into the center of the mini-moon near the core.

Tendo drooped his arms to the side and looked up to his jutsu the ball of earth floating in the sky could probably be seen for hundreds of miles as it was so massive. Inside the layers of rock though Narutos possessed body lay trapped and was struggling to the surface, feeling the futility of the effort it changed directions from the surface to the center. the pull of the jutsu aiding in its endeavor to reach the center of the mini-moon. with the pressure of the rock above increasing to incredibly amounts as the Kyuubi'fied Naruto finally grasped the center fulling intent on breaking it and ending the accursed jutsu.

Tendo immediately knew something was wrong as he lost control of his jutsu but the miniature moon showed no signs of crumbling apart. on the inside the possessed body of Naruto was pumping massive amounts of the Kyuubis chakra into the core of the jutsu attempting to destabilize it. as the core of chibaku tensei was pressed in between the chakra coated hands it immediately began sucking the extra power source into it but with a seemingly limitless supply the black ball of chakra seemed to expand and compress in an erratic manner the gravity and pressure shifting in tandem with the compressions. soon a spiderweb of cracks of white light began to appear on the orb of chakra. the ball of chakra abruptly expanded and then stopped. the Kyuubi'fied Naruto cocked its head as its eyes narrowed then opened in surprise as it could barley get out a single roar before the orb of chakra shifted between black with white cracks to completely white then compressed to a single point and violently exploded outward.

on the ground Tendo looked up in awe as his chibaku tensei compressed further then exploded out in a massive eruption sending debris and molten rock miles away from the epicenter. the Deva path used a shinra tensei to block the incoming shockwave and pyroclastic flow of the falling miniature moon. Tendo waited and waited but could not feel the Kyuubis presence nor could he see its or Narutos chakra with the rinnegan. he walked to the center of the destroyed area and surveyed the damage done by his battle with Naruto in his six tailed state. He then looked up to where his chibaku tensei recently floated and sighed "this could prove to be a problem."

in the sky tens of miles above Fiore

it is late in the night on September first X779 a lunar eclipse is viewable across the entire land of Fiore saturating the very air with magic. on nights like these many mage guilds hold celebrations in their towns taking advantage of the magic floating in the air but, tonight a strange event happened along side the lunar eclipse. the blood red moon seems to brighten as a flash filled the sky that seemed to spread into a chaotic spiderweb of cracks then as soon as it appeared it vanished leaving only a single blood red falling star in the sky that seemed to disappear before it hit the ground.

Markov witnessed the event as he was pulled outside by the guilds children to be shown the strange lights in the sky. as he looked up in awe with the kids he couldn't help but be worried by this strange omen. he was even more so when he faintly felt the energies of the falling star as dark and malevolent but, he put on a fake smile as Natsu one of his youngest guild members turned to him and bluntly asked in barley concealed excitement "If we found that fallen star do you think it would grant us a wish?"

Markov looked out past the edge of the town and said "hmm maybe if it survived the fall but it fell so far north it might have hit the ocean" he then to a thoughtful pose and whispered to Natsu "also we should strive to grant our own wishes with our magic that just shows how much stronger you are than to a star" Markov finished with a grin which Natsu returned two fold.

up in the sky a few moments before as the sky cracked open a single figure fell through at an incredible rate taking off in a blood red streak. with only seconds to go the red energy swirled into a tight ball acting as an armor and no longer visible to the naked eye it careened above the lands of Fiore before it ricocheted off wall in a deep ravine and then plummeted into the earth the red energy swirled around its host as it slowly receded into the seal on Narutos stomach. as the last of the Kyuubis chakra was painfully absorbed Naruto let out a loud animalistic roar and then promptly fell unconscious his clothes tattered, his skin burnt away, and many of his muscles snapped. his last conscious thought being 'at least the fox didn't get control.'