Chapter 1:

"Ruby wake up, first day of your new school!"

"No I want to sleep... Please Alice let me sleep."

"No, sorry we can't be late."

She was way too happy this morning, well every morning actually. I sat up in my bed and Alice seemed pleased by that.

"you go wash yourself and I lay down some clothes for you."

When I was in the shower I started to panic, my first day of school. The hot water couldn't relax me anymore when I thought at jealous teenagers and grumpy teachers. I wished that I could be homeschooled like I used to be. But they thought I was ready for it so I had to go to the new school, where the rest had been going for two years now.

When I got out of the shower I wrapped a towel round me and I walked out of the room, Alice had disappeared but she'd laid some clothes on my bed. Next to the clothes lay a note 'Be right back, I'll do your hair when I come back. Just put these clothes on XXX Alice' I smiled but obeyed. I put the light blue almost white skinny jeans on with a wide white tunic on top, the tunic had a black design on it. I also put the high heeled black pumps on.

When I was fully dressed Alice came running in my room. "You look great! Sit down and relax I'll do your hair." She tossed and turned my hair in every possible direction and when she was ready lose curls reached just above my shoulders. But I wasn't as beautiful as the rest of the family since I was no vampire but a normal human.

I got up and walked to a mirror, I must admit the outfit looked good. I wasn't tall only one inch taller than Alice, nor was I fat, I was skinny but I didn't care much about that. I also was very pale so I didn't stand out of the family but I did stand out of most teens. My eyes were electric blue, and I had black straight hair that came a little past my shoulders, but Alice loved to curl it.

Together with Alice I walked downstairs, were the rest was waiting for us. Carlisle came forward and gave me a hug, "So what's your story?" he referred to the cover up they made so the humans would believe the family story.

"Well I am Ruby Brandon, I am a junior just as Alice my ten month older sister. I always had been homeschooled because of my hypotension but now I have it somewhat under control." The last part, that of the hypotension is true. I have to eat often so I don't have trembling or so I won't faint, believe me it happened before. I don't have as much blood in me as a normal human, but eating enough prevents me from trembling.

"Good, now you know if you have a problem just call one of your brothers or sisters, okay?" Carlisle asked.

"I will" I said and gave him and Esme a hug. And followed the rest towards the garage, Alice, Jasper and Edward took his Volvo and me, Rosalie and Emmet took his jeep. The short ride toward school was quiet Rose looked at me once in a while and Emmet just gave me huge grins.

When we arrived at the parking lot Emmet told me to come to him if anyone bugged me that made me a little uneasy. But Rose assured me that nobody would dare to do that anyway. Edward just laughed at Emmet's comment and he shared Rose her opinion for once. Jasper sent a wave of calmness over me and I was him very thankful just as everyone else. Alice took my arm and guided me towards the office to pick up my schedule.

A friendly looking lady sat behind the desk. "Can I help you girls?"

"Yes, my sister is here to pick up her schedule, she's new at this school." Alice said in a sweet voice.

"Of course, wait it must be over here." she found the papers and gave them to me "Do you need a map of the school?"

"No I'll guide her." Alice gave her a huge smile and once outside she took my schedule and looked at it. Then she started to write on it.

English – 4B - together with Edward

Advanced math – 1A – together with Jasper

History – 3B – alone

homeroom – library – together with Rose and ME

Lunch – All together

gym – together with Emmet

art III – 7C – together with ME

I smiled at her "Thanks Alice" and she walked me to my first class. We said goodbye at the door and I went inside. I walked towards the teacher "Hello, my name is Ruby Brandon."

"Oh yes, I've heard of you. If it's good for you, you can sit next to Edward." he smiled friendly.

I liked this teacher he is friendly. "That would be great." I sat and walked toward Edward. He had made place for me already. I grabbed my notebook from my messenger bag and started to notate everything that the teacher wrote on the blackboard.

After class Edward walked me toward my next room, Jasper was waiting for me at the door. I wanted to laugh because I felt like a toy that was passed on between my family. I was glad when I noticed that I already learned the stuff we were learning. Jasper felt it and a smile appeared on his face when he felt my happiness. After class he asked if he should walk me toward my next class but since it was next to the room from first class I said I would make it on my own.

I entered the room and looked around and I noticed several huge guys, they were buff not as Emmet but buffer than Jasper. Suddenly they looked at me all at once, some looked disgust others seemed to be shuddering. Then my eyes crossed the most beautiful eyes ever, they were dark brown. They looked so stern but so soft at the same time. I looked at the boy to who they belonged, he was one of the tallest of the group. His hands were balled in fists and he shuddered harder than the rest of the boys. His mouth dropped but he closed it just as fast. I looked away, afraid of what would happen if I looked longer at him.

"Can I help you?" I looked from where the voice came and saw the teacher looking friendly at me.

"Yes, I'm Ruby Brandon and I am new."

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