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I frowned "So you have to love me?"

I wanted to cry and when I noticed my cheek was wet I knew it was too late, I was already crying.

"No no! It's not like that." he said quickly "It's more like nature is giving us a hand. By letting us know that she's the perfect match for us. We would've found each other but thanks to imprinting it happens a bit sooner." He paused "Shh you don't need to cry" he opened his arms and wanted to come closer but stopped and just looked at me.

Slowly I whipped my tears away and I crept into his arms, he closed them around me. We just sat there, his arms around me for at least ten minutes. And I didn't mind I actually liked to be in his arms, it felt safe.

"Can I ask a question?" He asked.

"Of course." I didn't look up, I just leaned my head against his chest. Silently listening to his heatbeat.

"How did you end up with the Cullen family?" He didn't sound angry or sad, just curious.

"Oh" I looked down at my hands "My real parents brought me to the hospital where Carlisle worked when I was three."

"Because of the hypotension?" he asked.

"Yes… they brought me but they never came back to get me. When they couldn't find them Carlisle decided to adopt me. I lived with them ever since."

Suddenly we heard wolves howl in the distance, he looked up and then at me. "Sh*t, this can't be! Not now!"

Now I was scared, by the way he talked I could tell something was wrong, something big. I wanted to ask it aloud, but all I could manage was a soft whisper "What's wrong?"

"I have to get you away from here." Was all he said.

Frantically I looked around, peering in the distance "What? Why? Please Paul I'm scared."

"I'll bring you home, you'll be safe there." he rubbed his big warm hand over my arm. "Ruby stay here, I'll be right back." He got up and went behind a tree, he came back in his wolf form. It was beautiful, his fur is silver and looked as soft as my blankets from in my bed. He came closer and lay down on his stomach next to me, he gestured with his head that I had to climb onto his back.

Carefully I got up and climbed on his back, I held his fur with both my hands and closed my eyes. I could feel the wind rushing around me, suddenly we stopped and I dared to open my eyes again.

We were at my house, I jumped of and the second I touched the ground Jasper and Emmet were next to me, Emmet looking at me Jasper staring into the woods. I smiled at Paul and then he took off, back toward the woods from where we just came.

My brothers guided me inside were Alice was waiting for me. They headed back outside where Edward, Rose, Esme and Carlisle were waiting for them now. Dazed I couldn't grasp on what was happening, everything was going so fast.

Alice walked me back to my room and I got dressed in my normal sleepwear an old shirt from Emmet and a pair of shorts. When I lay down under my blankets, with Alice sitting on my couch I had to gasp for air. A vampire! A non-vegetarian vampire was running in the woods and Paul and his friends and also my family were there, they could be in danger!

"Ruby are you alright?" Alice asked while gently rubbing my back.

"Someone is out there right? Someone bad." I said.

"Yes but they're taking care of it, don't worry." She looked at my TV "Wanna watch a movie? I'm in the mood for 'Inglorious Basterds' you learn some history and you can watch Brad Pitt and there is a third good thing about it, you can laugh." She smiled widely.

It was an appealing idea, it made me smile "Yeah sounds good." I loved Alice for her ideas.

"Yeay, I'll go and get it." she hopped up and disappeared a split second later she was back and popping the disk in. A second later she laid down next to me in bed.

I always loved watching movies and it always made me calm, but this time it didn't help as much. My mind kept wandering to the fight all the people I loved where probably doing right this moment.

We watched several movies before I fell asleep. When I woke up Alice was gone, I went downstairs she was waiting at the door. "They'll be back in one minute." She smiled.

Not caring what I was wearing I went to stand next to her staring in the distance, as usual Alice was right. Not even a minute later figures were running towards the house.

Smiling I walked outside and was thrown in the air by Emmet. "You missed some fun." He said.

I couldn't help and smiled even wider "So everything went well? Nobody got hurt?"

"You shouldn't worry so much, your lack of confidence hurts you know." He mocked.

I just gave him a hug and smiled.

"Ruby? You should get dressed for school." Alice said from behind me.