Hi guys, this is my FF for Quarantine. This is what happened to Angela at the end of the movie when she got dragged back into the forbidden darkness ;) I'd like to belive she doesn't get eaten, but whatever, it's was the director's call. This will mostly be in first person veiw, with a few suprises, I'm sorta altering the very end of the movie ;)

Angela's P.O.V.

My fingers just brushed the tip of the camera, when something grabbed my leg, and pulled back. I screamed, digging , my fingers into the wood. My eyes snapped shut automatically, and I was dragged to a crisp, cool air. I opened my eyes slightly, met with darkness. Not knowing what else to do, I kicked and kicked. But each kick was met with a solid ' thud'. My head touched the groud, and silent tears flowed down my face, cleaning off the sweat and blood. A huge ' crack' echoed, the hands groping me stoped, and I reached up, my hand coming in contact with rough fabric. Jake. A beam of light came down, and I started laughing through my tears. '' Angela,'' he said, taking his jacket off, and wrapping it around my shoulders. I shakily stood up, my hands braced on a wall, and flung my arms around Jake. '' It'll be ok, it'll be ok, it'll be okay,'' he murmered into my hair over and over again.

Sorry it's so short, will be longer next time :)

Peace out ~

Gothic Angel