Sorry it's taken so long! But I'm back now, and I don't plan on going back to the grave again. This time, it'll be longer, and something I forgot in the last author's note: in this story, there is no Quarantine 2: Terminal, though I'm watching it now! With that, here's the second chap of Quarantine 2 Survival:

Angela's P.O.V.

After that, I curled up on the floor, drawing patterns in the dust. ''Where's Scott,'' Jake asked, looking down at me. I started crying all over again. ''Scott,'' I sobbed. Jake sat down, and slung a arm over my shoulder. ''It'll be okay, Ange,'' he said,''but we can't stay up here forev-'' he was cut off by heavy footsteps. He turned the flashlight on, and shined it in the sound's direction.

Scott stood there, with a vacant look in his eye. I screamed, and backcrawled into a wall. Jake jumped up, and swung his ax (axe?) into his shoulder. He kept lumbering forward, Jake awung again, and it attached itself into my dear friend's head. A large scream echoed, and I realized it was me. ''As I was saying,we can't stay up here forever,'' Jake said (A/N: I almost typed Scott XD), and I nodded. ''We'll have to stay quiet, and we'll have to run really fast, so I suggest you take those boots off,'' he said, and I looked numbly down at them. One of the only things left from my normal life, but now my life is just a living hell. My hands were shaky, but I managed to slide them off. Jake put the flashlight in a pocket, and extended his hand out to me. I grabbed it, and I was stood up.

This is a line named zombies

We neared the hole that lead us up to the attic, and Jake shined the flashlight down, and it flickered. ''Crap,'' I whispered. Jake jumped down, and called up,'' jump down, I'll catch you!'' So I jumped down, down into dark oblivion.