Author's Note: The first couple of chapters will be from Dawn's point of view, then I switch over to Train's and Sven's. It gets better as it goes along.

"Train!" The hoarse yell made the Dawn's head snap around even though she was standing on top of a building and the cry had clearly come from the street. She looked down to see a man sprinting through the crowd with another man chasing after him. The man in front seemed to running from the one behind him and a minute later she realized why. The fleeing man tripped and fell and before he could get up the other man had him handcuffed.

"Sweeper," she hissed, her blue eyes narrowing in distaste. Then another man with a child trailing him joined the first two and she hissed again. Just my luck to run into two sweepers when I have only been in the city for half an hour, she thought irritably. "Just a coincidence," she told herself before she slipped down the fire escape so that she could hear their conversation.

"What were you thinking Train?" the older man asked the younger as they walked down the alley, "You left us."

"I can handle one guy," Train replied with a grin, "He wasn't a problem. You need to relax Sven." Sven sighed and pulled a package of cigarettes out of his pocket.

"Next time, stick with us," he said, lighting one and putting the rest away, looking around warily.

Train looked down at the girl walking next to Sven, "What do you think Eve?"

Eve blinked at him before she answered, "You should let us help." Train rolled his eyes and shook his head but whatever response he made was lost as they walked out the other end of the alley.

"Hmm," Dawn sighed, looking around, "I guess I'll have to stay away from them." She walked the opposite way they had back to her hotel, keeping an eye out as she did so. Seeing as she was in the city on business that could not exactly be considered legal she had reason to be wary. When she got to the lobby of her hotel she stopped so fast the door almost hit her when it swung shut. Train was standing in the middle of the open floor, with his back to her luckily.

She considered backing out of the door and coming back later but as she went to take a step back he turned around and she was forced to act natural and continue into the building, praying that he didn't notice her. Watching him out of the corner of her eye as she walked past, Dawn was relieved when his gaze passed over her. Once she was hidden from his view as she passed the elevators she broke into a trot, eager to get away from him.

She managed to get to her room without seeing anyone else and shut the door with a sigh of relief. Knowing that she didn't have much time until she had to go to the drop-off point for the diamond she had tucked into a pocket of her dress, she could not stay motionless for long. Dawn reached under the hem of her dress and pulled the diamond out, locking it in the hotel safe before she went into the bathroom to take a shower, then changing into more plain looking clothes, throwing a shawl around her shoulders, pulling the diamond back out of the safe, and leaving again. She held her breath until she got to the lobby and saw that the sweeper had left.

Breathing a sigh of relief she forced herself to be natural as she walked down the street and entered a rather seedy looking bar. She knew that she wouldn't have to stay there for long but she still hated going in. Places like that made her skin crawl. It was very dim inside which could be partially blamed upon the smoke filling the air. Several conversations stopped when she walked in and she tried to ignore the stares that were directed at her.

Walking straight to the bar, she sat down at the first empty seat, only to have several seats open up as people immediately left the bar. She sat there for a couple of minutes before the bartender noticed her and waddled his way over. Dawn briefly wondered, perhaps unkindly, as he took her order, how someone who was on their feet all day could be so large. The glass of water he handed her a minute later looked distinctly brown and she made an internal grimace. When the bartender wasn't looking she discretely poured half of the glass into a nearby empty beer can so that she wouldn't have to drink it, but would not appear rude. When he turned back around she reached into her pocket and pulled out the diamond, wrapped in cloth. "In lieu of payment," Dawn said quietly, tossing it onto the bar as she stood up. He unwrapped it enough to see what was in it and nodded.

"That will work," he replied, his voice gruff, "I know who to give it to." Dawn hated doing jobs when she didn't know who she was working for but sometimes she made an exception. Like when the price, or threat, was high enough. She also disliked stealing things. She was supposed to be a spy, an information gatherer, but sometimes people decided that only a spy could get into a certain place and back out again alive. Dawn breathed in the fresh air with relief as she left the bar, only to have her breath catch in her throat as she saw the sweeper standing across the street. His direct, unwavering stare made it clear that he was there for her. Dawn stood on her side of the street with her hands on her hips, staring back at him. He smiled faintly and stepped off of the sidewalk, heading across the street.

"What's a pretty girl like you doing in a place like that?" he asked when he got within hearing distance. The sun was starting to set and the streets were clearing, taking away her ability to blend in with the crowd. She had no choice but to confront him.