Hello, anyone who reviewed, subscribed, favorited, or is currently reading my story!

For starters, thank you so much for bein' awesome. :)

Now that that's out of the way, I apologize for not updating for approximately eight months. I'm sorry, I really am. My life as a homeschooled high-schooler has been extremely busy, and my Creative Writing teacher has been giving me loads of work, leaving no time for me to work on things quite as trivial as Percabeth FanFiction. However, now the official school year is over (!), and I can slowly begin writing for fun again.

Which leads to another announcement: I may only have a few more chapters on my Mark Of Athena prediction. However, I have some other pretty sweet ideas for random one-shots. Would you guys be interested in reading random one-shots? If so, let me know and I'll get some written.

Lastly, I'll just let you know to expect a chapter update within a week. I'll try to become a bit more consistent after that. ;)

Again, thank you so much for reviewing, subscribing, and reading this ridiculously long author explanation! Review if you're a tiny smidge excited about my next update. :)

Remember to read unceasingly,