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On a December night finds, NCIS Agent Kensi Blye standing by herself out in the chilly air. Wearing nothing but a little black dress, that doesn't leave anything to imagination, and black boots. Standing under a hazy street light, doesn't allow her any sense of the security that she wants. She prefers the shadows, but tonight she knows it's not an option. So she forces herself to stand there as a car pulls up in front of her on the semi empty street.

Smiling she turns to greet them. Reaching their car, she rests her arms against the window sill as she leans down to talk to the two men in the car. She tries not to notice one guy's wandering eyes as he looks down her dress. Instead she chooses to concentrate on their faces. "Gentlemen. Anything I can help you with tonight?"

"Ally Smith?" The one nearest to her questions.

Openly suspicious, she warily answers yes. Backing away from the car she stammers, "How do you know my name?" Hoping to display an air of confidence, she smiles, but it seems to come off as though she's shaken by this turn of events.

Hearing the affirmative, the two men get out of their car and approach her, a smirk covering each face. The first thing she notices puzzles her, their LAPD officers. Everything was going exactly to plan, but then … this was an unexpected development. The next words out of the first officer's mouth, happens to wipe the, what little she could manage, smile off her face. Nothing makes sense. Nothing in the briefing led her to believe LAPD could be involved. How could they leave out this important detail?

"Ally Smith you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can or will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you can't afford one, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?"

Speechless Kensi just stood there in shock. How could this was going to happen? She could've swore Eric made sure LAPD was nowhere near this area. He should've been monitoring the police scanner just in case. For a second there her mask slipped. For a second, surprise slipped through and displayed on her face. Everything was going according to plan, but then this unexpected development and now she can't seem to stay in character? For a moment puzzlement overrode her initial reaction. The puzzlement did not last long. Anger became the next emotion to come over her. She should be concentrating on the mission, not her emotions.

The next stage was suppose to be a critical point in the mission. She could finally meet the boss, but now… Wait a moment… Does he? He couldn't? Kensi's unsure, there's been no inkling of an LAPD connection. Since her back-up, in the form of Callen and Sam, hasn't interfered yet and in case someone else might be watching, she might just have to roll with what's to come, if nothing else, Hetty can just bail her out later. The pass and fail moment has come and gone. It seems she would need her A-game for what's to come.

"What the hell? You can't be serious!" Kensi demands of the officer arresting her as she draws back just out of his reach.

"Ma'am please calm down…" a second officer started, appearing in her line of sight from seemly nowhere. He stood at least a head taller than her, with crew cut blonde hair and startling blue eyes. In less than a minute she was speechless for a second time. If it wasn't for the hair and some almost obvious facial features, he could be a dead ringer for her partner, Marty Deeks.

Deeks, just thinking about him hurt. Things between them have been tense lately. Ever since - No , she won't go there. Refusing to think about what's been happening between them lately, it would just be too distracting to her, which is something she doesn't need right now, especially with this unseen complication. There will be plenty of time later for dealing with their 'issues'.

Mistaking the moment of silence for a sign of compliance, the first officer took a step forward towards her, cuffs at the ready. Officer Stan, she subconsciously notes the name on the nametag, is a short stocky man with dark hair and brown eyes, the exact opposite of his partner: Officer Rick. There's something in his eyes that immediately sets her teeth on edge, almost a cruel like glint shimmering beneath the surface. "Resisting will only make it harder on you in the end. So why don't you just cooperate," even the sound of his voice just makes something inside of her immediately take notice, which she should. After all he now seemed to be the key to getting to the next stage in the mission or at least figuring out what the hell is going on.

"Ma'am? Ma'am!" Kensi exclaims, tensing up as Officer Stan continues to move closer into her personal space. When he comes within striking distance, she punched him in the nose.

He hit the ground with a thump. Reaching up to his nose, his hand comes away with blood. "Crazy Bitch," growling, he gathers his bearings before trying to stand back up. Officer Rick, upon seeing his partner go down, keeps his gaze trained on Kensi as he slowly approaches the scene before him, though as it turns out he did not need to. While all this is going on in front of her, she contemplates all the ways she can escape.

Though she takes none of them, instead she stands there ranting, "Do I look like a Ma'am to you? How dare you! Do all men not know how to talk to a woman? First my so called "boyfriend" promises to meet me here? Though who knows why- But that's beside the point. Now you… you… you asses mistake me for a prostitute, which by the way is a total mistake. You will be sorry when my boyfriend hears about this! He is not someone you want to mess with, the General will definitely hear about this!"

Throughout her rant, Officer Stan recollects himself. Both officers stared at her like she was a mad woman. At the mention of a general, Officer Stan's face contorts in a grimace. A glint appears in his eyes as they form a glare, heated enough to burn a person dead. Seeing his reaction Kensi tenses and tries not to react to what's going to happen next.

Tired and in pain, Officer Stan decides to take matters into his own hands. Grabbing her arm he twists her around so that her front is facing the wall in front of them. Twisting her arms behind her back, he cuffs her. Keeping one hand on the back of her neck, he pats her down. By the feel of things, he enjoys it all too much. Swinging her around to face them, Officer Stan rebuts while giving her another once over with his eyes, "Are you sure about that?"

All the while, his partner stands off to the side, alternating between ignoring what's happening and stealing glances at Kensi's outfit. Intervening purely for his own reasons, Officer Rick finally speaks, his voice conveying his boredom, "Are you done yet? We don't have time for this. Some of us actually have things to do." Stepping forward, he helps his partner handle their prisoner into the vehicle.

Sitting in the back of the police car, Kensi feels a sense of calm and security once she is separated from the two LAPD officers, a gate in between them. When she's sure their attention is elsewhere, she rests her head against the window, taking an unguarded moment to collect her thoughts, unsure what she should expect next.

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