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Chapter 2

1 hour later

LAPD Precinct

Nothing exciting has been happening tonight, just one of those boring nights where the crazies seemed to have decided to stay in. Receptionist Rhonda Carter is bored. It's one of those nights where patrols are patrolling, yet the worst they do is give out tickets. Turning to the right she browse's her computer in search of something to take her mind off her boring shift. After checking out the usual gossip sites, not finding anything worth mentioning, she turns to playing solitaire. Just finishing her fourth game a noise catches her attention.

In walks a man dressed in an expensive suit that looked like it came from this season's issue of Vogue that she reads on nights like this. After checking him out, she glances up at the man's face. Gasping she can't help but stare into his baby blue eyes, not missing his scruffy look and fluffy hair, hiding his eyes from few every few steps. When their eyes connect she grabs a pen and pretends to be working on whatever paperwork that sits in front of her, yet keeps an eye out of the corner of her eyes.

Above her a throat is cleared, when she doesn't acknowledge the throat clearer fast enough, another one immediately follows and then another. Setting down her pen she slowly drags her eyes up with annoyance building. "May I help you sir?" she asks with a sweet smile gracing her face, showing none of her annoyance at his impatience, she's a professional after all.

"Yes, hello Miss Rhonda. I'm here to speak to my client," the lawyer answers with a charming smile suddenly gracing his face.

"Name?" Rhonda answers.

"Ally Smith. She was brought in about a half hour ago." He answers, with a hint of his earlier impatience. This wrinkle in the mission has brought an unexpected delay in closing the case as soon as possible and probably just messed up any chance they has at meeting the head dealer tonight. Everyone really hopes they don't have to start again because this is the closest anyone has gotten to catching said head dealer. While Rhonda turns to look up Kensi's record, he takes a deep breath and remembers when this all went wrong.

1 hour earlier

Nothing had happened yet, and it's been hours. Or what feels like hours. Alone in the car he has a moment to relax for a second and relax he does, while lounging back into his seat. Every second has been a whirlwind of activity, not a moment to reflect on the earlier argument he had with his partner. Everything had been normal, they were bickering like usual, maybe flirting a little bit and then….

"Heads up," a voice interrupted on the comm as a dark unmarked car pulls up next to Kensi. Pulling himself out of his thoughts he sits up and eyes the car.

"Eric can you run the plates? 6 Zulu Alpha Perish 8 9 Fern." He asks of their technical expert, who can be heard tying in the background.

"On it. Ok, it shows that the car belongs to…. Whoa," he trails off as he takes in what shows up on his screen.

The silence is a second too much for his liking, "What is it Eric?"

"What's LAPD doing on scene?"

"What?" hearing the others same exclamation over the news means that he did not hear correctly. He's a little upset, which shows in his next sentence, "I thought you check? There's not suppose to be any patrols in the area!"

"There's not. At least according to the logs and nothing shown up on the scanner," Eric speaks for everyone when he says this, this is unexpected and brings a whole lot of confusion to the front of everyone's mind.

"So let's get over there and let them know to clear off, this is an NCIS op and their interfering." He immediately suggests, after all that is his partner, no matter the differences they are facing right now.

Opening the car door, he hears the others doing the same thing, a voice makes them stop before the door can open an inch.

"You will do no such thing Detective. That includes you too Agent Callen and Agent Hanna." Came the voice everyone hates, and has since the moment he stepped into OP's.

"You have got to be kidding me Granger," Sam Hanna protests. "She might already been compromised, he argues as they all watch her punch one of the officers. All three of their fists and jaws clench when she's cuffed and searched.

"What exactly do you want us to do?" after a moment he adds, "Director," with just an inch of attitude.

Instead of hearing Grangers voice in his ear, Hetty takes over before her agents decide to mutiny. "Mr. Deeks, you will come back to OP's. Agent Blye will keep her cover-"

"Then what's next? We can't just -" he interrupts Hetty.

She interrupts right back, "If you would let me finish Mr. Deeks. You are due in Wardrobe in 15 minutes. Since Miss. Blye was arrested she's going to need a lawyer and last time I check you're the only one who's taken the bar exam."

Rhonda interrupts his musings when she delivers the news that will destroy everything. "Can you … Can you repeat that?"

Now the annoyance shows clear across her face, "I said there is no one hear by that name?"

"What! Are you absolutely sure? Can you look again? Brunette, brown eyes? With legs to dies for? She would be in a little black dress… Really hard to miss!" He feels like he's having a heart attack. She can't not be here. If she's not here? Where else could she be?

"I assure you Mr…" she trails off hoping for an answer, but when she receives a blank look in reply she continues, "There is no one here by that name or description. It has been a slow night tonight, no one's been booked in the last two hours at least."

End of Chapter 2

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